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Has anyone here participated in any form of guro in real life? Hopefully nothing too extreme, but consensual cutting, asphyxia, and other mild forms of guro seem like they could be fun and fairly safe.


yeah i constantly eat babies and dance naked in cemeteries with corpses I dug from their graves



I've done that stuff but that's just SM, not really guro.


I tried autoerotic asphyxiation one time, with just my hand, but that's it. IRL guro actually turns me off, strangely enough.


After reading his comment I actually tried it last night as well. It was good during and the orgasm was great, but then terrifying afterwards when I couldn't catch my breath and almost passed out.
I may try it again but I highly recommend doing it with extreme caution.


Not yet but I'd like to do asphyxia with someone like being hanged and stuff


I wanna try getting waterboarded, just to know what it feels like. lol

I had a knee surgery once with just local anesthetic, I feel it all from blade cutting through and plier reaching into deeper skin, it was terrifying experience, little pain but very strange to feel the inside getting pull, cut ,stitched up.


For me pain is just annoyance and has no sexual effect and I did not had any chances to do that to someone else yet, unless we include domination over internet.

I had some injuries if that counts as guro experience, but strangely enuogh, they were quite painless
like my leg once got skewered with big nail and It felt just like touch.


Does a failed suicide by hanging attempt count? Fuck whoever spread the "your neck will break and you won't feel a thing" bullshit.


Your jexk only snaps if you do it right... you need distance to fall before the force of the sudden stop is enough to break your neck, and I think the rope needs to be tied right and maybe the right material and thickness. Also falling a certain way could change that, I suppose.

But even if you successfully snapped your own neck, how would anyone know if you're not going to feel a thing? Anyone who has succeeded can't tell us...


One time I set a spider on fire


Honestly, I have never experienced guro with humans in my entire life. Animals only.
I've never had any accident, deep cut, broken bone or anything like that (and yes, I go outside very often). All on the Internet or TV (in the past, as I don't watch TV anymore).


I don't know if to be "that guy" in here is inappropriate, but dude, send me a pm in any of these if you want to talk to someone:



I've dabbled with autoerotic asphyxiation and I wouldn't recommend it unless you're doing something easily controllable (holding your breath or covering your nose/mouth with your hands).

Even if you're with a partner and have an established safety phrase/action, things can go south very fast and even the safest of breathplay can result in death. I've had a few close calls playing by myself and I just don't fuck with it anymore.


Your neck will break and you won't feel a thing IF it's a long drop. Most suicides involve a short drop, which will just asphyxiate you (though you usually pass out pretty quickly). There's a delicate balance between too long (where your head actually falls off), and too short (where your neck doesn't break).

But yeah, hanging is a retarded method of suicide because 99% of people just try to hang from their ceiling fans or a tree or whatever.


>Partner is choking me lightly

>Struggle and pretend I can't breathe

>He cums inside me

>Go limp and pretend to die

>He lets go and I crumple on the bed

That's about it I guess.


I have put over 50 animals to death at the shelter. I had an orgasm almost ever time.


That's both disturbing and oddly amusing.


I enjoy cutting myself sometimes, also stitching myself up.


One: I don't have facebook or tumblr
Two: Relax, I haven't tried anything like that in like, 4 years.
Three: This response is late as fuck.


Never seen anything personally offline, but when I was younger and dumber I went searching for real snuff online at one point.

I'll sound some stuff that was absolutely horrifying. You can find similar stuff today by simply searching for cartel execution videos and such, but it's hard to find stuff of any real definition. But there are the few odd ones out there with high quality video and audio.

One I found was a young woman somewhere in south america being set on fire and writhing in the mud screaming as she slowly burned alive.

Another I found was some young asian-american woman having her stomach slit open and her intestines cut out while she screamed and vomited. This one really got to me because she was begging well after she had been entirely disemboweled.

Last one I can think of off hand was a woman who had her face cut off, but she was nearly dead already when they did it because they had beaten the shit out of her. I'm not sure she was even conscious at that point, maybe even dead already.

All of them were horrible, 0/10 do not recommend. Keep it to fantasy. Consensual stuff can be fine if everyone involved is on the same page but keep in mind it's dangerous and make sure your partner understands the risks. Many people have died during auto-erotic asphyxiation attempts.


I used to self harm if, but it was from mental illness and not sexual. So it probably doesn't count.

I like auto erotic asphyxiation and tying myself up with occasionally using a riding crop on my ass.

A lot about guro for me isn't doable in real life. Necrophilia is a huge turn on for me but I'm not about to kill myself and hope somebody fucks my corpse.


If we're counting animals, I grew up on an impoverished farm. The ground here's fucked because there was a low budget dog breeding op going on before we moved here and the ground's still full of parasites.
Growing up we didn't have the resources to immunize puppies when our dogs would inevitably have litters because keeping dogs from fucking is hard and getting dogs fixed is expensive
Mother used to make me cull the puppies (and kittens) that were too sickly to give away, usually with whatever blunt object was on hand since we didn't own any guns at the time. It wasn't fun
Killing things still feels horrible, I like to think that my current fetishes are some coping mechanism for trauma caused by being forced to commit atrocities at an early age. I just don't understand why fantasy violence gets me off when real violence disgusts and saddens me.


I'm so sorry you went through that


There was worse, that's just the most relevant thing to this thread. Either way I should be grateful that killing things still feels bad because like, who fucking knows how far things would go otherwise.


Never participated. Hell, i am still a virgin actually. But there is a lot of real life gore porn you can find. Mainly gals who hammer nails into their tits, or cutting them, or piercing tits and cunts etc. There is even one where a girl has a screw, i think, drilled into her nipple.


I stabbed myself in the leg twice to get out of school for 'medical reasons' so my parents didnt have to pay a fine for me skipping class again, kek.
The fat in my thigh sort of sprouted out like a flower, it was a bit gross.


There was this video of a real execution of a young chinese female drug-dealer by young chinese police women. It was beatiful.


I used to tie up towels to my shower rod to make a kind of chunky noose for auto erotic asphyx but I don't really recommend it. It wasn't smart for me to do it by myself and there are probably better things to use besides towels.


I've choked myself multiple times with rubber bands, I would cut myself a lot because it felt good and I liked seeing the blood. I would have my (ex) boyfriend cover my nose and mouth so I couldn't breath while I masturbated. It was a good time back then.


To myself? Attempted suicide once, lots of cutting (don't worry, I'm in a MUCH better place now, anyone who's going through that shit, it really does get better)

To others? I'm a sadist, so I absolutely adore choking, strangling, and cutting my partners - consensually of course, and my most, most favourite moment, was when I got together with a trans girl, and she got me to castrate her.

Bonus: we ate her balls afterwards.


What are the chances if you go to some shithole African country(Like Nigeria), that u could just like fuck corpses and not get caught?

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