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But therapists are expensive so I'm hoping one of you wants to talk instead.

I've accidentally ended up in two relationships at the same time and if I end either then it will probably result in somebody committing suicide. I don't think there's any actual solution to the situation I've gotten myself into but I just need somebody to talk things through with.

If anybody is happy to talk to me or has any idea what I should do then send me a message on wickr at brokeninside21

Thanks in advance.


Don't be a cheating scumbag :D

You just have to tell them what's going on and take the consequences of your decision (it wasn't an accident)

either that or don't worry about it and keep the secret bottled up til it explodes and is way worse. Could work.


Lol maybe it was an accident for all I know but I'm having trouble seeing how that happens. "Man I wish I had a lot of love. Hate being single. WHOOPS oh shit what do you know, I got 2 now. Fuck."


In that situation only good solution is "harem ending"



or "nice boat" ending lol. hope there doesn't end up being any suicide but legit i don't think this happens by ~accident.


How the hell did you get yourself in that situation?

In any case, I've gotta agree with emikochan. You need to communicate the situation to both of these people in as tender and non-autistic a way as you can put together. Even if it's not your fault somehow, make sure you're the one who gets the blame.


look to see if there is a Jewish Family counseling service in your area. You don't have to be Jewish, the name is a nod to the origins of the organization. They work on a sliding scale that is VERY generous. It goes as low as $5 per session.

If there isn't one, call a crisis hotline and explain the situation and that you're looking for solutions that you can afford. Crisis lines are almost always funded by the number of people they help, so don't feel like you're being a bother. That person can help you track down resources that are available where you are and are in your ability to pay.


The ruthless treatment of this help seeker is unacceptable. Imagine feeling you have the weight of two lives on your shoulders, looking for a way to mitigate the damage and being told: it's all your fault, so crash and burn.

Look person, people enter into the relationships that they want to. They live with the threat of being hurt because people are imperfect and each as human as one another. If you truly fear they will hurt thenself without you, you might also consider that you are not in healthy relationships regardless. Or even that you are not with healthy people.

You don't need to drop them or watch your life or theirs crash around you, but you can try considering the help, support, or structure they might need and weather the weight they place on you is healthy for you.

And don't nobody say I'm defending a cheater. If a girl came here asking "I think my boyfriend is maybe cheating on me?" I'd say something similar: consider the health of this trustless relationship.


He already is heading towards nice boat ending and at this situation harem ending in only one good solution while another solution will be losing both girls.

Also it will be hood test on how they love him as the girl who agrees to stay even if she has to share him with another is really worth keeping and in she will leave that is just for the best.

In that situation I would put ultimatum to both girlfriends that I love them both and wont leave or select any of them. If that ok lets stay together and those who don't like it can leave.
I am quite sure that they both will whine a bit, but eventually agree because it is not that they will have good choice.


Sory for kinda necroing it, butnobody suggested to dump both girls. Yes, it could end up in two suicides and limp dick, but!

If he would choose one of them, the other one would feel betrayed (not without a reason!), humiliated and worthless. She could kill herself, if she have depression or other shit.

But if he would explain the situation to both of them, apologised and step out from their lives, there would be 3 (or 2, not sure about OP) broken hearts, but it would be much less painful and degrading, than being the worse one. Also how would the other girl feel as a reason for someone's suicide?

I think that could be the safest solution.

Or choose the prettier girl and f the other one.


The best way is to end both relationships. If you're capable of getting two chicks to love you, you can always wait a month and start anew.

This way you can save both chicks and start a new one

Its a win win but you need to be patient and not let your emotions take over


You can also convert to Islam.
No such problem in Islam, you can keep both cheeks in you harem.

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