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some fetishes are really hard to find, and GUROchan is a good place to find some of those.

What is you fetish? and what is your usual website and sources routine?

i usually use gurochan, 4chan, and furaffinity, to find some genital torture\castration\mutilation and such.


My biggest dark fetish is consensual beheadings and post-beheading severed head fucking.

It has always been difficult for me to find this particular combination, but I think I've had the best luck recently on However, being a Japanese site it can be quite difficult to search even though the navigation and user-interface are all in English.

Pixiv has on the right-hand side of the screen (when viewing a single piece of work) a short list of three pictures similar to the one you're currently looking at, so when you find a picture you like you can reload that page a few times to quickly gather a small number of other pictures to view. This also chains, so when you're viewing each of those new pictures, on the right-hand side of the screen is three more. Veild616 and e50gun are a couple of my favorite artists there.

Gurochan has been a great place to get an eclectic mix of good content, but not necessarily consistent or complete when looking for particular things or collections. I do like it here a lot though and often find things here that I can't (or can't easily) find elsewhere.

I've also been on the Dark Fetish Network ( where you can find groups and forums dedicated to some particular fetish. Many of the members share there work there and nowhere else because the site is Facebook-like and people simply post to their profiles or their groups. Much of the content I've seen there I haven't seen here or elsewhere.

Finally, is an amazing site for finding collections of pictures, even guro. I've found massive collections taken from hentai games, compilations from/of artists, and even read whole comic books and hentai manga. When you open a gallery and it warns you that the content is "offensive to everyone" it's a good sign that you've found one containing guro or some other dark fetish. This is only very occasionally wrong.


i use tumblr. sometimes it can be hard to find exactly the kind of thing youre looking for though, and the more extreme stuff gets deleted sometimes. its still definitely worth giving a look though.


My fetish is to die by hanging. Climb up on a chair. Insert my head to the noose and tension the rope. Thereafter to be tied and to kick you my chair. Dying slowly, painfully and handcuffed to asphyxiation. Long time twitching and kicking in the air. Like die in front of spectators or for the camera. Best for spectators and the camera too. Difficult to find.


Gurochan is my go to now and i stick to what I like (execution and necrophilia under /g/ 3dcg) and maybe checkout something new on a whim if a thread isn't active often.

4chan is okay but due to a BS permaban I can only lurk now..

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