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Cleanly cut at the waist so that there is a top half and bottom half.

Being the sickfuck you are, you absolutely must bring it home. Problem is the police are coming so you only have enough time to bring home one of the two halves before the rest is found and confiscated.

Top or bottom which do you chose?


I'm not really sure if discussion is the place to be opening this topic, but anyway. I'd go with the top half.


I think this thread is better suited to /rp/ but with any luck an admin can move it there somehow.
I'd take the top half too, not that I can give much justification as to why.


Top half for sure. Hands and face are the critical regions that make things human and personal~




What the hell? Why is everyone taking the top half? Trying to avoid the obvious answer or something?

The bottom half is where the action is. I don't need a face when all I'm dealing with is a dead piece of fuckmeat. Pussy and ass all the way!


No, I just would much rather have the top half. I'm not interested in fucking corpses; I prefer fucking living, responsive pussy and ass. Admittedly, the bottom half would be better for cannibalism, but that's not my top priority.

There are other things you can do with a body that are much more fun than sex. You could dismember or disfigure it, slice it open, snap the bones, remove organs like the heart or eyes, etc.


Top half for me as well. Keep the head as a souvenir, play with the boobs, fuck the face... if you want to fuck the bottom half of a slut, you want it all tight and tense and not loose from being relaxed and dead.


Snap a photo of her face real quick, then take the assault and set the photo up so she's looking at her puss and anus, watch me punish it.


Bottom half for sure

Nothing hotter to me than to be able to slam a girl in her dead cunt and making her ass and thighs jiggle in the most lewd way possible.

Plus, because I'm extra twisted, I'd like to look at her top half "watching" me while I cum inside her severed bottom.

Even though that goes against the scenario given.


Bottom half.
In addition to the aforementioned bodily orifices, the large muscle groups would be nice to cook and eat. There would probably be enough skin from the thighs and ass to make into some leather goods, and the large leg bones would look nice on my shelf.


....Top cause boobies and besides the thighs I prefer that throat action, along with the feeling of tongue.


I'm not really into necro. But... I like that idea of "arranging" the body a bit to tell a story.

When the police finds her, they will find her just as motionless and dead as I found her, but she's going to have a finger in her anus while her lolling tongue is still resting on her clit as if she had been giving it a lick just as she finally died.

Her other hand will be perpetually clenched into her own breast, as if she just had an orgasm in her last moment, while playing with her own corpse.

Maybe take a pic of her as I leave and make sure it gets viral on the net!


Top half, throat, tits, hands and face.


Bottom half, after i fuck it for days i will enjoy cutting and eating it! Yeah!


Bottom half.
Mostly because I have a strong legs fetish.
But I wouldn't fuck it. Just dress it up and pose it.




is this a black dalia reference ? bottom half anyway


A quick wank and take neither.


Top half for dissection purposes.


Bottom half, unless you prefer your dick grinding against teeth attached to a frozen jawline that refuses to move. The tits though would go to waste…


Top half for the titties and lips.
Titties >>> shit >>>> everything else in life

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