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Sincere question to you guys. I'm happy right now! Cuddling my puppy, enjoying some guro and playing some games! How are you guys doing?


Well, my girlfriend dumped me a few days ago, but I'm not too bad. Trying to find closure and all that. And enjoying freedom.


That's the way to do it :D


I suppose for me it depends on how I chose to define happiness. In a sense I am at peace with who I am and how the things are going around me. That makes me happy when I contemplate about it. Am I happy from all points of view? No.

I'd like to be more productive and work harder on achieving my goals & try to ace college.
I'd like to be in a relationship - I think. I've never really felt the love and warmth of another human being that I also love.


My life right now is good, but everythg good eventually comes to an end.


What they said.


I'm normally "happy" if being in a bubbly, nice mood counts as that but recently I've developed a severe depression over worrying about a close friend so I can't really even say I've been in that kind of mood as of late.

So... no? lmao


I'm a lethargic and easily dismayed sort of person, and people close to me have been giving me a lot of negative reinforcement lately, but I understand why my life is the way it is now and has to be that way for the time being, so I find small things to enjoy while making progress toward making things better.
So am I happy, in a deep and pervasive way? No.
Am I unhappy in a deep and pervasive way? Nah, just unsatisfied.
Right this minute I'm just bored xP


I've noticed that answers amount to a moment by moment and collctive analysis. Most people seem to think one is either happy or unhappy in the grand scheme, but I'm thinking that's an unnecessary view.


I view the happiness/unhappiness as maxims and minims of a sinusoidal function. We can modify the function a bit in life, but we're never going to have only happiness or only sadness.
The average is also not going to be in the middle...and it's the average that I think most people think about when they say they're happy or not with their lives.


It is not really sinusoidal function it is mostly random.
we are happy when things are getting better(or expect then to get better in future) and sad when things are getting worse
the faster you climb more happy you are but also more risk you face to faill.

Theoretically you can have only happiness and no sadness if you manage to go up during your all life and then die when you are on the top of your achievements.


I also wanted to add that I'll probably be much "happier" when Summer hits, but, eh. My current situation is so stressful and it seems pretty likely that more stress is just going to be added so I can't say for sure.

But here's hoping! (I've always been ever the oblivious optimist heh)


Trying to recover from an eating disorder but pretty alright now. At least now I can eat.


happy? im gay in the most conservative country ever. its saudi arabia if you don't know. i can't sleep or wake up without thinking that ill probably die one day. i can't travel outside for specific obligations so i guess im staying in this shithole for the rest of my life.


I have heard that there are many gays in Saudi Arabia, shouldn't you consider finding someone if you haven't done so already?
I'm in a neighboring country btw.


yea Im happy losing myself here. Im just wondering, nothing to do but I guess seeking for someone from anyone who can give a tour here would be appreciated




Well, just in case


What is happiness? Answer me that and I'll tell you how I feel.


Happiness is when things go in the way you like (do not confuse with the way you want.)


Im happy that im alive, I got a few broken ribs tho and my stamina is at a all time low but my body is improving day by day atleast.


No. In fact, that's why I'm here tonight. I'm feeling frustrated. For the past day, I've been experiencing this desire to see a woman tortured to death, but I can't find any decent fiction to that effect, or anybody I can talk to who can understand.


Dang. Alright, who was it set you off and what did she do to you?


Right now I'm not great. I pissed off someone who was RP'ing with me who had literally all of my kinks. Plus, she was a great writer and fun to talk to.

I feel like I ruined my one chance at finding someone that specific, especially with the ratio of male/female in this genre of horrible things.

I don't know besides that. I'm working on something that could allow me to just not have to work for the rest of my life, but I'll probably fuck it up just like everything else I have a chance at making work.


The male female ratio isn't what you probably think. Gitls are less inclined to post their info and are much pickier.

And she's probably not that special, few are.>>6394

Perhaps ODJ only wants to see a pretty woman tortured regardless if she's known. Any woman might do, if she's hot enough.

Talk to me. I might understand. At least enough to give fiction that will sate you.

LMK when you're online, I check my posts periodically.


According to my observations, it looks like many guys are pretending to be girls, simply because otherwise, you don't get much of attention and also being a girl is more fun than being a boy. You somewhat can feel who us who from the writing style and kink focus.

This is one of the reasons why people don't want to talk about real life stuff on RP or even mention it. If you are a guy you probably don't want another guy confessing love to you.


From my experience 15-30% of girls are actually guys pretending to be girls. It's alot but definitely not a majority. Also, girls are much more likely to lurk than guys.



Not a specific woman. This isn't about anger. I'm looking for fiction, trying to scratch an itch. Can't find anything decent. The problem is torture scenes in guro/snuff porn are too fetishy, too obviously sexual. What I want, the tone is like what you'd find in a horror or crime novel, except I'm not finding scenes like that with female victims.


Closer to the truth, though I'm more picky about characterization than I am about looks. I can't stand overly weak/passive/stupid victims.


even if you are happy, it is because u forgot about ur useless life

be alive and fuck, flesh and odor, disgusting and mortal


Happiness is a warm cum, yes it is.


In general, I'm not happy. I try to be content and comfortable with my day-to-day life, but "happiness" seems like some rare, elusive concept to me. Don't get me wrong, I have felt truly happy at times, it's just not terribly common.
After being on antidepressants for a couple years now, I can at least say that I'm not sad all the time. Things used to be pretty bad.
Right now I'm just trying to accept myself for who I am. Not easy, given that I've hated myself for a long time. I want to be happy, I'm just not sure exactly how to.


I have a scat fetish that i resent that i had since i was 15.

I have a genetic disease named Cystic Fibrosis. Its caused my petuitary to soildify and develop a micro penis. I've had 8 hospitalizations, 21 operations on lungs and 7 on my sinuses.

Im 22, live with my parents and jobless.

Am i happy?, am i free?
The question is absurd

Im too damaged to live and been through to much to die.



Best of luck to you, man. I hope you have days less shitty than others and we're here for you, even if we're deeply perverted.

I'm content, not necessarily happy. I'm still dealing with getting onto the right mix of bipolar meds and in the meantime it's a rollercoaster. But my cat is awesome, I have a solid job with weird people and I have places like here where I can be myself freely and openly with no judgement.


Doubt I'd be here if I was happy.


Did somebody say "micropenis"?!


How can anyone be happy with the sorry state this planet is in right now?


hello, buddy! nice to meet you, again.


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