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Hi all, I'd swear there's a large list of /lit stories that have up-and-disappeared. What's up with that?


While I'm here I should specify a few-

One of them involved a dimension-hopping girl who traveled to a school and killed a few student girls. I believe one was in a bathroom, one in a crowded cafeteria and then she has sex with another one before killing her. I believe she also kept small prizes to remember her snuffs as well.

I can't remember what it was titled, but if anyone here knows about this story and/or can find it I'd thoroughly appreciate it.

Another I can confirm as strangely missing is Consensual Genocide Run (an Undertale snuff story which I've since found posted elsewhere as well)

I just don't get it!


Oh, and one other thing (sorry for triple post)-
The writing instructions post is from early last year, while the oldest stories I see on /lit are from a mere few months ago. What's up with that?


From what I gather, there is limited room in the board; When a thread gets pushed over the end of the list, it's removed. Also heard something about threads becoming un-bumpable when there are too many posts, but I'm not sure how that works.


...Just read the FAQs, and you're right. How angering though, plaintext stories only take mere kilobytes of storage, how is there not an archive of some sort?? Dammit, I could've been archiving every damn story on the site if I'd only realized they'd be fucking annihilated after mere months... FUCK. I'm gonna ask admins if there's any such archive... just to be sure.


Just sit tight, the new software has proper archive, and is in the debug/test phase.


That's great to hear, enclaved.


Agreed, that's an incredible relief.


Unless something has changed, the admin told me that the site keeps binary transaction logs which means that text-only data, once submitted to the site, is never lost even if the post gets purged. It just becomes inaccessible and has to be retrieved manually by an admin. Unless images are stored as MySQL objects and not files, then images are lost when they are deleted, and only text can be retrieved.

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