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I came and it wasn't my vomit, I'm willing to answer your questions if you have any (as I noticed there are many anons asking about irl scat experiences and such).


Who's vomit was is? o.o


my girlfriend's


Is your girlfriend into it too/was it an experience for you both where she vomited on purpose for it, or did it just sorta happen?


she's into pissing, deepthroating, rimming and stuff but isn't really into vomit, but she doesn't really see it as very disgusting or anything either. she just had to vomit and knew that it turns me on, I asked if I can play with it and she agreed




uh, because I have a vomit fetish



If a train leaves Boston traveling east at 45mph at 2:30pm, and is carrying a wolf, a sheep, a child, and a serial killer, and the serial killer can only ride with the child if the wolf is present and the sheep can only ride by itself if it contains five gallons of water, and there's a second bucket that can hold three gallons of water, how many handshakes will have taken place before the fence is finished being painted?


Either between one, or between two.


Hehe, I see what you did there. I'm thinking 3.1415 handshakes


...i think i have the most obvious questions but anyway

what did it taste like? Did it burn when you swallowed it? I know whenever i regurgitate it super-burns my throat (always unwillingly, my body is just crap xD)
was it chunky? do you kinda like swish it in your mouth a bit or just swallow it whole?
Also does it smell like anything?

I've been into vomit for a while but it's always been aesthetically if that makes sense?? Like i think it's hot to see vomit and see someone else hurl but when it comes to actually touching it myself I kinda chicken out! );
Maybe one day~


this please



>what did it taste like?

this will sound very stupid but it literally tasted like vomit. like, it should be very obvious but I don't know what I expected so I was slightly surprised when I tasted it and realized it tastes pretty much the same as my own vomit.

>whenever i regurgitate it super-burns my throat

this doesn't happen to me so I don't know if you'll suffer from that when eating someone else's vomit. I think that if it's possible, you should try to vomit on your own, wait and then try to eat your own vomit to tell if it's the puking or the vomit liquid itself that causes the burning lol (sounds stupid but it's better than having someone to vomit into your mouth only to realize that it hurts, right)

>was it chunky?

not really. fun fact: I didn't know the touch and texture of vomit turns me on until I tried

>do you kinda like swish it in your mouth a bit or just swallow it whole?

the former, maybe we'll try the latter at some point too

>does it smell like anything?

again, probably depends on what (and when) did the person eat prior to the vomiting and should be pretty much the same as if you vomited yourself. the smell was kind of weird and not comparable to anything else, and it turned me on slightly (probably only due to the fact that it was vomit though)

>I've been into vomit for a while but it's always been aesthetically

I feel you so much! I have it slightly different but I get it. I'm into vomit aesthetically, I like the way it looks on artworks and stuff, but it also turns me on sexually. there are some stuff that doesn't work in one way or another for me (for example, farts turn me on but I can't imagine saying that farting looks aesthetically pleasing on an artwork, and there's a lot of stuff that look good and don't turn me on obviously)


did it feel humiliating?


not really because of the whole setting. it feels more humiliating when she forces her feet or piss down my mouth but I like it, everything we do is consensual


what did she think of the experience?


she's pretty neutral about it, she likes that I liked it because me being turned on turns her on too lol


How you doin?


if you vomit again do you vomit vomit or what you ate before you vomited the first time? Is it paradoxical vomit?


No it isn't paradoxical either way it's probably the vomit you ate.


I'm OP and I have an update: I also ate some poop today, ask me anything if you like


Well, what does it actually taste like? I assume the texture depends on the poo itself. From what I've heard, if you ignore the smell it tastes like stale mashed potatoes, but I assume the taste also differs based on what's been eaten.


it's literally just bitter and nothing else. imagine eating bitter plasticine that smells of poop



Thank for sharing!
Whose poop was it?
Did you get any medical checkup done before you tried?
What did you think of it?


It was my gf again. We didn't do any medical checkup but we're together for a pretty long time and I've done some research so I think I'm safe.
the feeling is kind of hard to describe but I'm pretty much sure it's just my personal experience. I've been turned on by the thought of being dominated with shit involved for a very long time, but when I actually do it, it's... well, it feels good but there are other stuff I like even more, which I didn't expect (I was afraid that eating poop would literally be the greatest turn on for me). but it's not disgusting for me at all, I have no gag reflex or second thoughts. I could eat poop and eat vomit every day. actually I've eaten actual meals that were more disgusting than that lol

Also, farting into mouth feels pretty much like nothing. facefarts directly at the nose are hot


Another update about the poop eating: the hardness and temperature of poop seems to correspond to the intensity of the taste (the softer and warmer - the more intensive). Solid poop is also much more solid than I thought before trying to play with it; it can almost get to the point of being hard to chew sometimes. Cold, hard poop almost doesn't taste at all. Sucking it is much more hotter than I thought before trying.

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