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Hi gurochan, I'm currently running a survival guro RP where the players are young women trying to stay alive and escape from serial killers. If you were to create a serial killer:

1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

2. Would you have a M.O?

3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

4. How would you like to be called?

5. Any further info?

Id love to hear what you have in mind! And I'll post an example of the one played by one of the players very soon.


I am not serial killer and I even do not have any interest in that but if i had to be I would be more focused on publicity like zodiac killer.

I woud go after famous people or at least those who are somewhat known or could spark interest of from society or small groups.
I would do executions or torture in public releasing all footage on internet. My preferred method woud be to force other people into doing all job, somewhat similar way as in "euphoria" game/anime, since I can't go into public myself. Even if I get caught then I can say that I was just a victim LOL.
Ideally, I woud prefer not to kill anyone, but play with them giving chance to escape without even getting permanent damage.
(this also places some requirements on target selection because I don't want my victim to get petrified and spending all time begging to spare her life)


1. Young teen girls or twinks, ages 12-18. Slender build, pale skin, dark hair. Because of the aesthetics: fragility and color scheme. Victim as canvas. Also preferably attractive or intelligent.
2. Throat slitting, evisceration, asphyxiation, neck-snapping, breaking fingers and extensive torture if possible.
3. Always the three phalanges of the left index finger.
4. Nothing in particular—my name.
5. Be cheerful, affectionate and seductive when inflicting pain.


If I were a killer,
daidle deedle daidle daidle man,
I'd build a murder castle,
Killing the worse of the litter

Iiii wouldnt have to worry,
daidle deedle daidle daidle man,
if I were a fast killer,
I'd rob the corpses and be a bit wealthy,

If I were a killer,
daidle deedle daidle daidle man,
I would kill all the jerks,
Adding their bones to the dust,

Iiii would have to work fast,
daidle deedle daidle daidle man
Working fast in my warehouse,
Killing and dispersing corpses!


Well I'd preferably be a genocidal God, like if Hitler was Dr. Who, but I'm not a fan of either of them.

1. Tyrants. Ironic, I know. Bullies in general, but particularly bullies telling everyone how to live their lives. Shitty people, anyone that insults someone else without it being in good fun or mutually condoned.

2. Torture them. Death only after great pain. Let them not see their death coming and pray for it to come quickly. Drag out their pain for hours, days, or years if I can, then end them while they think they're going to suffer forever.

3. Nothing, if I'm not sure I'd get away with it. Everything, if I know I can. I'd polish their skeletons and keep them hanging around, maybe upside down. I'd make leather clothes and furniture. Have their skin draped against a wall like a poster, or impale them up their ass and post them in the center of my bedroom and make a lamp out of them. Maybe with light bulbs in their ears, eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Have their corpses bent in humiliating ways and their pained faces stuck like how they died, using stitches and gels or whatever.

4. I'd not give them my name, but if you want a named psychopath (s)he can be called Gorey Tori or Gorey Lori.

5. I like scythes, A lot. You can swing them from around a corner easier than any sword. Mirrors can be useful too.


If I were to create a serial killer for the guro rp you run, he'd be like this......

1. He'd go after women and children as he's into beautiful people.

2. His M.O would be to keep them sedated enough so that they can't escape but conscious enough to talk to him. He lovingly caresses their bodies and strips them nude before he has sex with them. Once he's done, he injects them with an anti decomposition serum that also is a poison that kills them.

3. He keeps their preserved bodies as trophies as uses them as love dolls to cherish and love.

4. The Doll Keeper

5. The serial killer is friendly and loving to his victims and feels that he's protecting them from the horrors of the world.

Regarding children, he goes after both lolis AND shotas while with women, he goes after them so long as they're nice looking.

He likes it when he can snag mothers and their young children together as he can have their bodies positioned to look like they're doing kinky things with each other.

He also checks out morgues and funeral homes for the bodies of dead women and children that're intact and have only recently died to steal to turn into love dolls. He also digs up fresh graves for dead women and children to steal to turn into love dolls. He's against destroying dead bodies and feels that to do so is evil.


1. Naive people. So basically anyone who is trusting enough to get in the car with a stranger after a night out drinking. doesn't matter if it#s a guy or girl but NEVER children.

2. I'd say that they are too drunk too drive and offer to take them back to their house. Once I have the adress, I'd tranquilize them and bring them into their home where they would get handcuffed or tied up. When they wake up, I'd proceed to cover their body in small to medium sized cuts, until they eventually bleed out. Then I'd throw a few packets of random loose hair (stolen from some hair salons trash can) over the scene to create unnecessary evidence.

3. Probably something from their home. Some nice books, bottles of wine, house keys and all that stuff.

4. I don't havr any preference.

5. I'm a fairly charming lady, but I have nothing against crossdressing ;)


1. Going after women working for evil corporation, for mafia boss, things like that, to scare the shit out of them.

2. He's gonna cut all limps and arranged them in front of their houses, their apartments.

3. He keeps uterus connected with complete pussy and her both breasts, to make the corpse even more useless for mafia boss, nothing to played with, except head.

4. I don't know, I'm bad at naming things.



"If" people here were serial killers. Lol.


^yeah smh xD


I don't generally see guro as done by myself in my mind, but if I had more of that inclination...

1) Pale blondes. I like them best, and while I'm biased towards them in movies and games and such where I rather they don't die over other characters (they usually do), I enjoy them more. Although I'd probably also try to have an eclectic collection, with a variety of different attractive women, I'd value the pale skinned blondes more. It'd definitively impact the way they get killed at the very least.

2) Blades. Swords and knives. I'd generally take them somewhere private to kill them rather than where I find them. Otherwise it beats the point.

3) Probably nothing if we're being realistic. But since it's not realistic, most of them, actually. At least the head, probably the torso. But this obviously I can keep them well preserved, which is mostly fantasy.

4) Something not literal.

5) I'd like to have a (female, preferably also a pale blonde) as sidekick



1. I don't have one type of favorite. I like some type of woman i will kill it.

2. I love different forms os aspyxation and neck snaps. I will use one of this methods. After i necrosex them for ny possible positions, then i chop them ti pieces to make the disposal more easy.

3. In realistic way i don't keep a thophy. I will destroy the bodies and the evidence. In unreralistic way i want to keep throphy the hairs and the skulls.

4. Nothin. I they never notice it's the better. I don't want to publicity. I just want to doing what i like.


1. I'd target girls from around ten to twenty-five. No preference for ethnicity or nationality so long as they're attractive. I prefer the innocent and smart girls, and those with relatively decent lives.

2. Anything that draws blood; guns, knives, arrows, etc. The only exception to that is burning, either with actual fire or boiling. Deaths would be relatively quick, as I'd lack the patience to torture someone for hours or days, but most of the time not instant.

3. Locks of hair from each victims. Panties and an ID card, if possible. All buried in a box somewhere.

4. Something with "reaper" in it.


1. Powerful people. Businessmen/women, soldiers, law enforcement, etc.

2. Bondage and long, drawn-out torture.

3. Photos if they count. Keeping body parts ain't my thing.

4. Would rather not be found.


1. big strong musclewomen, female bodybuilders, weightlifters, heavy weight fighters, the bigger and stronger the better.

2. Overpower them, humiliate them, rape them, beat them to death. Most importantly I don't use any weapons, tools or drugs, only raw physical power. I don't chain them up or anything, I give them a fair chance to defend themself. My finishers would be something like neck snapping, head crushing, fatal bearhugging, punching her so hard her inner organs rip apart.

After that I would dump their naked or half naked bodies in the mud, dumpsters, anywhere dirty and humiliating really. like trash.

3. clothing, jewels, dogtags, personal IDs, shoes doesn't matter.

4. amazon killer / musclegirl killer

5. I like playing around with my victims. I want them to think that they have a chance of winning, just to be slowly crushed like a bug. I especially love it when they go from cocky and confident to crying and begging for their lifes. I just love to take away their pride and turn them from prideful amazon into desperate crying little girls.


1. Puchidols from Puchim@s! Petit Idolm@ster because the Producer of the in-universe 765 Production must be helped to deal with those pests so he can be more closer with his beloved idols.
2. Electrocution, incineration, and decapitation. Different methods applied for different puchidols.
3. Their heads.
4. Puchidol Exterminator.
5. The serial killer is capable of executing it smoothly and slowly.


how about female cops. young, hot, athletic. because, hey, how about a challege (and i have a thing for uniforms). when word gets around that there is a serial killer who targets policewomen next target will be harder to get, because they will be more cautious (don't make them stupid teen slasher characters, make it a challenge, and remember that cops usually come in pairs). also, the whole police force will be after you. and media will go crazy. i think it's a good premise for a thriller...
this killer does not hunt them with a rifle from distance, he gets up close and personal. he could torture them with their own weapons (taser to tits, for example), leaves their naked bodies for the cops to find and collect their badges. there you go.


Business women sound good, I'm currently writing a short story about a young professional getting kidnapped and murdered by a serial killer.

Followed by a police woman investigating the case perhaps?

(I too have a uniform fetish..)


hey, no spoilers!


1. Girls out at night, whores, anyone not "good" like women who cuck men. I've not been cucked I just don't like it. Attractive traps

2 strangulation. But no set method

3 nope, maybe pics on a camera with no internet connection

4 saint Louis strangler

5id keep it random and off kilter, so no pattern or clue really shows up, except the strangling. You know, keep it fresh and recognizable. Maybe with an artsy theme


1. Black/ethnic young women, the successful and social type; mostly students but only because that's the profile for young women; besides they make an easier target, missing school being much less frowned upon that missing job hours.

2. Keeping them alive for days in a secluded place, torturing them with forced hallucinations through drug abuse, extensive rape, iron branding, psychological abuse. I would finish them after days of agony and cook them, taking pictures of the different stages to send them anonymously to the grieving families years later. I would obviously choose a bland location, with no information given by the pictures; the disappearance itself would be unsolved and no details would be known until the pictures are send to the family of the girl.

3. I would eat the body, taking my time over a few days to thoroughly finish it. The remains I would crush and burn to the ash, several times, until nothing remains.

4. The journalists choose the name. I would avoid killing in a single area to make sure the murders are not identified as being commited by the same single person, so no name preferably.

5. The racism in the killing makes it much more exciting. I think I would thoroughly ravage whatever defines their femininity as well in the last hours of their lives (breasts, reproductive organs, pussy).


1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

I would hunt Pokemon GO players because stupid Namtec or whoever banned my accounts for boting.

2. Would you have a M.O? I dont know what that is so I guess not.

3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

Their cellphones, ofc with the SIM card taken out with the battery.

4. How would you like to be called?

Team rocket

5. Any further info?

Im really kawaii, oh and im also 12/f/japan(tokyo)


1. People with money and social status, and certain sorts of dishonest people. I'd be a mission-oriented killer, going after people who offend me. This is because for me to actively want to hurt someone, I have to have some anger towards them. It can't be about sexual sadism. I'm not horny enough for that.
2. Nothing too specific or creative. There would be torture, of course. My preferred method of torture is to just draw their deaths out. Break bones one by one, cut pieces off of them, shoot them in non-vital areas. And I'd torture their loved ones to death in front of them. I mean, I'd just kill the children, but I'd torture the adults and teenagers above a certain level of maturity. And obviously, I'd sexually assault some of the women.
3. No souvenirs. My victims' deaths would get news coverage, and would be mentioned in wikipedia articles. Some of them may become memes. That's enough for me. I don't need a physical memento.
4. I don't have a name in mind.


I like you a lot.


I often fantasize about killing attractive women for erotic release, but I don't think of myself as a serial killer. That term to me implies reality and actually killing people. In reality there are two groups of people that I despise and would probably like killing, <<if I had no remorse>>.

>1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

The super elite that start wars and make obscene profits from human suffering. To them, most of humanity is just livestock. I'd kill those fuckers without a second thought.

Morons. I'm talking about apex morons, not just your average human that can do or say things that are stupid beyond comprehension. I'm talking about persistently idiotic 'human' specimens that ruin other people's lives through their unfettered use of their words and power - like doxing and lying youtubers and SJW's. There aren't that many people from this category, but I reckon most of us have come across some of these people in their lives. They are bitter, toxic people that I believe should just be put out.

>2. Would you have a M.O?

I'd kill the elites the same way they kill and inflict suffering upon mankind. Cartel like executions, ritualistic sacrifices, hunting them down with rifles, feeding them toxic chemicals or just torturing them to death.

I'd kill the second type of victims, the apex morons, with a hail of bullets, none of which hit their vitals.

>3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

Nothing. I have plenty of shit laying around my house, no need for extra clutter. If their deaths get news coverage, that's enough for me.

>4. How would you like to be called?

"Names are for friends. I don't need any."

>5. Any further info?



I like you a lot, too.


Hooray, I'm liked by a disgusting pervert xD


1. Curvy gals. Super sexy curvy gals.

2. Bombs. Make the girls go out in public wearing like, lingerie that is mysteriously ticking and rigged to detonate. I Looooooove bombs~

3. Nothing.

4. Idk.


But children are the most naive and sexy!


1. No. Anyone who doesn't defend themselves well enough. Anything, even. I'd kill animals.

2. Quick and violent. Kill in whatever way is most efficient in terms of silence and danger to self. It's nice if they have enough time to feel fear and panic, though. I want to see that twisted look on their face.

After that, mutilate the face of the corpse. Rip into it with whatever I have. My teeth even. Take their identity away, and reduce what was a person into just a lump of inanimate. Steal everything they were.

3. Nothing but the flesh I'd end up consuming, I suppose.

4. The Mojave Ghoul? Sounds funny.

>Have you ever seen a really beautiful painting and just felt this almost irresistible urge to slash it up and burn the pieces? Annihilate it and leave nothing even identifying its existence? That's what I feel when I see a human being. Every single time. It's so beautiful on the inside, every working part and pulsating lump of tissue...


>1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

I'd go for anyone who's fat. The fatter, the better.

>2. Would you have a M.O?

I would leave the heads at the crime-scene.

>3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

Anything I could use to make human tallow I would keep, otherwise, I would ditch it or burn it.

>4. How would you like to be called?

No clue. Make up a name.

>5. Any further info?

I would use human fat to create tallow, and use the tallow to make candles that I could burn to worship the god of fire.


i'd kill people and after eat them(guts and blood)


1. Schoolgirls, attractive, sexy or/and cute schoolgirls. Small also. Because it excites me.

2. I'd study their daily routine, so I can know when they're the most vulnerable. I'd spy on them until I know exactly when they'll be alone. When they'll be, I'd knock them out, tie them up, handcuffs them and throw them in my car. Then I'll go in a place I had chosen before my murders. Somewhere where no one comes. Then I'd wait until they wake up. When they'll be, I'd break her mind by breaking some of her bones, but still keeping her face and women parts intact. Then I'd tear off their clothes, I'd rape them savagely, make them loose their virginity, and then kill them. I'd snap their neck, or strangle them, or stab them, or slit their throat, or hang them up, or drown them, or decapite them, or break their neck with my own strenght, ... Then I'd take their ID card, take some pictures, and dig her body deeply in the ground. And I'll simply drive away. I'd also wear a mask during the whole process.

3. ID cards and some pictures. Maybe a clothe. I don't need anything else

4. I don't care.

5. I'd take their head and burn it to make sure they can't identify my victims. Or maybe I'll keep them in a fridge hidden in my basement.


after some thought (mainly out of boredom) i guess if i was doing one for a Fiction, it would be
1) 15-20 year old
4)no name, no connections


I am rather a sick fuck in this department, and i think about it alot actually. Not that I will ever do these things, but they are fun to think about....
So as a serial killer, I would be a child torturer and murderer, mostly boys ages 0-9. white. I'd kidnap them from parks/homes/wherever and keep them in a custom, secret dungeon. They would never leave and would be kept alivre as long as physically possibly, while withstanding the worst tortures I could come up with. I would always be in a full rubber suit- hooded/masked and gloved so they never see my human characteristics at all. I would become known as (something along these lines) the rubber boy snatcher, rubber killer, toddler killer, etc etc. Id never get caught and i would keep leading an unassuming life, while I have a constant stream of tortured young boys and even infants in my basement :)


Not killing per se. I'd like to cut off the dicks of male assholes and mail it to them.

If they live afterward, they live. Not my problem. Sometimes I fantasize about cauterizing the wound with a blow torch.

If I could pull it off (ha ha!), I would cement their dick in a concrete block and then hand them a knife as I shoved them overboard in a deep body of water. Now there is a decision for ya!!!



If I couldn't keep the bodies of my victims, then here's the sort of serial killer that I'd be.

1. I'd go for women, teen girls, little girls and little boys. They can be from all walks of life so long as they're beautiful looking.

2. I'd shoot my victims with a dart from a tranquilizer gun to knock them out. I'd then take them to my house, take pics of them before gradually stripping them nude while taking more pics of them in different states of dress. Once they're nude, I take more pics of them before making out with and making love to them in a gentle and soothing fashion. I then smother them to death with a pillow to keep their bodies intact and to make it look like they're merely asleep.

Once they were dead, I'd place my victim's nude body in a public place where they'll soon be discovered in a funeral pose with their left ankle crossed over their right ankle and their hands placed on their abdomen with an object placed in their hands. If the victim's a woman or teen girl, I'll place a pinecone in their hands to make them look pure and fertile. If the victim's a little girl, I'll place a stuffed animal in their hands unless the victim's a blonde haired little girl, then I'll place a copy of alice in wonderland in their hands. If the victim's a little boy, I'll place their hands on their genitals to make it look like they're exploring their lovely forms.

If the victim has long hair, I'll spread it out "above them" and sprinkle it with white flower petals to make them even more beautiful.

3. I'd keep my victim's clothes and any items that they have on them. I'd also take hair samples from their heads.

4. The Morbid Artist

5. I'd distribute my pictures on the Deep Web and people could purchases copies of my works for money. Also, I'd likely film my stripping my victims nude both when they're alive and when they're dead while playing around with them.

Also, keep in mind that this is just a dark fantasy of mine. I'd NEVER EVER do this in real life. Just because someone has a dark fantasy like this doesn't make them evil, it makes them Human. Better to vent it here on a gore/death themed website for animated pics of that type after all, right?


I hate to admit it but racism does make the torture more exciting... making my victim feel absolutely worthless because they weren't graced with having my beautiful pale skin makes it all the more evil. I'm not a racist in reality but it's always been a cherished fantasy of mine to psychologically destroy another girl after making everything the fault of her disgusting skin color. I want to watch her cry in desperation to attempt to get rid of her disease, clawing and picking at her skin to become "normal".


Your mind is gorgeous. That is a wholesome level of demented!


1. Self hating women with firm thighs. They're who I find hot. Women with psychological problems are especially sexy.

2. In almost all cases they would be put to sleep through CO2 poisoning or drugs. I'd have them unconscious or freshly dead when I fuck them. They would likely die from blood loss as I open up various arteries or maybe remove an organ here and there.

3. I would take the ovaries and leave a token inside their uterus. I'd likely cut a nice piece of muscle from their leg to eat later.

4. Probably something like 'The Sleeper'.

5. I want to do these things to satisfy an irrational feeling of injustice from my experience with women. I would limit my dealings to those women who were guilty of using men.


>Team rocket

I lost it.


I would go for girls 13 through 25. No blood relatives but besides that fair game. I'd preferably go for attractive girls I'm friends especlly redheads and Asians

My motive would just be sexual pleasure.

I'd probably keep socks and panties as troophies

They would call me the vlogger as I would use my victims phone to take pictures of their corps after violating them before posting them on their social media.

Note I would never act on these fantasies in real life



Post of the year.


1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

Donald Trump

2. Would you have a M.O?

Fucked to death

3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

I would keep Donald Trump's hair.

4. How would you like to be called?

Hillary Clinton

5. Any further info?

Donald Trump




Ok, lets give this a shot.
1) I would target aspiring fashion models. Why? Well, they want to use their bodies to display some fort of clothing art. And so i would twist this into killing them and exposing the bodies wearing humiliating/sexual garment.
2)My M.O. would be kidnapping the girls and having them drink some aphrodisiac potion, and then tempting them into agreeing to my vile purposes as i drown their minds in sexual hormones and pleasure granted by playing with their genitals and fantasies. Finally granting them a swift death upon orgasm, so i could get their orgasmic facial expression "in stone" so to speak. Then, depending on my mood, i would impale them on a pole and pass an iron nail through each nipple, connecting them with a heavy iron chain and fill their mouths with piss. The only consistent feature though would be the happy facial expression.
3) The hands (from the elbow down) and legs (from the knee down).
4) I don't know.
5) Nope. That's all.


In a rp game I would choose as my avatar a Tsutomu Miyazaki like killer or even him if possible.4 those who didn't know he had sex, killed, had necro sex and eat little girls, he also eat and kept some parts of them.Afterwards he played clues games with the police and draw them as mangas.How cool is that? :)


I suggest adding Bio to your killers. If we're creating characters, why won't we make them well developed?


This is discussion no /rp but sure, let's start a thread there shall we?


>>8611 Would absolutely love to start a thread on /rp/ with extended options such as bio, appearance, even factions and locations maybe, but I'm afraid that some people may not be okay with us making a really similar thread to this one. Even if we'd make it better, some people might see this as a blatant act of stealing the idea. I personally see it as an improvement to an idea, a sequel to this thread and I advise you all to look at it the same.

As for the idea of the thread itself, I would also give people an option to make their own factions, or ask some known gurochan RPers and writers to make a few main ones for people to join.
As for the killers themselves, I'd add the following categories: Name/Alias, M.O, thropies, bio, main victim types, faction, appearance and motives.
(some of those may be optional)
Seems like those are not so different than those in this thread, but I think biography itself brings a loooooot to the party, making the thread more focused about the writing itself. Besides, it's always a nice touch when we know a bit of the story in guro artworks. I think it would work the same way.

Share your thoughts about it if it's okay to make this thread. Would like to know what moderation thinks about it.


1. Tall, strong, powerful men with nice faces.

2. I would avoid patterns, except to kill while traveling; at first start in foreign countries and stick to it if possible.

3. N/A

4. Make up a name each time.

5. I would play dumb and act cute, probably get a little drunk, let them think they are seducing me and bring me to their home. Later in the evening I would catch them off guard or just kill them during sex.


> Do you have a 'type' that you would go after?

If this was a movie setting I would target "action girls". Bad ass spies, police women and soldiers.

>Would you have a M.O?

Stalk rape and kill mostly with knives but throwing in a bare handed strangle or silenced gun shots to the belly to keep things fresh. If the action girl has her own signature weapon I would use that to end her. My detailed M.O. would be displaying the body after.

>What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

Modern technology means that I can capture the entire act on video and have that be my trophy case. A large part of my operating M.O. is showing my current victim these videos so she knows exactly who I am and what is going to happen to her.

>How would you like to be called?

I am not really focused on a specific title or name but I do want to be famous for what I do. Lots of publicity so that I am a kind of urban legend or ghost story for my potential victim pool.

>Any further info?

Ideally I remain anonymous in the world and even interact with some of my victims who have no idea I am the killer they know about. In these cases I start off with a mask but reveal my identity during the rape. I think the betrayal she feels would be the best part.

I desire a lot of dialogue with my victims but since they are tough girls there is a minimum of crying and begging. They can try to bargain but I am open with my intentions to rape and kill them from the onset.

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