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For me it started with mortal kombat i guess, Mileena <3


I'd had some fantasies or what-not before (no idea where those originated), but Encyclopedia Dramatica, of all places, actually got me into guro. Somewhere there I read something along the lines of 'if you don't know gurochan, you won't get this', so of course I looked it up and came across this board (or a previous incarnation, I suppose) and was hooked pretty quickly.


Mortal Kombat, Kitana. I had a huge crush on her, and while I absolutely loathed seeing her lose and get fatalitied, it was also a rush. Used to watch matches at the local arcade and browse video game magazines / oldschool websites for pictures of her getting torn apart. Always felt bad when it happened - angry, even - but I couldn't get the thought of my favorite heroine dying out of my head afterwards. Fapped to relieve the stress.


I was simply born with it.

Fell in love with Mortal Kombat. MK4 had a beautiful CONTINUE? screen. Falling through a pit into some blades with great blood. Mmm.


Pokemon? I always identified with the Pikachu who had been beaten and bruised and was now sad and recovering in it's trainers arms. But I'd like to think I wouldn't make it. Now I identify as cruel people causing those situations, rather than the victim.

Ragnarok Onlines next. Dead little character sprites and tons of porn of lifeless eyed monster victims. See xtration, or the much gorier "Faith."


Regarding my necrophilia fetish, I've always had an interest in pictures and video clips on tv in nature shows of dead animals that were intact but when I hit puberty, I became aroused by dead/unconscious women and children on tv shows and movies plus my interest in dead female animals also became sexual to a degree.

I guess I fantasized about being able to totally control my sexual partner and their being dead allows that to happen.


Heart. How I love to see in the hand heart.... mine, someone else's.. doesn't matter. These feelings piercing the flesh, not of the knife, and claws. That feeling when the paw is played inside your chest with the heart. And then a sharp jerk. Blood.. pain.. and the last few beats of the heart... Yes.. it is always with me.

If anyone has the arts on this subject, would be grateful. get them on your email address. / the text is translated in Google Periodica


Where else can you find pics of guys getting their dick lopped off?!

So there's that.


Discovered it while looking for amputee fetish material.


Hard to say... it was either GTA VC or Postal 2, or maybe it was MK4. Fuck if I remember.
I used to do tournaments in MK4 where I'd put the girls on low skill and some other guys on high skill so they'd get killed.


I used to watch horror movies when i was young, especially zombies.


I think I was actually born into guro. I didn't see it for what it was until most of the way through high school, but I remember back far into my childhood having weird NBM-like daydreams.
It kind of makes sense considering what a gorefest my birth was. Suffice it to say that modern medicine is the reason I exist ;P


Birth itself is quite in the nature of guro.


I like watching other people get hurt, but I'm too much of a pussy to look up the real stuff. Shame there isn't more of it. I usually come here when I'm having a bad day.
As for when I first learned about this chan, I'm not sure.


Found it while looking up choking hentai, saw a girl hanging, searched up hanging hentai, kept thinking of more ways to die and searched it with hentai on the end ^-^.


I found it during a bad time in my life, but when my life changed i just kept the guro.


I randomly found some Japanese guro mags online. At first I was disgusted, then I was intrigued, then it became something of a fascination. I wrote some stuff to try to feel like less of a leech to the community, but I don't write anymore and no one ever cared enough about what I wrote that I post it.


Same here.


Always had it. When I was 3 I used to play Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2. I'd always get her eaten by zombies.


You know how in CS 1.6, if you headshot someone without a helmet, it would make a gorefest, no matter the damage? I used to turn friendly fire off, grab a shotgun, and blasted a friend's head repeatedly and imagined how it would look like in real life.


i'm pretty old. back in the 80's, when i was a kid, there were no gory video games yet, and i was too small to watch bloody and sexy exploitation movies of the 70's. but many movies, cartoons and comics had this recurring trope of a pretty girl (usually the hero's crush) tied to an altar or a post by villians, about to be murdered/sacrificed, by stabbing in her tits or have her heart ripped out, or some other cruel way... of course the hero would always come just in time to save her. spoilsport.
still, i must have been born with it. otherwise i wouldn't enjoy those movies and comics in the first place.


Accidentally stumbled upon a deviantART user who posted guro art and was instantly intrigued. Looked into it more and now we're here. :


Princess Peach, I started drawing some, dark, shale we say, comics when I was quite young.


Abuse mostly, plus my personality disorder. I couldn't relate to others "healthily" and so I kinda ended up relating abuse to sexual release, so now the idea of being physically tortured gets me hot. Go figure. For the record, I have borderline personality disorder, and it's fairly out there at times.


not really guro but rather ryona - the guro is more like the cherry ontop

ichi the killer the animation
the scene where he beats the girl almost to death.

I loved how she is potrayed as a strong fighter, and then gets totally destroyed by Ichi. She then begs him to kill her, but sadly he runs away.

really got my boner throbbing, and I hated yet loved every second of it.

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