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I know it isn't related to gurochan's main topic, that is guro, but I feel comfortable here and not sure of a better place to ask. I, like, tried google search it, but didn't find anything exactly like what I'm looking for.
What I find to be the greatest thing about the Strike Witches anime is how it handles girl not wearing anything over their panties, like pants or skirts. It is just a norm in that world and no one questions it and no one finds it erotic. There is also a great excuse for the camera to often focus on panties because the charachters fly and it just makes sense to place a camera behing a flying charachter. While it is undoubdatly done to please the eyes of audience, it is easy to pretend that it is indeed just natural. Like a special case of suspence of disbelief, only not regarding the story, but regarding the presense of panties all over the frame. It is easy to make oneself believe that it doesn't show panties purposefully, but rather doesn't see a reason to avoid showing them because it finds nothing indecent in them. And the best thing is how no charachter is ever concerned about it in any way, even when there are men involved, they don't see the lack of pants as shameful or erotic same way they don't see the lack of paranja as such, in fact in a Western country when you look at any random girl on the street it doesn't even come to your mind to notice she's not wearing a paranja because you're not expecting her too, and it would rather seem more uncommong and eye-catching if she did. So the same works for pants on girls in the Strike Witches anime. Also, the charachters don't just pose there with their lack of pants showing off their panties to the camera, they just go on with their buisness, there's a main story going on that has nothing sexual about it, so the more you keep watching the more even you, the viewer, stop noticing anything unusual about them not wearing pants, as it just shifts out of focus when you try following the story. But on the other hand it also doesn't forget to catch some natural-looking patsushots every so often, so you can still enjoy its eroticism, but at the same time it's kinda pure? Like the way it does look erotic on screen but is considered pure in-universe, makes you being able to enjoy both sides? Or maybe to better put it, makes you being able to enjoy the eroticism while not feeling dirty? Something like that.
So, I was thinking, might there be more of that? Or maybe even more extreme? Like take the same Strike Witches, but make them not wear any panties too, and make it casual the same way it is handled in the anime? An anime series like that would be impossible on TV, but manga like that can exist, right? Also preferably with loli or at least relatively young girls with no oversized breasts and asses.
Some other examples I know that are close, but not perfect:
- Saki. I haven't actually watched the anime or read the manga, but from what I've heard and saw on some pictures there's a girl whose casual clothes are very skimply and seem to imply no panties under a skirt that looks so short the other charachters would certainly have a glimpes of her pussy now and then (though it seems less risky in the anime then in the manga). There's especially one frame where she sits with one knee bent, exposing her pussy to whoever sits opposite to her. And, I can's tell for sure, as, like I've said, I haven't really read or watched it, but it seems like she and other charachters alike are similarly unconcerned about it (or maybe that's just my wishful thinking?) Another thing that is exacly like what I want is that her clothing isn't the focus, the main story is unrelated to anything sexual, while her choise of clothes is just a part of her charachter design, same way different charachters have different hair colors. So there were pros so far, but then come the cons: first of all, it seems like she's just a side charachters that doesn't appear so much, and all the other girls seem to have their clothes be pretty normal (even the skimpily-clad girl herself seems to spend half the time in a totally normal maid uniform). Second, I'm pretty sure the camera never actually goes under the skirt to show her presumably uncovered pussy, as it doesn't have an adult rating, but the way this is purpousefully avoided brings up awareness of how it is still actually indecent. I can imagine there be a scene where the camera cuts to another shot just before a bare pussy would be revealed, but the way I want it is for the camera to stay there as if there is no specific reason to cut right here.
Then again, if I'm mistaken somewhere in my opinion of Saki and it is actually closer to what I seek, please tell me, and I'll go read or watch it rigth away (also do tell if anime or manga is better then).
- Sasami-san@gambaranai. I've seen the anime (don't remember if there's a manga it's based upon or is it original?) and I don't really remember it that well, but I do remember towards the end there were several episodes with charachters in the hot springs going around naked (or mostly so? But I'm almost sure I remember them totally naked) but with it never being the focus, because unlike usual hot spring episoes it wasn't a filler, there was actually a story going on. Or maybe it was like the charachters undressed for the filler episode, but didn't dress again when the story kicked back in. I don't really remember well, but I remember I totally liked how the nudity was handled there. It was almost perfect, the only contra point I can think of is how the nudity was excused by the fact they were bathing, so it's not like it was casual by itself, it was just casual because it was during bathing.
- Dance In The Vampire Bund. I've read first chapter of it, the loli heroine is dressed in only her panties (which are pretty skimpy too) through the most of it, especially as some action ensues and there's just no time to think of modesty when they have to think of how to survive. However, I already see how it's not what I'm looking for: first, she wears panties. There's plenty anime and manga with girls in bikinis and it is not what I'm looking for. The fact she only wears panties and not a bra helps a bit, but not much. In the end of the chapters she puts on a cloak, so if she was wearing that without panties and also unfastened so that her nude body is seen underneeth, that would be great, probably even better than plain nudity. Second, the charachters do see nudity as erotic. The MC tries to act like he doesn't because she's just a child and he wouldn't be excited by a child, and the loli teeses him with her nudity, trying to make him admit he's excited. If it was 'nude Strike Witches' I want, neither of them would be aware her nudity is something to be excited about.
Again, please do tell me if it gets better in casual nutidy department.
P.S. I've just looked at the anime's OP and it has the loli dance in a pretty risky outfit, but it defies the laws of physics to make sure her nipples are always covered. Whould be pefrect if it was just casually revealing them like it's not a big deal, but it's just impossible for a TV anime, right?
- KonoSuba has Aqua with a short dress with seemingly no panties underneeth, but there's actually to little of focus on it in this case. And the camera never goes under her skirt either. So it falls under the same catrgory as Saki, I guess, together with any other anime that kinda makes it look like a certain girl is going commando, but that's it. I mean, this way it is almost perfectly casual okay ('amlost' because the camera purpousefully avoids actually looking under the skirt, and only teases you with it), but this way you can't enjoy it as erotic either.
- Umisho. This is nowhere near perfect, but I just want to tell that I did try reading it and didn't find it anything like I want. The title says nude swimming club, but instead there's just one girl who swims in the nude, and she's not doing it in the club either, she also explicitly states how she is embarrassed when seen naked by a boy, only exception is if the boy is her love interest (of course the idiotic MC doesn't take the hint. Which is why Strike Witches is so perfect without a male main charachter).
- Prisma Illya. I know it's not anything like what I've descrbed, but there's something about it that I can't put into words that makes me enjoy it the same way. I don't know.

I want to also state that while you usual ecchi where the male MC constantly gets to see girls' panties and grope their tits and get all embarrassed or excited about it, is not what I'm looking for, even a hentai CAN BE okay as long as the sex is casual in the same way or between the more traditional sex scenes there are scenes with casual nudity, charachters going around nude or effectively nude while not caring about it, just because they just so happened to not put their clothes back on after sex. Actually if it has, like, a girl casually go to school bottomless with fresh cum leaking from her pussy and everyone can see it but no one makes a big deal about it, so she just goes on with her business like attending classes and chatting with friends or transofrming into a magical girl and saving the world from even aliens, while the camera just so happens to show her bare cum-leaking pussy every now and then just because there is no reason to avoid such shots, that would be perfect.

What else... if there's a story like that, I would try reading it too... actually I think all of the erotic stories I write that are not guro, are this (with lots more of sex, which is also necessarily all casual). But no matter how I think of it, anime or manga can convey it much better. Cause it can both tell a story and show a nude charachter at the same time. Just take any manga or anime and have it all be the same except the charachters are naked or effectively naked, and that's it. In literature though you don't see the charachter being nude with your eyes, so to make the reader appreciate her nude body you have to explicitly write about her being nude and point out to the parts of her body, but that again shifts the focus from the story to nudity.

Some pictures to better picture what I'm talking about:
Take this uniform and apply to any 'cute girls doing cute things' anime and that would be perfect.
Here is some witch studying a book while being effectively naked. Her pussy is covered by her leg, but it is done in a natual way, so it's actually okay. Now to make it perfect make her a charachter of any, like, magical girl anime, where she would do all the things magical girls do, while neither she nor other charachters would pay attention to the way she is clothed, and that would be perfect.
Here's another magical girl, but he way her pussy and nipples are covered stands out to be unnatural. So put her in a magical show like the precious girl, and it would be almost perfect, though the censoring would stand out.
Here the girls are nude on the beach. But it makes it seem like they're only nude because they're on the beach and would not be as comfortable with nudity if they weren't. So if it was a part of an actual story, it would be just a filler beach episode, then they would be clothed and keep be so during the meaningful part of the story. The episode itself would be not perfect for being filler, and it only being one episode would make the whole series hardly worth it.
And this girl looks like she's comfortable with not being properly dressed because she's at home. So if it was a part of an actual story, it would be just a short dressing up scene, then she would be clothes and keep be so during the meaningful part of the story. Far from perfect.
Bonus points for nudity in the snow.
This girl has quite some clothes, but both her pussy and nipples are in perfect view. A perfect combination.
This one is a good example of relation of nudity and story: the story is apparently about a war and could be the same without anu nudity, but practical nudity just happens to be the uniform (would be even better without panties, but I like how one girls is totally casual about winding her pussy and another just put off her panties entirely). Just like Strike Witches, right? Now if only it was an actual story and not just one picture.

And here's example of how it can be a part of a hentai manga:
Though what I'm looking for is more something where sex and nudity would just be a treat for eyes, while some actual story going on on the same time (like, again, in Strike Witches, that is, if it had sex).

So, again, the question is, can you suggest something like what I've described above? If Strike Witches exist, certainly there should be something more like that?


I think you are talking about zenra /nudism

I don't know any amine about that , but there are plenty of live action movies on that topic and some manga.

maybe, "polinic girls atack" is closest thing in hentai because sex is entirely causal and even considered nuisance like allergy.


Not exactly.
I do enjoy zenra and casual sex like Pollinic Girls, but I was wondering if there's something with actual story aside from "here's a world where sex is casual, so let's watch them have sex in public".
Like, in Strike Witches, they're genuinely fighting a war, and it would still be a half decent story even if they were all properly wearing pants or skirts. Actually, now that I think of it, if they were wearing skirts, but the camera still got a lot of pantsushots, that would become an ordinary lewd ecchi and loose this part of appeal for me.
It doesn't have to have sex or full nudity too, in fact if there's some fancy clothes that just so happens not to cover private parts that's even more erotic then just plain nudity.
Another close example that just came in my mind is Bouryaku no Zvezda. Both Venera ( ) and Natasha's ( and ) costumes would be considered indecent in real world, but in the anime no one ever makes a single remark on that as far as I remember. They still cover the privates though, but you can't expect more from an anime, I guess. And, again, there's some actual story going on (even if it's somewhat surreal) and not just showing off half-naked girls, nothing close to erotics even mentioned in the genre, it's "Action, Comedy, Fantasy" according to MAL. So if you know of more anime where main charachters wear costumes like that on a regular basis while their level of indecency is totally disregarded by themselves and other charachters alike, then I would like to check that out too.
But also I've thought if anime nowadays can go this far, starring a half-naked loli as main charachter for a show which genre is not even anywhere close to erotics, then certainly one can expect manga can go even further? Like take all the same elements: a story that is decent by itself and some loli charachters in ridiculous clothing, only just make it a bit more ridiculous by actually exposing the private parts, but still have the world treat it like it's a decent thing to wear. And make a manga of it. Have no one actually done that by now?

Another example that just came to my mind is Flamie from Rokka no Yuusha: . Quite a costume, but as far a I remembrt no charachter ever commented on it or even looked at it in a way that suggested they were aware of the costume's erotism. And certainly it was never a focus of the story. So I can easily imagine all the same things could be done just with her costume being even more revealing, most obvious thing being not having that belt over her breasts, then maybe some more alterations could be done to reveal her pussy, and everyone in the cast still ignoring it. Not in an anime that runs on TV, but in a manga it is not impossible to imagine, is it?


Greetings Aoi Hikari! I don't think guro chan is a board to discuss only guro, guro fans can be complex people of many tastes! That said, try the anime Keijo!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's in the same vein as SW! Have fun! :)


>>4057 lol I had a feeling someone would bring that up.
On the topic of this season, I'm also enjoying Flip Flappers (although it's a mite confusing), and apparently Strike Witches has an ongoing spinoff called Brave Witches.


> Keijo
But in terms of costumes they just wear swimsuites, which is no different from what one can see in any anime which has a beach episode. And in terms of casualness, having boobs and asses thrown in my face doesn't at all come across as casual to me. Even those usual beach episodes seem closer to casual erotic I'm looking for than this.

> Brave Witches

I'm certainly checking it out once it's over, as I'm not keen on watching ongoings.

> Flip Flappers

Looking at the trailer doesn't seem to have much of that. I think there might have been a glimpse of a costume on the redhaired girl which might suggest lack of panties, but it wasn't even noticable until you pause it, and it also didn't look like she would wear this costume most of the time. Also the weird gradient leg makes it hard to distinguish where clothing ends and body starts and just looks weird. But it still looks very fun, the redahaired girl also reminds me of Nono from Diebuster, so I'm going to check it out once it's over too.

Thanks for suggestions!


You are absolutely right and an expert! I found all your observations to be corect so i dug a little deeper for you and because i am also interested in this subject!

I found the anime Astarote no Omocha! they do their business and causualy expose their asses and tits! Its ecchi without the embarrasment! I found to my surprise that you discovered a rare sub-genere in anime! Will dig deeper!


Correct title Astarotte no Omocha! Enjoy!


Also Kodomo No Jikan might qualify in my opinion, the girls tease their profesor with their casual attitude, and there is a lot of casualness in the Touhou anime series, must be their custom in Gensokyo! And there a a lot of casual scenes scattered thru many anime and hentai-animes like Imouto Jiru. I guess you can also watch Kanokon and KissXSis! A notable mention is also Queen's Blade, and don't forget the Pokemon beach episode!


Oh yeah! Don't want to overload you here, but you might also like the hentai-anime The Story of 15 Girls adrift, the action takes place on a deserted island, it has a plot, and the characters have sex to pass the time! Didn't watch all of it, but it seems to fit in this niche!


Oh, that's a lot of everything. Let's see...

> Astarotte no Omocha

I remember starting watching the anime, then I dropped it, don't really remember why... from what I remember there was a pantyless girl who was just what I'm looking for, but the rest wasn't any good...
I've just read the first chapter of the manga and it seems to be more open about her pantylessness than the anime. I guess I can give manga a try then.

> Kodomo No Jikan

> Kanokon
> KissXSis
> Queen's Blade
It seems these all have both anime and manga, so I wonder if the anime for any of them worth watching or I should go straight to the manga?

> Touhou anime series

Is there such a thing? I've always though there are only games and Google seems to concur with me.

> Pokemon beach episode.

Since you didn't specify which it is, I googled "Pokemon beach episode" and it gave me
> Pokémon Episode - 18 "Beauty and the Beach"
and it doesn't seem to have anything any other beach episode of any other anime doesn't have.
I think I've already mentioned that beach episodes and bikinis don't count because you can see them in every other anime anyway?

> Imouto Jiru

> The Story of 15 Girls adrift
I'll look into these.

BTW I've also looked into naturist films suggested above...
...wait, where was that?
I guess it wasn't really a suggestion, just mention of nudism?
Anyway, I looked into it and they are just videos of people doing some day to day activities in the nude.
Now you can say that this is what I asked for, but watching ordinary people lead ordinary lives is still boring even if they're nude. In fiction even if it's a slice of life genre, it brings up most fun moments of everyday life, not only that, but it takes effort to give personality to the characters so that one can relate to them.
Also those films come in all kind of languages without translation.
Even the zenra genre is closer to what I'm looking for, because at least some deliberate though was put into it, but while I can enjoy it as a form of porn, I've already mentioned how it isn't what I'm looking for in this post.

Thanks for all the suggestions!


You are welcome, i found this research usefull also! I believe that Astarotte is number one because it takes place in a world where ecchi behavior is normal.I recomend you read the manga and see the anime also, it has "that" feeling you found in Strike Witches.
Kodomo No Jikan is great both as a manga and as an anime, i recomend both.For Kanokon and KissXSis i think you can stick to the anime and read the manga only if you like the anime.In Queen's Blade they power their weapons thru masturbation so there is a lot of that and there is an OVA where the elven master instructor exposes herself all the time. I've mentioned the Pokemon episode because of its historical value and because of its deleted scene where James literarly turns into a woman and shows his breasts to Misty.

There is a Touhou anime! You can watch it on youtube, but i think its a bit abridged, and on torrent sites like Its great and has a lot of casual nudity and implied yuri.
The story of 15 girls is funny, i didn't bother with the plot but the characters are put in situations like, "they are late, lets have sex!" :) has incest, lolicon and a lot of stuff. Imouto Jiru its a little gem in my opinion with a legendary scene where a neko girl wearing only an apron is cooking while wiggling her round ass, too bad the series was left unfinished.

More sugestions are: Another lady innocent, yet another unfinished masterpiece that is floating around in uncesored form. An example here, the daughter comes home walks in on father who is having sex with a maid, hugs him, kisses him and he ejaculates in the maid.Maids walk around with their tits out and so on.It also had a good plot, sadly it was also never finished!

There are a lot of similaries with strike witches to be found in the dark world of the '80 anime, in series like Cream Lemon and Lolita anime if you want to go there.Many of those are obscure and hard to find! Good luck!


> There is a Touhou anime!
So what's the title?
I managed to find two:
Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime: Musou Kakyou (2008)
Gensou Mangekyou: The Memories of Phantasm (2011)
Which is the one with casual nudity?


The second one! It's verry well crafted and the casual nudity is a part of the magical atmosphere of Gensokyo! Resembles Strike Witches a bit too, with girls flying, fighting and using magic!

Don't even bother with the first one! Enjoy!


So, I've watched Imouto Jiru and Another lady innocent.
Both look like rather generic hentai, though the former had the cute nude apron moment, and latter had that daughter hug while sex moment and it could probably get better in the later episodes, but unfortunately there isn't any.

Also I've stumbled onto the manga Mujaki na Rakuen. It's a comedy that derives its fun from children constantly getting into some sexy situations without realizing how sexy those situations are (except for the protagonist who is actually a 25 years old guy who happened to time leap into his childhood).
For example, a girl and her father sit on a bench in the park and chat. The father happens to drop a bottle of water onto his daughter so that it wets her panties. She lets him pull off her panties just right there. Later she climbs a whatever that construction of tubes on playground where children climb is called without care that the protagonist can see from below her lack of panties. Later she joins the protagonist in the bathroom without seeing anything wrong with it.
Though I think it goes a bit too far with mostly each episode ending in the protagonist somehow cumming (usually as a result of accidental touches by girls) which he also tries to hide which results in him having such an expression on his face that you can't say if he came or had his balls crushed.
And it also gets somewhat repetitive after a while.
It's not 100% ideal, as the protagonist being aware of sexuality and embarrassed by it goes against the casual atmosphere, and also it keeps staying on that unsatisfying edge where it goes almost to actual sex, but actually it doesn't. I mean, if it's about innocence, I'd go with either they can all casually be naked and hug and wrestle and whatever without it giving anyone any sexual thoughts (the reader is allowed to have such thoughts and the author is allowed to frame shots to make the reader have them, but the characters are not) OR like in my "Innocence" story where they can all casually have all kinds of sex with each other, but still not have any "sexual" thoughts, if it makes any sense, like it's just a fun game, but it wouldn't occur to them to associate it with lust, filth or even relationships. Also if you're interested in the latter, take a look at Aogami's drawings if you can find them (see the other thread I've just started where I wonder how to find that artists' new works).

There was something else I wanted to say on the topic...
Ah! The Flip Flappers. I stumbled onto this AMV for it ( ) and can now see how it is related to the topic. I wonder though if I should wait for Blu-Ray version? Usually BD versions have censorship removed from such titles, but in this one it seem there isn't any censorship to begin with. On the other hand, sometimes BD versions also have improved visuals, and for something this colorful it wouldn't do it justice not to watch it in its best form.

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