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As I finish my latest story, I started wondering what people in general prefer. I know it might be a very hard thing to answer, but do you prefer a short story that goes straight into the gore and the violence, or you prefer something longer, with a plot and characters that develop along the story line.

I myself prefer the second option, both as a reader and as a writer. I like to know a character, to feel something for them before they start suffering. I think it makes it more enjoyable that just saying that "I saw a girl, I killed her like this, the end...".

But I think I have had better success with my shorter stories than with the longer one that I am now writing.

What do you guys think?


Why we cant have booth?
Either way alone is bad, because you will either make it boring or just very short.
The best is if character development is interleaved with action.
and it is not necessary need to be gory all the time just do not fill it with some scenes in the restaurant or other plain and boring irrelevant stuff.

If I have to chose between two bad things then I chose short story because I skip all that irrelevant stuff anyway and this way I lose even more.

>>I like to know a character, to feel something for them before they start suffering.

This does not make any sense for me, because if I get to know character I don't want it to suffer I want it to be happy
To enjoy suffering of some character I must not know it at all or preferably even hate it.
Story where some likable characters get snuffed is not guro but tragedy.

I think this also can be another reason why short stories are better: if you omit character description, everyone can fill it with what they like themselves. If you make it more detailed you upset people who do not want that type of character.

as if you say I saw college girl.. or I saw girl in the kindergarten.. you drive away either those who prefer it to be loli or those who prefer it to be adult.
if you say I saw beautiful girl she can be anything what reader imagines as beautiful.
You should add detailed description, only if your story absolutely needs it.


I don't really like stories that go into too much personal detail (physical description is fine)... too much personality spoils it for me because my fantasies usually view women as plain objects of sexual gratification... They're there to be snuffed and butchered.... fucked and destroyed, used for target practice or for devious games.

If a character is fleshed out, has a family or exhibits too many emotions...that makes it too lifelike for me to enjoy reading about being snuffed.

This is probably because I differentiate a lot between reality and fantasy and I empathize with humans around me, and snuffing people wouldn't turn me on. I must admit I do sometimes mind-murder some hot chicks that I see on the street, but that is because I don't know ANYTHING about them so I can't fully empathize with them. Same goes for porn stars. While I do imagine some things with mental characters that are as lifelike as people, I don't usually get off to the idea of killing real people. Yeah...that about sums it up.


I tend to skim stories, so often a lot of the finer details are missed unless/until I actually go back and read every line of the story. Usually I find longer stories to be more tedious and would rather see a series of short stories set with the same characters/in the same universe than one long story.

I've also found myself to be a lot less patient when it comes to stories, especially written ones. If the writing has too many holes or inconsistencies I stop caring pretty quickly. A shorter story has less of a chance to have those problems, so I prefer short stories.

As well, because of some experiences I've had with reading books that never seem to end(I'm looking at you, Dresden Files!), I'm much happier reading a story I know has an end rather than reading a story where I'll eventually have to wait for more content. If it's a long story, but all of it is posted at once then I'm fine with it. But if it's a long story where I need to wait an unknown amount of time to get the rest of the story, I'd rather skip it, thanks.

I'd say for porn, generally short stories are better than long stories.


It depends on the writer. Longer stories with actual plots are objectively better (as objective as storytelling can be, anyways), but most people don't have the writing skills to make it work. And then it just becomes a boring slog through dull exposition nobody cares about.

Know your limits, is all.

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