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I have like a thousand "I'm going to write this" vows that have turned into "I SWEAR I WILL GET TO IT"

and I'm only beholden to myself. How can I stress myself out like this? I'm not even getting paid for these stories (that people hate)

Also I'm wondering what the ultimate ends of my fetishism is. Like if we can all get time travel and have tortured raped robots that resemble real living humans in everyday but definitely aren't feeling pain but just react exactly like a real human would... At what point do I grow jaded? Like can a human handle near-godhood?


I'm fairly sure that's a long ways off from now, so I wouldn't bother stressing over such things (godhood & ultimate power to exert our fetishes, lol). I myself find that I am getting indeed quite bored and no fantasy ever seems that good anymore. I guess this shows that I've become addicted to these fantasies and I can only crave more.

You should check out nofap. I'm in my 13th day now. It's a little bit better but I still get cravings and come here just to read comments and maybe post a story. I hope that in a few days I can stop edging and eventually rewire myself.


Considering your stories, I think this is nothing extraordinary.
I also have so many ideas and projects that it is impossible to do them all.

As for godhood. what matters is not our abilities but our status, among other "gods".
Torturing or being tortured is form of getting attention. and even fact that you torture someone means that you acknowledge that person as human and anything is better than being ignored.
It makes no sense to torture robots as it is no different than banging lamp post with baseball bat.
in that situation it will be same as playing with 3d models or writings stories where main goals is not to torture collection of polygons but to get reaction from other people to what you do.

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