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I love guro a lot. Every day, I take joy in browsing the boards and stories. I'm not harming anyone and I think it's fine to like these sort of things. I want to make friends with people who share my passion for guro, and to that end I want to make a social media account for myself that puts my love of guro front and center. The problem is that I'm afraid if I do make the account, people at my work would see it and I would get fired. I might end up completely unhireable because any time a company would search for info about me online in background checks, they would find out about my love for guro. Without a job, I'd be in big trouble. My family and other friends might find the account too, and they might hate me forever, leaving me with no one to fall back on should I end up unemployable.

Am I being too paranoid? Is there any hope that I can truly be myself without fear of ruining my life?


I don't see why you need to tell strangers such private things to "be yourself". It's not like you're pretending to be something else.


Of course admiring your guro interest in you public Facebook account where everyone can see it is stupid idea. even if you wont get judged there may be awkward situations when someone will ask you to explain it and it may be pretty hard to tell why you like little girl being fucked in the eye socket.
even if they wont get terribly disgusted, you will get reputation of extreme pervert.

So you should not openly admit such thing if you want to make friends you should just give some hints and if someone mentions those hints he is admitting his own involvement.

I think main danger is not that you will get fired or that your family will hate you(as it will not happen), but because you will never know what other people think about you and what effect this has on their decisions.


I wouldn't recommend making a digital record associated with your identity admitting you're into gore. Now, talking to very close friends about it, or strangers on the street? Have at it. It's a lot easier to test the waters and control the reaction of one person at a time rather than opening a floodgate of potential criticism. Who knows, you might get lucky and run into someone that gives you a positive reaction


Don't put it on a public account. I understand where you're coming from, but just straight out saying online for the whole world to see that YOU are totally into gore feels too risky. People tend to be a bit more understanding of this sort of thing than you think, but it still feels like an unnecessary risk. It's not like you have to keep it a secret: tell your friends, family, whatever. But putting it online for absolutely anyone to see is something I wouldn't recommend. Plus, putting this on a public account, even if people don't have a big problem with it, might just make people plain uncomfortable.


I get where you're coming from. It can be hard to meet other people in your area who are into guro who you can talk to and hang out with. But I would not go public on Facebook or anything tied to your actual identity. That's just asking for trouble.

Personally I have told some close friends who I could trust to understand and who are into similar hobbies. I started by showing them some guro hentai anime (Urotsukidoji, etc.) to see what their reaction would be and test the waters first. If they thought it was cool then I'd expose them to more content and gradually open up.

After a few years, I built up the courage to tell my girlfriend (who is now my wife). That was tricky and very scary... but I think it's really necessary. Otherwise you'd be constantly be keeping secrets from the closest person in your life and that just would tear the relationship apart.

I have not told my parents or relatives because... well, that's just weird. Does anyone talk to their parents about any porn-- guro or not?? Not anyone I know... :-P

It would be cool if there were some sort of classifieds where people interested in guro could meet others in their area. I lived in Japan and there are several events (Comiket, Ryonaket) where you can buy guro doujinshi and meet people with similar interests. Not so much in tn the US, though.... :-(


I'm always open about it. I think if my survival depended on it, Id be more secretive, but even then, VIVA LA REVOLUTION!


Its a fetish, you really don't need to put your sexual pleasures front and center in your life. Like, some like bdsm, some like shoes etc. But nobody really goes around saying what porn they watched last night. Just because our interest is very niche doesnt mean that has to define us. Live a normal life and enjoy the weird ass porn in your off time.

Thats my feeling on this, anyway.


Well said.

Your porn doesn't define you. It's just one interest among many and it's just assumed in day to day life that you have sexual desires and that they're private because everyone does.

Most people don't care or want to know the details unless they're going to be fucking you.


I also have the strong feeling to come out one day.

But the time is not right yet. Hold.

If you need to act today, move to Japan first.


The only person who can answer a question like this is the person asking the question.

Me? It is a brief daily diversion that I do not feel the need to share. If guro were my main source of sexual release, perhaps I would feel differently.

I occasionally fantasize about past lovers. My current one does not need to hear about that.


My guro fetish is to be cut in half and play with myself feel only my tits, while i finger my pussy, see my fingers buried in my lips lick my pussy and give a blowjob

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