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Assume that tomorrow (or in few days) word ends, because earth is going to collide with other planet(or black hole) and dissapear with no trace. (But other people don't know that yet.)

What you woud do in that scenario?
Now you have chance to realize fantasies without any unwanted consequences or just die.
Assume that this is realistic and not fantasy setting.


I'm not a soulless monster who only cares about consequences when it comes to doing immoral things so I'd take the "boring" route and confess my undying love and pull off some sort of sickeningly romantic gesture for the girl I love. Then spend the rest of my time alive with her.


Does that imply that you have some kind of immoral fantasies like raping toddlers? since if you don't there is no virtue in not doing something you do not even fantasize.



I definitely have immoral fantasies, enough to make a psychopath blush. But my point is that the legal repercussions and consequences are not what is stopping me from delving into my baser desires.


I did not meant "legal legal repercussions and consequences" here, but more like existential stuff, as fact that in this setting your actions are totally meaningless.
So it is interesting to know what stops you in that situation.



Actions, good or bad, small or large, always have consequences. "The straw that broke the camel's back." "The nail in the coffin." "The cherry on the pie." "The icing on the cake." Most everyone is almost entirely unaware of the consequences their simple existence puts into motion. But that doesn't make those consequences any more or less impactful to whoever is feeling it.

My point is that there is nothing that simply goes utterly unnoticed, that means nothing to no one. So no, I could not bring myself to actually hurt others for my own personal satisfaction or pleasure, no matter the circumstances, end of the world or not. I know very well what it feels like to be hurt.


I also believe in an afterlife so even if it was the "end of the world" it wouldn't be the end of my soul's journey (along with everyone else). So it's still not "meaningless" to me.


I'd be annoyed that I don't get to finish stuff that I'm working on.


>>4881 Same here. I'd spend all day trying to escape because fuck being obliterated!


How you expect to escape unless you already have working
spaceship ready in your garage. LOL


Assuming it's inescapable—I would be very depressed about the obliteration of intelligent life, including my own.

As quickly as possible, I would try to get someone alone, torture and kill them. Nothing fancy, but I could not pass up the chance. Not while aware that I was going to die without ever knowing what it felt like to take a life, and especially since I would have relatively little to lose.

After that—I don't want to die alone. I'm going to be honest here and say I'd spend my remaining time with the people I love. I'm not religious but I might end up praying with my family at some point—there are no atheists in foxholes. And I'd want to die holding someone close. #cuddlymurderer At the present moment it would probably be my ex, since I'm single xD


Anyone Here ?



People like you help bring back my faith in humanity.


No. lol


This is stupid question because world won't end very soon, we are just very insignificant being to this earth, out time scale of life time is like a single pin dropped, while the earth goes on for billions year..



Thanks my dude.


Of course world will not end, but this just theoretical question not asking for your plans of how you will spend next week.

However I still failed to understand reasoning of some people
It seems that everything is essentially based on religion or equivalent beliefs.

there is not enuogh information but so far it seems that strong moral beliefs are strongly correlated with desires opposite to those beliefs.


I ponder what I'd do. Truthfully, I don't know...


First, let me loosen the map of the problematic a little because I am not sure that a black hole or a planet would stay completely unnoticed until the end. In other words, I wouldn't be the only one to know. What if the Vogon Constructor Fleet is coming and there is no Ford Perfect around? Lol, sorry for the digression and back to businesses.
Okay. We're talking about the end of the friggin world, here! Nothing could make me loose such a show of my own free will. Not even the chance to fulfill my dearest and darkest fetish. So, what would I do? I am not a special person, so I wouldn't do anything special.
At first, I would pay a last visit to those who I love. I may even try to warn them but I fear to know how it would go. After all, the end of the world was announced in vain far too many times.
Then my plan would be pretty trivial. If the weather was fine, I would camp on a meadow in the countryside and I would wait the end while eating, drinking and listening to music. Alone. If the weather was a bitch, I would do the very same things but in my living room. May be the networks understand what it's happening and set up some nice live news short before the end!


Of course it woud not get unnoticed, but you know, government does not want to spread panic, so nobody knows except few people and you are one of them.



Same for me. I like the guro genre but asides that i'm a normal guy. I don't want to kill anyone.


If you see the ocean receding, run like hell for higher ground. Do NOT stop to gather some fish.



What does this mean?


if I can't survive, and I know that for sure, i'll go around, killing and raping little boys. Cutting their dicks off, playing with them, and so on. However, I'd love to survive something like a huge explosion, and go around, see the world with just me left, it sounds beautiful.


The ocean subsiding means a tsunami is on the way. Some of the people who died in Somalia were gathering fish where the ocean had been.


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