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I've been following for some time, the innocence this artist can convey in the characters doing all the sexy stuff is amazing and just up my street. Even though furry, which constitute the majority of the author's works, isn't. But the ones with human characters, especially ones with Cardcaptor Sakura characters are among my favorite hentai pictures ever.
But now that site only has very few and very old stuff dating back to 2015. I'm sure the artist keeps drawing new pictures as I saw some of them appear on Unfortunately, I couldn't track the source.
Through googling I've found Aogami's accounts on pixiv, inkbunny, deviantart and even something called But pixiv only has very old stuff, inkbunny has only furry (and even that is hell to navigate) and says human stuff is on, but even after I created an account there it doesn't show me any of Aogami's works (even though it says they have 137 submissions, so the works must be there on the site, but I don't see any way to get access to them), on deviantart there is also only very old stuff.

By any chance does anyone have any idea where I can keep following that artist?


Did you try searching on e621 and furrybooru?


I can see Aogami's drawings on various galleries, like I mentioned has some new Cardcaptor Sakura drawings, but with that I can't be sure its all they got and new stuff will keep being posted. Also it's a pain to collect images from various sources and keep track if there's anything I've missed or if there are duplicates or if one has a better resolution than the other... But if they appear on paheal, they must come from somewhere, so if I only knew the source.


Reason I suggest [random booru] is that content by a certain artist can be easily found by tag. Also, some comments or image metadata might contain information about the original source.


Oh, thanks, it actually helped!
I've tried looking at source field on gelbooru before, but now I tried more thoroughly and found a link to the, and while I've also already found Aogami's account on that site before, I was unable to see the drawings themselves. But now that I've followed a direct link to the image it told me why: apparently there are settings for hiding extreme and mature kinds of content (I did look through the settings for that specific thing before, but was unable to find them).
The settings appear to be not linked to the account, but to an "identity" (the site allows you to create multiple "identities" on one account). To access identity settings you first go to the control panel, look for the list of your identities (each represented by its userpic) and above each userpic there's a pencil icon, you click it to go to the identity settings for that specific identity.

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