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Am going crazy, I really want to be cut in half feel the miss in my lower half hAve sex without it, touched it , lick it, taste it, or see someone do it talk about it??


I see one problem with that dream that if we think logically even if you stay alive indefinitely if you do not have lower half you are not much useful for sex and you cannot even move around by yourself being only good as decoration.

on the other hand, process of cutting or destroying your lower half in some way may be interesting (except that when everything is finished you are just a lump of meat.)

So I wonder what fantasies on that matter you have yourself. being cut in half of matter of few seconds. and then what?
In your fantasy, do you feel what is going with your detached half like can you fell or even get orgasm if someone has sex with it?


Would it be acceptable to just lose your legs but keep your pelvis and thus the organs contained therein?


No am tied of my pussy, and weLloyd I tried everything on it, I'll to know the feeling of sex with out it, taste it by my own tongue. See my womb suckling a guy will just my Titsey to play with


I am wondering what is is about. As if you want to feel this for real or it is just some fantasy?


Yes for realise want to do it or see it done


I seen many film with it done but not like I woUldale like it done any idea??


Sorry , your text is unreadable but it seems as if you want to do that for real.
Of course cutting your lower half is not good idea as in that case playing with your tits or licking pussy will be the last thing to do, but you could feel same with just local anesthesia as on how it is not to have half of your body. Only difference is that you woud not be able to lick your pussy but otherwise it should be same feeling.


I have bought a guillotine soon I well do it


Stop it. Get some help.

But for real though... (I found this trick this woman describes to be pretty effective in stopping bad decisions, it's well worth a watch imo)


I got it finally!!


If you're not a troll, you really need help... No fantasy is worth of your life... Believe me... What you have in your mind of what will going to happen and how you'll going to feel doing it, I can assure you that is far far away from reality... No imagination can prepare yourself to how will be in reality, and no fantasy is like you can imagine... Get help... Seriously...


where do you even BUY a guillotine at



(Replace x with t)




pics or it didnt happen


better yet, livestream it


Thank for the one that tried to help my sister and for the other goto hell, she did what she wanted most


I mean I very much doubt that- isn't this the same girl that posted in a thread a few months ago about having been sliced in half by a train and lived to tell the tale?

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