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I'm bored and can't sleep and was lurking on /s/ when a thought popped into my head. This is a fetish server so it's based on jerking off to depraved- I mean *sex* right? Why not expand on that and list off our sexualities? I mean, might not be super relevant but idk it seems interesting.

As OP, I'll go first. I'm pansexual, which means I really don't care about gender, though I have a heavy preference for women. (I'm also a bit shallow when it comes to body types but don't exactly mind a plain face.)

Oh, and feel free to list your gender identity if you want, but, please for the love of God don't get into fights about "real genders" and "not real girls/guys" or I'll just delete the thread. I have -100% patience for that dumb shit rn.


I think sexuality is defined by body type not by legal gender.
except that some people have just very strong prejudices that limit their choices

I also prefer feminine bodies and characters while it is not that important what gender it is.Masculine traits (muscless, edgy faces, ) are turn off
I don't know what kind of sexuality it is .



Oh yes, I perfectly understand that. For example, I'm only into domming slender-limbed petite girls and twink boys. Personality also has something to do with my sexual interactions.

And musclehead dudebros have always been a turn-off, male or female.


I don't want to disclose my gender online for personal reasons but I'll admit to liking girls. As for more specific traits I find myself drawn to fair, skinny, youthful girls, but not to prepubescent ones.
I don't make judgements on people for not matching these traits, but the farther one deviates from this archetype the less sexual attraction I'm likely to feel, as I'm sure is simple enough to understand xD
I'm capable of finding certain men more or less attractive than others, even to the point of imagining I would find them sexy were I into guys, but I've never actually felt said attraction.


I'm the gayest fucker in the fucking world


I'm male, but with a somewhat feminine body type—thin, narrow shoulders. I present as cis-heteronormative but by now I have to admit that I'm genderqueer; I've always thought that I should've been a girl. My girlfriend is broad-shouldered and athletic—very masculine—so it figures.

Sexually, I'm mainly attracted to girls but also delicate feminine guys. Whoever I'm with, thinner is always better, paler skin is always better, and more muscle (so long as they're still slim) is always better. Muscle-headed guys who look like superman are aesthetically pleasing but a turn-off sexually.

Romantically, I could only be with someone female. I don't really understand the point of masculinity, and ideally I'd rather the world be just entirely composed of lesbians, including myself.

As for age: I don't want to have sex with children, but I find them aesthetically and sexually attractive, especially in a guro context.


I'm male, and bi. When it comes to guro however, 99.9% of the time I only want females. Dunno why. They're just cuter in these situations to me.


These replies are all very interesting. Tbh I was expecting my post to be shunned for being too idk "vanilla" or "uninteresting" or something, but, it's nice that people are actually responding and giving their input.


I'm of the most evil caste. Straight cis male.

Fear me.

Seriously, though, I'm strictly hetero. What I find sexually desirable is a woman in heat, a woman who wants not just sex but to orgasm. Men may or may not be attractive, I don't know and I don't care, because I'm only interested in the ladies. I don't watch straight porn, I pretty much only watch lesbian/solo scenes. When it comes to guro, I don't shy away from the stuff with guys in it, but I am pretty much only interested in scenes where the woman wants it and I'm most happy when she wants it for sexual reasons.


I'm genderfluid but I lean more towards the male side of the spectrum.

I like both men and women, but -- funny enough -- I tend to like guro/gore with men as the focus as opposed to women. I'm not picky with women's body types whereas men I tend to like either really muscular, masculine men or delicate, more effeminate men.


I just tell people I'm murdersexual.



That's a terrific way to end up getting ass-raped in prison. But you do you.



Thank you, I will do me.



You're gonna do yourself? Right here? In front of everyone?

Wow. You must have some balls.


And you must be really clever to criticize your own turn of phrase.


>>4418 Don't roughly 50% of people have balls? And among those who don't, wouldn't 100% only want to do themselves if they were female?
So basically you're just saying that person's a guy ;P



Stop being so shitty, Annie.



Aha. I've been waiting soooo long for someone to make that pun. Now I can die in peace (and pepperonis).

Anyways, I was simply messing around. No harm meant. Let's continue with the original conversation.


Straight as an arrow here. [Looks down] There too!

But what I like in guro is angel lust or dick slicing. reason it cannot be both!


pansexual agender/non-gender male with a small, slim body and more dominant than submissive.

No preference towards body types, I like thin and fat, small and big, hairy and hairless, young and old. I even find other animals attractive, so that too.

If I had to name some type that I find less attractive, it's probably very old people who have flaps of wrinkly skin hanging off of them, but other than that I'm good.


Transgender male here. I prefer looking at other men in guro and general life. Sex isn't an interest of mine but it's simpler to call myself gay. Think Brian Moser from Dexter for an idea of my type.


straight man born with a penis. Cis, they call it?



Yup. Cis hetero dudebro lol


I'm both bisexual and bigendered. Not that I'm offended by being referred to by my physical gender.

.... People have to actually be trying to offend me before I'll be offended, normally.

But hey! Literally both gay as fuck AND straight as fuck at the same time, here!

........... now if I could only find some nonfictional girls to lust over...


Straight/heterosexual white male particular preference as far as women in guro or in general..just want them to have a nice face, and to have a little 'meat on the bones' or for the curves/fat to be in the right places(tits, ass etc)


I'm a male pansexual or bisexual, whatever I just don't care about gender. I'm a twink and not that masculine, would have wished I were born a girl and really want to be one but probably won't end up doing something about it.

I don't have a preference for a particular gender but I don't (sexually) like children or anyone below the age of 16, they just don't appeal to me sexually. Also, I don't like very muscular men and would be selective towards fatter men, but don't mind a muscular or reasonably chubby women.

Romantically I could be in love with anyone, it all depends on the affection, I have loved people from both genders and I don't think gender is a criteria for me. Also, I don't like being a top in penetrative sex and I think that might be an issue in my future relations with women.

In terms of guro/gore I only like it when only females are involved, my ape brain sees danger and competitiveness when seeing a male being killed or whatever so I can't enjoy it, especially that I consider myself submissive so that makes things harder.


You dont care about gender but prefer women? Sooooo then your straight or Gay if your a woman yourself ? Why do you tumblr fags have to complicate things?


I like guys & girls (but don't have much experience with latter). I don't tend to have a specific preference for looks when it comes to relationship crap.


I'm so happy this thread has gotten so many different responses, and minimal drama. Very interesting. <3


I prefer women. I find them sexually attractive while they're alive.
I suppose it's kind of a power fetish... exerting my power over a dead body would mean nothing, since there is no power to be had, no pain to inflict or life to take.

In my fantasies, girls are almost fully dehumanized, they are very sexually appealing (cute faces, dumb smiles, large, but not huge breasts with pink nipples, slender bodies...wearing provocative outfits) but there's no other trait, they exist as living objects of sexual gratification. Most fantasies I have are with these kind of women, which are also willing to please and receive pleasure, but don't object to being snuffed. I suppose I prefer consensual stuff (which might sound conflicting with the power thing, but the power I want to feel more than anything is that of choosing whether she dies or not).

A few fantasies off the top of my mind:

-shooting with overwhelming firepower (anti tank riffles or straight out 10.5cm tank shells, lol) at a bunch of over sexualized women that are stripping on a stage

-being in hostel type of room with a very beautiful and innocent looking girl that gives me a lap dance or offers to please me, while there's all these tools around me with which I could snuff her (in this scenario, the girl is asymptotical to perfection and I usually don't really go ahead and make her suffer or die, it's probably just a peril scenario); a variation of this scenario involves just that girl, trying to please and seduce me, but instead I kill her in a violent manner, with a bat or something, not reciprocating any sexuality.

-being a werewolf or some kind of giant overpowering monster that takes a slut, rapes her and proceeds to snuff or eat her. Mutilation or eating of the erogenous areas is usually a big turn on

-having sex and killing her with a knife between the tits, right as we're orgasming, or a throat cut, or by strangling; there's a strong correlation between orgasm and death here

-being in an arena as a gladiator that has to execute slave girls to entertain the crowd (I got this idea after playing fallout 1 and when joining the raiders you had to prove yourself as being ruthless and the boss says he's got 2 women slaves that he's bored with and tells you to kill them in order to join, that shit turned me on for days)

Meh, these are a few of my thoughts on my sexuality, I could go deeper into explaining what makes me tick if anyone's interested (but I don't see that happening, lol)


Straight guy here, late 20s. I've never found vanilla sex that interesting, I have a very strong sadistic fetish and attraction to women's stomachs. Women don't usually turn me on unless they are in peril, though certain types of outfits can help, for example a fit girl in a tight belly shirt can turn me on pretty easily simply due to the fantasies she stirs in my mind. I've never told any of the girls I've slept with that I am usually imagining gutting them alive while I fuck them, but hey it's the only way I can really get off so whatever. I'd never hurt anyone for real anyways, though it does suck having basically my only source of true arousal be something I find morally repugnant (when done for real).


I'm asexual, I guess. And while I enjoy the tought of sex, I'd never want to be directly involved.


I'm identify myself as attacking helicopter AH-64 Apache, who do crossfit and vegans ( except pork...i love pork).


I'm androgynous and into women


Androginous...that means you have both male and female sex organs and can reproduce alone.Please explain how would that work in a human.



Androgyny actually normally refers to someone of any physical sex who can and usually does appear to have traits and mannerisms of both sexes, and usually causes the "Are they a boy or a girl?" confusion among strangers.

I think what you were thinking of is the term "intersex" which is when a person is born with a mix of male and female genitals.


>>4545 That or the medical term, "hermaphrodite."



Most intersex people find that to be an outdated slur but to each their own. I'm no one here's mother and I won't tell anyone what words to use and not use.


Usually words are used to communicate with other people, so you are supposed to use words in a way those people understand them not as you like.

Maybe I don't like word "loser" but calling myself "winner" after losing competition because word "loser" is outdated and derogatory woud be stupid.


Guys I think I figured out Onix's sexuality
Could we please stick to the OP—this is "your sexuality," not "take on shit on that other person's sexuality"
(Yes, I know, >that's hypocritical, etc. etc.)



This comparison is not quite accurate or relevant to intersexuality and the slur of hermaphrodite, but, like I said before, I'm not telling anyone here how to speak. Not my job.


I am male and my sexuality is complicated.

I like lesbians. I don't want to fuck lesbians, I don't want to be around or watch. I get off on women's romantic and sexual attraction toward one-another.

I find it difficult to call myself heterosexual when I can't actually get off on the thought of me or another male interacting with a woman. Even though I have no problem with the male body and even find guys and dicks attractive on their own, It is a major turn-off to see men sexually or romantically touch women.


I'm male, 18, and asexual. To me, that means no attraction to humans and an aversion to sexual acts, genitals of any kind and other (obvious) gender traits.

I'm a teratophile - an autoteratophile to be exact. I'm turned on by imagining my own body and mind to be of a monster or monstrous creature I'm attracted to, all my kinks/fantasies revolve around this. They are often ghoulish, gaunt and tall and often bipedal/humanoid but never anthromorphized.


"never anthromorphized" I'm curios what this means to you. I think of any creature that has a mouth, 2 eyes etc. as anthromorphized. Furrys are antrophormorphic animals. Even the creatures from dead space seem anthromorphized to me, or, say... Goro from mortal kombat. Are these creatures without any living creature characteristics?


"to ascribe human form or attributes to (an animal, plant, material object, etc.)."
I use the term "anthromorphized" when describing the miscellaneous human attributes, mentioned in the definition above, present in the discussed creature. (Form is irrelevant to what I aim to describe. A creature sharing human proportions is simply "humanoid" in form). These attributes appear mostly in the face and in its mind/behaviour: a face that forms a wide array of recognizable, human emotions; human speech; human rationality; basic human behaviour. The examples are the opposite of "bestial" or "feral".

You seem to think anthropomorphized creatures can have features of ANY mammal or other animal ascribed to them. However, the term entails exclusively HUMAN attributes. Fursona's, like you say, are definitly anthropomorphized animals - even the quadpedal ones.

I was wrong to say "NEVER anthropomorphized"; I was unaware just the physical form could classify a creature as that until now, and there are plenty of cases the creatures clearly exhibits some kind of emotion - usually crazed ones. I just like to stay away from the common (cartoon-ish) furries and fursona's.

A quick google image search leads me to believe Goro IS in fact human, or something inherently similar. Calling him anthropomorphized would be redundant, I think.


Asexual woman here, I think I ended up just deathly afraid of sex thanks to early guro exposure :D




Interesting topic here! I was just thinking on starting a similar post...
I'm a straight guy with no special preferences in body types, i just love women... I have a little tendency to rough sex, but nothing extreme... So i think a little boring guy for this site standards :P... I have an open mind, but sadly, only women turn me on (i really know that could be so much fun being pansexual)...
And then i have my fantasies... I think my mind makes a huge differentiation, let me explain... I think you remember the viral video "2 girls 1 cup"... Well, I couldn't stand it, but i enjoy scat art and find it hot, whenever it is drawing or 3d... Same with guro or snuff... Sometime ago someone showed me a website with pictures of real mutilated people from accidents and was the most horrific experience i ever had... I think my mind makes some "clic"... Is the same with loli art... I must say i love it so much, but I'm not find real childs appealing...



I agree with you about IRL gore. It makes me want to throw up. I get very squeamish about it. But I've never been a huge gore person anyways. Was more into it when I was fifteen and edgy and on the verge of psychosis. But IRL gore has always triggered a completely empathetic and/or horrified response in me.


I'm ancient. On chans since the beginning; across all 383.

At my age, Annie, your question is, well... I'm male. Straight... errr thinks... Was married to a gay woman for 24 years. We had all kinds of fun until it all went pear. Still very close though, she and I. We're both artists, musicians/writers. Had a band. Not famous, but know some famous people.

When I was little though, every boy and girl in the neighborhood and I had some kind of unusual relationship besides the friends thing. My parents had this huge house and the attic had all kinds of stuff stored away; most of it clothes. We all always started out naked...


It seems totally natural to me that if you could enjoy fucking someone irl, you could enjoy torturing and killing that person even more.
(I understand that obviously it's not so simple as consequences and remorse would ensue, but that's just how my brain works.)


*bumping this because it's still relevant*


Straight male, vanilla sex.

My fetish? Penectomy, preferably mid-orgasm, or because of it.



You ever seen that movie Teeth? haha


I'm a bi boy but i want to be hanged more than i want to have sex and id rather be hanged by a guy


I am an AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter. I have a 20mm 3 barreled gatling cannon and can carry precision guided missiles and rockets on 6 hard points!

I prefer using FLIR to see the burning hulks of enemy tanks as well as enemy aircraft breaking apart as they drop from the sky in a fireball.


I'm gay since the beginning, but tried being a transgirl for 5 years and stopped coz transitioning is becoming expensive xD. Now back being a gay man *sigh* tho I still look feminine. I'm slim and looks younger than my age.
I'm sexually attracted to hairy men, older than me also chubbies ;)


I'm gay since the beginning, but tried being a transgirl for 5 years and stopped coz transitioning is becoming expensive xD. Now back being a gay man *sigh* tho I still look feminine. I'm slim and looks younger than my age.
I'm sexually attracted to hairy men, older than me also chubbies ;)


My orientation is straight, but I'm most likely asexuell. My gender is male.

Why am I asexuel? I don't really know. I never enjoyed sex that much, I'm quite... numb, probably because I fap too much. On the otherside, I tried having a relationship while still being into guro. It didn't work out, obviously and the rejection of someone you love stings, being called "freak" for what I like but swore never to do to anyone hurts even more.

That's why I sexuality for me is all about understanding and giving: Understanding the partners desires and giving people I like the statisfaction they want. I usually get them back, but sharing too much of my own weird fetishes in a love relationship based on people i know from real life just seems to far away to come true.


G a y


I'm a woman and I think body frame and personality is more important to me than gender. I like very slim, delicate and gentle people. Quiet, too. If they're doll-like and pretty it doesn't matter what sex they are.


Asexual, most likely. I'm the type of fellow not to feel anyhow towards other people, and I can't really get excited nor pleasured.
Doesn't mean I don't like guro though. That's a different story.


I'm a dude and I'm attracted to both grow women and little girls (not infants) love petite bodies.


Bi-Guy here, attracted to traps (especially penectomized), women, both busty and flat, but preferably spayed.


Definitely a lesbian.


More or less cis male. I've dabbled in crossdressing. At one point I considered if I was trans, but I quickly reached the conclusion that it'd be awesome to be a chick, but I'd miss being a guy sometimes, so... Queer? Fluid? I don't think much about it, which is obviously a clear sign of how privilidged I am to be (or at least pass as) a cis guy, but I do enjoy the performative aspect of masculinity at times. I suppose I'd just like to broaden my repertoire to also include a more feminine performance

I'm also more or less straight. I've only ever been with women, but I do think it might be fun to try out a guy, just for the experience. Nothing I feel strongly about, but if the right opportunity comes along, maybe... He'd have to be fairly masculine and dominant though, if I'm to be the one doing the fucking I'd prefer a woman, hands down.


I identify myself as myself (penis [hehe]).
This gender-thingy out of the way, irl i prefer girls.
Cute over sexy, soft over bony (dont like a fat face though), and until now pale blonde.

I have fantasies of beeing raped by hypermasuline guys,
but find the thought of having sex with any men I met so far appaling.
I am stricktly masochist and allways picture myself at the receiving end (usually girl or feminine man) in guro art.


I'm highly attract to females especially in a guro context , I just can't help my self.


I knew I was but VERRY recently bi-curious or what ever the right term is




Transgirl who fantasies about appearing innocent, then having fun with the truly innocent :)


Bi trans guy here. "Technically" omnisexual -- some of my more powerfully arousing fantasies are about a dominant AI, for example -- but I say bi because people know what it means, and I don't feel everyone needs to know I want to fuck a sentient computer :P


>government can operate rape camps on my dime

>I start my own rape camp and it's suddenly a crisis

You know, I'm starting to think this whole thing is a load of barnacles.


(inb4 someone thinks this is actually a good idea and we end up with a rape-based economy)


Pansexual trans-male. Though in my fantasies I imagine a tall slender man killing me. I prefer my guro to be about male torture/killing because I imagine it's happening to me. There just isn't enough of it out there though :(


this thread is really interesting to read. i find it fascinating to see how we all ended up here in different ways.
as for me, im a bi trans male with no gender preference. I have more experience with girls however,
which may lend a sort of bias to my sexual fantasies. I almost always prefer women in guro, of all body types (except no lolis). its hot to see women humiliated after death. feminine guys are kind of a turn off to me, but i can get off to them sometimes. Im turned on by both violence & "normal" sex, but I guess that still makes me kinkier than most people.
Ive never had sex with a guy but the thought of it interests me as long as hes open to my fetishes



I agree. It is very interesting. I'm glad I made this thread.


I'm a girl. If there are any other girls who come to this website (for gore and freakshow specifically) I'd be interested to hear from you.

I found this website through 4chan when I was way too young to be here.

Good thread.


Oh, and I'm straight. I forgot to include that.


sure you're not a chick?


Bi/pan trans dude here. Romantically and sexually I don't have a gender preference, but guro/gore isn't usually sexual for me. I strongly prefer male victims, ideally slightly chubby people. The more emotional the better.

I don't come on here very often, haha.


Gay trans guy, like a Kinsey 4.5. Have dated all guys except for one DFAB genderqueer person who is very dominant and pretty much stone butch (ie likes that I'm an incorrigible pillow princess). That worked out, but the one subbier, femmer girl I dated did not. For a one-night-stand or something I'm pretty much 100% gay.


Personally, I am all male, attracted to females. What others do or feel is really no concern of mine. I know my daughter did some experimenting while in college, and it doesn't bother me in the least.

I learned a long time ago, we only have a short time on this earth, and we need to make the best of it, so don't waste time thinking that others are this or that. Just let them be.

Also, a day you are not getting shot at is a good one.


I consider myself a straight male but I masturbate to traps on occasion. Pretty basic.


I'm a pureblooded faggot.


I'm pansexual myself, don't really care as long as I like the person. But when it comes to guro, women are were its at (Most of the time)


Straight. But I fell like if I met a Chihiro or Astolfo-tier trap, I 'd gladly suck and fuck the shit out of them.


I'm bisexual and I'm biologically female, though I am gender questioning. When it comes to guro, though, I prefer male victims.



Just sayin'...



Angel Lust?


After Urban Dictionary: Angel *Lust* is slang used to describe the erection males sometimes develop after they die traumatically. They may even ejaculate during the final throes of death.


The boner of hanged man falls under Angel Lust.


Let's be clear.
I'm a male, fully dislike gays and gay things. I think they should be imprisonned, forbidden to have any children, their like be made extinct to get rid of their dna.
What I'm attracted to is rape and feeling my strengh over a not consensual body. This is how the society works and worked all the time well. We're having hard times today.



Would you still think this is how society should work, if you were overpowered and raped by some big, tough gay?



Oh, interesting. What a beautifully morbid concept.



While I'm well aware that this website is far from the overly PC SJW circlejerk that Tumblr seems to be, I'd appreciate it if people kept blatant hate speech out of my thread. Just to be considerate yknow. Since this is a thread discussing sexuality as a whole, with many variations.

My point being that you could have kept your post as simple as "I'm a straight male who is into the thought of raping women/I have a rape kink" but instead chose to go a much less savory route.

Freedom of speech and everything aside, I'm not sure what you expected to gain from posting this. Besides, I suppose, shocking people in the thread who mentioned being gay or who happen to be women.


I want my cum dribbling out in one last ruined orgasm as ShittyAnnie slowly strangles me.


I'm a typical straight male, with a preference for thin, petite, slightly androgynous women. I have a mild interest for the same sex, but I don't think I'd ever attempt a sexual encounter with another man.


Except for not being into dudes at all unless you count the occasional t-girl, I have a strikingly similar preference in women to you.

I'm definitely straight, masculinity isn't attractive to me at all. I'm also definitely on the dominant and sadistic end of the kink spectrum. My opposite, a feminine and totally submissive masochist, has a mindset I can't possibly comprehend, but find fascinating.


I thought exactly the same for so long. But ultimately I realized the only thing more appealing than getting with a girl like that would be /being/ one. It’s not so far fetched. I’m pan and non binary now, don’t label, don’t worry or restrict and I must say I highly recommend it


Huh. Interesting thread. Pretty cool to see a variety here.

I'm female by birth and identity. Sort of? straight. Only romantically interested in men, but sexually I wouldn't mind being with a woman. Never have, though. I guess that makes me bi-curious. I'm sort of poly. I prefer having only one actual committed partner, but with total sexual freedom. Has to be safe.

I'm not attracted to bodies. I'll accept any male body as long as it's clean, hygienic. Maybe I have a slight preference for chubbier guys for cuddling reasons, and too much muscle is actually a turn off. I see the sexual appeal in female bodies, but I think it's empathetic. I put myself in their place, same reason I enjoy most of the art here. When it comes to guro, I imagine being the victim, particularly in breast torture/destruction fantasies. I prefer to fantasize about male aggressors. Anything involving permanent damage or death is strictly a fantasy and not something I want to ever go through with. I do get off to being teased about it, taunted, threatened, or just talked to about my fetishes.

I have to be sexually attracted to be romantically attracted, not necessarily the other way around. Both rely totally on trust and personality. People are more appealing the more I get to know them. Even in the context of this, of roleplaying the sorts of things we enjoy here, I've caught myself really enjoying some out-of-character discussions with people and just getting to know them. Somehow, it makes the experience better and it makes it easier for me to cater to others' fetishes that may veer from my own personal focuses. However, attraction is never required for fetish fulfillment. :)

In the sense of BDSM, I tend to be submissive and masochistic, with more interest in the bondage than the discipline. (The masochist in me makes me a bit of a brat.) I can enjoy vanilla if there's a strong romantic connection, but I would hate for it to ALWAYS be vanilla.

Yeah, that's a little more than just my gender/sexuality, but everyone else was sharing so much, so... :)



Oh my.



Very nice and well-written addition to the thread darling. An interesting read.


im female, bisexual but most attracted to girls sexually and romantically. But on guro I prefer feminine guys. I don't like chubby nor muscular. I prefer cute


Cismale. I'm turned on by certain sights/ideas, but am repulsed by the idea of me interacting sexually/romantically with anybody. As far as other people go, I like looking at females, passable transwomen, and some drawings of males. I like the sight/idea of some forms of sex, particularly those involving large anal insertions. In addition to anal, I have a fetish for violence against women.


I'm married to a woman but the truth is I love men and cock. I love getting my ass fucked and fucking a mans ass and I love sucking cock and swallowing cum. I'm masculine but I'm gay as hell


I'm a transman that is strictly a vagitarian. I love women, but only cis women because I love the taste of pussy. Not attracted to men at all, however I do have a kink where I love watching men get beaten, humiliated and raped in guro. I like seeing the same with women but I'm more attracted to the woman, and only the situation with men. I will never tolerate any sexual contact with a man. Traps are also my thing but they fall under the "man" category so I wouldn't touch them even if I end up finding their female presentation attractive and occasionally fap to them. In my mind, the only dick in my bedroom should be mine, unless my girlfriend wants to fuck me in the ass.

Looks wise, I have a thing for the well kept, innocent or modest woman who is the complete opposite on the inside. The more feminized or innocent appearing, the more attractive in my book. I also love women with a strong personality and attitude that can keep my ass in check if I go off the rails. I'm a masochist with sadistic tendencies so I love sadistic women that share my tastes and can put me in my place.

However, I can be affectionate and care for just about anyone regardless of gender, but I'm much more strict with who I am with sexually so I don't even mention any affection I have towards a male friend just so I don't throw out any "mixed signals". Can't get someone's hopes up for something that will never happen. Odd as it sounds, I wouldn't even consider dating another transman, even if he still has a vagina. Don't know why, just don't.




Straight with a scat fetish which if i even mentioned to girlfriend would probably be disgusted and disturbed


I’m bi (I’m guess). I like pussy and cock about equally, but I’m much more attracted to femininity than masculinity. Cis women, yes. Trans women, yes. Effeminate young gays, yes. Butch lesbians, macho guys and trans men, no.


Also Bi - and pretty evenly spread - aka "little from column A and a little from column B".

I do prefer attractive women and men. Not a massive fan of huge muscles on guys but, fit guys and gals are definitely a turn on.

Not into trannys or the like though...


Bisexual female here.
For men I prefer guys that are bigger and stronger than me since I prefer being the submissive partner but for women it's the complete opposite. I like smaller girls that I can overpower. Not prepubescent or anything just slim fragile girls.
I don't have a lot of IRL experience with girls though sadly...and most of my fantasies about guys overpowering and hurting me have remained fantasy.


I tend to think I’m a bit of an oddball, but hey, who isn’t here ?

Gender wise, I’m definitely a man, but I think I wouldn’t have cared more than that if I was born a female, as it’s more because I’m used to it than because of preferences, I don’t really care either way.

Sexually, I’m not really interested in anything, as I find that sex is more a necessity for our species and less a personal interest or enjoyment. In fact, I tend to find all things related to sex relatively disgusting to a degree, and have no experience of the actual thing as a result, nor do I want to make any. Although, my problem is that I want to have descendants, but as said before, the procreation process disgusts me.

There are body types that I prefer though, but it’s more general preferences than precise ideas. I tend to like healthy bodies, meaning that anorexics and fat people are a turn-off, though a bit if fat is likeable, just not too much. I tend to don’t like bodybuilders, meaning too much muscle, but scrawny people are bad too, there is a minimal requirement. I tend to prefer people that look elegant, and if we consider women specifically, I think that slutty is no good, there’s a point where breasts are vulgar and unattractive.

Also, the idea of hurting someone or being hurt is a big turn-off, so I’m not interested in bdsm or guro. I’m also disgusted by everything that gets out of organic bodies except blood, so scat is also a turn-off. I don’t mind fur, scales or feathers, but hair on a guy is repelling. I’m more interested in everyday life and live-defining charecteristics, like magic(including nbm) and robotics in fiction.

What I find so interesting on Gurochan is seeing how all those fetishes(most of which I don’t even share) manage to get such a artistic and interesting community together, and how, from time to time, we can find some profound and insightful discussions between two insane pictures of whatever is on this site.


Well I don't like dudes but I'm not sure I like girls anymore.



You don't just get to decide that. I'll fight you for the title.

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