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I'm loving Psyclon 9's songs "As you sleep," "Flesh Harvest," and ESPECIALLY "Parasitic!"

I also love Nordic Black Metal! (Really, I love most genres but am not too into music overall, it's a song by song thing for a weirdo like me). Aggrotech is the most Surgical-Guro oriented, while Black Metal feels so much more carnal and erratic.


Check out Carcass, Cliteater, Jig-Ai, Go-Zen, Dismember, Death's "Scream Bloody Gore", and some of early Obituary.


Here's a site I found literally by accident, while searching for Sabaton stuff (which is not what the site is really about at all lol). Tons of Guro music in one place...



icp in my room


It's about a dude who sees a ghost girl and her tongue tastes like bacon when they make out, she get scared and he has to kill a famil next door. It's my number one favorite song by them.

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