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So I've been listening to the audio books of the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks and there was a passing mention of something that should be horrifying to normal people. In the books, one of the characters is a slave and is threatened with being sent away to a salt mine(I think) where she would be used as a 'bed slave'. Basically, a whore, but not just a whore. A whore for the most vicious people, since the mine is mined by vicious people. The whores don't live long, because they're constantly in use by the miners, used '50 times a day' as the book describes.

So the question is this: what kills them? They're slaves being raped to death, but what causes the death? Surely there are 'accidents' or merely an especially vicious person getting carried away, but assuming more 'natural' causes, what would cause a person to die from over sex? Assuming proper nutrition(a specific case of a slave surviving for I think something like 5 months is mentioned), I would imagine it would have something to do with madness and emotional death followed by physical death, but how would such a thing manifest? Heart failure?


There is no reason who anyone could die from over sex.
But most likely those men are not very gentle and occasionally just kill those slaves.

I woud expect that the reason of death may be that those guys get bored and just kill that woman to get new replacement.

I have doubt about 50 times a day number if that is everyday average and not just maximum, But if this is true she can die of lack of sleep and malnutrition because there will be no time to rest and eat.

Only way to die from maddens is by committing suicide.
but if you get into strong depression your health also gets worse and you become susceptible to infections.


LTT, you said it yourself: Heart Failure.

Exhaustion, simply. Used 50 times a day could mean 5 times an hour, 12 minutes each.

I can almost hear their begging now. "PLEASE JUST A MOMENT'S REST?!" with their eyes wide and their muscles tearing. What kind of pain would that sort of fatigue bring with continued physical activity?

Aside from the heart, other forms of organ failure could be their technical end. Even the brain itself might just cease functioning if it's not allowed to recharge.

As for proper nutrition... simply not possible. Unless the nutrition in question is some sort of miracle cure or invincibility potion.




Malnutrition after swallowing all that semen?!

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