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Sup homies?

I am the admin of the server known as "Club IceBurg"

I came up with an idea.
I have made a new chat. Don't know if I want to keep it or not, it's a test run. I would like to extend my idea here finally. Basically I would like to let other people come from other server similar to mine, however, like always, if you'd like to help out here too, that's great! But remember, PLEASE don't copy mine specifically, please at least have other varieties and not copying me specifically.
#server_discussion Is for people who want to talk about other servers, issues they have, or even about another server.
If you own a a Server as well that you want to get some traction, PM me and show me you are the owner of it, then I will give you a tag. @Server Owners

I'm almost always on. Also, I know discord almost inside and out, if you need to know something about the software, just PM as well. I can help you with anything you need. I've gone to a few of you guys' Discord, let me tell you... THEY ARE A FREAKIN MESS!

No organization, no names, no tags, it literally looks like someone invited a bunch of people to a group chat without knowing the first thing they are doing. Before you make a chat, please at least organize it well enough.

Maybe it's me, but I like colour...

Anyways, if you need something
That link is directly to my Server Dis


also, the whole mess bit, yeah if you're wondering why people are leaving your servers it's CAUSE they are a mess.

Think for a moment, would you want to walk into a dirty/messy house?

Exactly (no scat joke intended)


I've come back to see if any one wants to come in and hang out with us.


I've been considering making a server, I'll probably invite people sharing interest in other servers to build it together. I'll be sure to make use of your service the day I do.


tbh it will just be easier to work in my server cause I've heard a few people make servers and then they die almost in 2 weeks or at best a month. IF you do I would make it based on 1 specific fetish or something thereof?
If you do, come to my server and I'll lend you a hand and we can do a server share


So I am seeing other people make discord groups which is cool and all but the issue is that it's like trying to make another knock off 4chan. You're not going to get anywhere. If you want to make it specific that's cool but just remember your target audience and where to find them. Now, my discord is based more-so around scat but we have basically everything and if we don't I'll add it.

The main issue is when a chat is not used in a month, I delete it. If you guys here want to help me out and we can be server buds, I an help you out. Just ask me.


new link if you don't know already


2 things

1, yes, my server is probably a mess. I like it like that. Every channel is for whatever purpose I care. Those that like it stay, those that don't, won't, and that's okay. I won't changebit to be something it's not to please people who don't want what it is.

2, I love your server.

However, I hate that one retarded lady who kept insulting people there and I got banned for telling her "no, you." She's also the one that changed the profile pic to something gross (as fine as that is, just trying to accurately describe who), of some hentai girl farting.

While I often might share her taste, she definitely shouldn't be a mod. I normally don't care to be unbanned but I really enjoy your server, so if she isn't a mod there anymore, please unban me.


My issue with most of these discord servers is almost all of them just kick people who don't talk much. I've stopped bothering with them for that reason. I have also noticed overly zealous admins/mods which is quite irritating. One example was one which started having a fit about lurkers when someone didn't reply to him within 5 minutes.

Most people join pornographic discords to jack off, not to enter a social community (while I appreciate some do) and deal with "quotas" of contribution from admins too emotionally invested in their own server. The constant pruning and overzealousness will always cause these communities to die because people will be driven away, especially in a place like this.


message me on discord and I'll see what I can do


This is Pika from Club Iceburg.
The reason I want people to answer me on the server is to know who is going to stay and who is lurking. If you're ONLY there for the porn, I don't want that kind of community where it's dead and people only post once in a blue moon. I want a COMMUNITY behind it and if that's too much to ask, then don't come in. You wont be there long.

No, you don't have to post pictures, but if you want to stay in, I do want people joining and talking about whatever they feel like. It's not complicated.
the reason I say this is due to the fact how easy it is to be in a discord today. So many of my friends are in around 10 to 15 and some people have told me they have joined almost 30 at once and I ask why they are in so many, they tell me they don't know and they just don't feel like leaving. So that's the biggest reason, I don't want people to join my server and I'm just another server there. If you're not going to participate in anything, you might as well be sitting in the bleachers. See why I don't like that?

So far they see to be staying and they seem to like it.
I have 2 main AFK tags that say "School" and "job" to let people and myself know where you may be.



I get where both of you are coming from. It's cool to have a server where people don't mind lurkers, it's cool to have a different function.


I have a guro server, though it's really slow, but I don't mind lurkers.

If you pop in, let us know you found us from gurochan.


It doesn't work



Here's another link, it shouldn't expire for awhile:


Sry still doesn't. It's possible I was banned, I can be verry naughty. Maybe you accidentally set a limited use?


Hey I've come to bump my thread from forever ago with a new link here


figure this is as good a place to ask, anyone have an invite for the Scarlet Sanctum discord? guess i accidentally left it



Scarlet Sanctum was taken down by Discord, sadly.
Was the only active one, bleh


That explains why it dissapeared from y server lists.
Shame, they also shared some good irl stuff


There's a bot that is going around getting links to servers and spamming. The only thing you can do right now is turn on verified phone and email and kick all current LINKS.



damn. hopefully theres a new one soon!


has anyone made a new one

if no would anyone reading this thread like to attempt it (i dont know how to own/grow a server but im willing to do my best!)

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