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It is the last thing I would want, yet nothing is hotter than a guy losing his cock during his last orgasm.


I think your obsession is not about guy losing his cock but about guy getting his cock cut what can be repeated many many times.


I think I get it. It's the permanence, isn't it? I'm an amputation fan, so I know how this stuff works.

Once a cock is cut off, there's no going back. Whenever the man becomes horny, he'll reach down to jack off and there's nothing there. No more jerking off, no more sticking it in women. His mind will flash back to that time, the last orgasm where you cut off his cock. His mind flooded with desire, yet no way to satisfy it, he'll think of you, longing to relive that once in a lifetime experience and achieve the release he so desperately needs.

Yeah, that's probably it. Either that or you find the intense crescendo of orgasm becomes even more intense when it is so final and horrific. All that pressure and build up, his need to cum clashing with his terror, knowing that the closer to orgasm he gets, the sooner his life of sexual pleasure ends. He'll fight himself, wishing never to cum, but at the same time he cannot fight his primal urges, the all-consuming obsession with cumming. In the end, had cannot hold back and he releases his final load, spraying his seed as your knife goes snip-snap lopping the instrument off and putting an end to his means of release. He'll cry for his loss, but he'll thank you too, thank you for the pleasure the likes of which he could never imagine, the bliss and mindblowing sensation of the one-last-orgasm. Still twitching in your hand, the severed cock slowly loses what life still remains in it, until at last the blood drains and it shrivels up, never to grow hard again.

Maybe something like that?


Amputation is not necessary about permanence.
there are plenty of people (ncluding me) who are into process of amputation itself but not into results. juts like there are people who like to blow up stuff, but that does not mean they want to have broken crap.

getting your cock cut is nothing scary in fantasy, because you will get it back when you need it.


<3 same man



This actually isn't even a kink of mine but I have to say you REALLY have a way with words, that was really something!



Interesting. Yeah, I think it is the permanent horniness. I like to edge for hours. I am 54 but can still create quite the puddle after all that!

Thank god it is just a fantasy.

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