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One time out of curiosity I jizzed on a plant in my backyard when I was a kid. I cam back the next day and the plant died.

Another time I caught some crawdads and put them in a waterbottle and... well released my demon semen in the bottle and within moments they we dying left and right... :(

A few years later I started experimenting on my house dog... o-o' anyways after the amazing explosion I had the dog ran away and died!!!!

A year ago I finally for the first time in my life managed to get a real girlfriend... -.-' She didn't die but let's just say I won't be seeing here ever again.

I am cursed! Forever alone, and always a fucked up loser.


Surely this is just a story, but just in case you're actually concerned: SALT.
Your jizz has salt in it. Plants and aquatic animals don't do well when you suddenly add a bunch of salt to their environment. As for your dog and girlfriend you were too vague to be certain but I have a hunch those were unfortunate coincidences.


Yeah no he's cursed you need to go to egypt


Even if this is real, just lower your salt intake or just don't cum in your girlfriends. And why the fuck would you ejaculate into a potted plant? And I'm pretty sure the dog ran away because it didn't want to be jizzed on and got hit by a car. Ridiculous.

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