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Ok so let play, girls to, you find me in half but alive what do you do


It depends on the situation and how you look like.
is it fresh cut or already healed.

In general I woud just interact with you and my action would depend on your behavior.


Well cut with all the organs visible, and my lower half is in tights jeans,
I have my head on my jeans trying to go under to touch my self, and one rubbing my tits, trying to stay alive


I woud first check what damage you suffered and how long you are going to survive first job is of course to stop bleeding in some way like plugging or tying severed arteries because I prefer you to stay alive for a bit longer.

And if you are in so good mood I woud as you for a blow job while I take off your jeans.


I'll suck it good well I finger my self, trying to remember the pleasure


I'll take the jeans off the lower half. Then I have sex with it while grabbing around your inside, guts, womb.
THen when I'm gonna dump my load inside, straight to the womb. While you watch it happened.


While you do all this I'll be watching licking my tits, trying to stay alive when you finish I'll eat my womb lick my pussy

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