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Hi there. I posted a story - Baby Crush - on the lit board... but I'd love to find somewhere more permanent to publish my sick and twisted stories. Every time I do, they get taken down.

I've tried in vain to get an account as ASSTR, but it doesn't seem to be functional.

Anyone have any advice?


Did you try emailing the owner of ASSTR or using their FTP service?


Hentai-foundry (.) com isn't a bad place to post stories. StoriesOnline (.) net too. I've used both for my stories and they work out pretty well.

Unfortunately, Hentai-foundry is currently experiencing some technical difficulties, so you might not be able to sign up right now.


StoriesOnline says: "You can post almost anything. We have one restriction: Characters under 14 years old can't be sexual or sexualized. Characters under 14 can't masturbate, can't be described nude and can't participate in any explicitly described sexual manner.

If you must have those characters, then anything sexual to do with them must be described in a clinical manner. Think how they would do it on public television. So never in any sexualized manner or salacious descriptions.

In that vein, you can't have fictitious characters that are supposedly older and yet somehow behave or look like underage children. That will get you booted off the site."

Hentai-Foundry says on the bottom that "All characters depicted are 18 or older, even if otherwise specified", which is just confusing.


Right, sorry. Forgot about age restrictions because they've never really applied to me.

My mistake.


Thanks for pointing me to StoriesOnline, though; Finding a site that both allows snuff and doesn't have the age limit at 18 has been hard enough.



>>All characters depicted are 18 or older, even if otherwise specified


Legal bureaucracy in a nutshell.


Yeah, but the annoying part about StoriesOnline is that it's not free. I wouldn't mind so much if it was a single charge, but a monthly fee? That's a bridge too far for me. Even if you post stories, they still charge you, which I think is complete BS.

You can't win them all, I guess.


Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to try StoriesOnline... looks like it's basically free, but there is a 'premium membership' one can pay for. I'd certainly post everything I wrote for free.

I have tried to email ASSTR to see what's going on, but haven't ever heard back.


Someone on another forum tried to register on ASSTR in March, and still got no response. It's a shame to see such a long-running and unrestricting site getting abandoned...

Maybe you can put stories there with the help of someone already registered? I found these collections that include snuff;


Try archiveofourown dot org. It allows literally anything as long as you tag it with some basic content warnings so other people can search for it and don't have to end up reading about, idk, shitting on someone's exposed internal organs, if they don't want to. It's supposed to be for fanfiction, but it does have an original work category, and if you're still worried you can name your main characters after anime characters (so long as it's not something obviously contradicting the setting, or if you tag it "Modern AU" or "Mundane AU").

You have to choose a rating for the work and warn for any "Underage," "Graphic Depictions of Violence," "Rape/Non-Con," and "Major Character Death," or "Choose Not to Warn," but there is no judgement from the site admins for using any of these tags, and you can choose to moderate comments if another user is being rude to you for it (which is very rare). It's also a really good idea to tag for other common squicks like scat, vomit, etc, so that people who don't like it don't have to see it and so people who do like it can actually find and read it, but it's not actually required. You do have to get an account, but you can use a throwaway yahoo email (lbr, you probably have one for pixiv or exhentai already), but turnaround for new account requests is pretty quick, and it means you can edit or add to your own stories at any time and bookmark your favorites.

If you've heard that AO3 is full of tumblr SJWs--it does tend to lean a bit liberal, but it doesn't get the sort of "I'm pretending I'm so good but I actually just want an excuse to be mean to people in ways that really aren't liberal at all" jerks that tumblr does. Most of the authors I know on AO3 are very good people who basically believe in not being dicks to people (except fictional ones), and the entire premise behind the site is freedom of expression for the most obscene fictional material possible. The only things that would get you taken down are posting spam, RL CP (for obvious reasons), repeatedly omitting the ratings or major content warnings (which, again, aren't censoring the work, they're for organizational purposes so the site search actually works), or actually harassing people (leaving lots of mean comments, being extremely racist or homophobic to a user personally [why would you even do that? if you're on this site, why are you judging anyone else], ignoring requests to go away, going after their friends or other people who commented on something they wrote, doxxing or following them to accounts on other sites). Basically, you'd have to do something extremely dickish, and a lot of it, or something so illegal it's a threat to the whole site, to get banned from AO3. If you're just posting stories and occasionally telling other people you liked their stories, you should be fine. Get an AO3 account. It's probably the best option out there.

DreamWidth is another option, and it has similar operating principles to AO3 (both were developed in the wake of the LJ strikethrough), but it's much less populated. On the other hand, if you post mostly not fanfiction, or also have a strong focus on art, it may be a better option for you as a central creator account. I would honestly recommend both.

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