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So does anyone know any hentai movies/ series where there is death included?
These kind of hentais are really hard to find. Only ones i have found so far are:
and one of the bible black episodes

And i dont mean any hentais where monsters are killed. It must be human death ;)


Mnemosyne: Daughters of Rin doesn't expressly have much snuff on screen, but a major plot point is that the heroine has to fight an ongoing urge to let herself be snuffed (in a specific manner which I shall not spoil here).


Thanx. I'll chek it out :)


I'm sorry, I don't know the name. There's an anime featuring doctors which has at least one scene that ends in death, and shows necrophilia the male isn't aware of.

If you went on Sankaku Complex and searched for "Animation" and "Nurse" you'd end up finding it. But I don't think it's tagged with snuff or guro since... Well since no one wants to admit they're watching snuff.

(Sigh I should've tagged it when I saw it, I just thought of that.)


If we talk about hentai and not just anime with gore, I guess that will be "Bondage game"

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