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As the title says. This is supposed to be a thread where everyone can ask questions they may have been afraid to ask anywhere else or even google, and hopefully someone here is able to answer (or at least provide an educated guess).

Can be just about anything, especially sex- or guro-related, for a story or just out of curiousity, but please don't be lazy and at least consider looking it up first.


That's a convenient timing, I was about to make a thread to ask one of those questions. So here I go:

Is it actually possible to rape someone to death? Baring extreme size differences, I don't know if normal penetration alone can easily (or at all) cause that kind of trauma. Or are reports of people being 'raped to death' actually just people being raped then killed?


Lots of young children and sometimes young teens can be raped to death, but I don't know if you count that as an extreme size difference. Sometimes the difference is not huge. Remember that sex is "suppose" to be intimate, so it starts slower or both parties are already aroused and naturally lubricated. Without that arousal, if sex is too rough and fast it can cause a lot of damage. All it takes is a big enough tear to cause septic shock.


What do you consider to be the most taboo fetish?

Personally I think it's either guro or pedophilia because it involves hurting someone. Even though not everyone accepts other sexualities like pansexuals or scatophiles or necrophiles, they're generally ignored or accepted (not really sure about the necro doe). Hell, I mean Mozart was into scat *from what I've read, though I can't know for sure* and that didn't really affect his reputation. I suppose that sadists would kind of classify as guro lovers in ancient times and it was accepted that men would enjoy to torture, but I think now that any fetish that involves mutilation or hurting of other people.

To those who have exposed their secret fetish, I'd like a bit more detailed explanation of how that went. (Personally, I consider that I'm into guro, but telling a girl that I fantasize about putting a slug through her chest while fucking her would prooooobably not go well)


>I fantasize about putting a slug through her chest while fucking her
From my general knowledge and some observations I woud say that,
very likely this woud go well and she will like it, as long as girl is not scared that you will just kill her on the spot.

women are carving attention of any kind and and if you are willing to do anything and show interest in her her she is very pleased that you need her.
It does not really matter if you want to torture her, kiss her or murder her it is all good. (or at least much better than indifference)

>What do you consider to be the most taboo fetish?

I think there is something more taboo than pedophilia and guro combined.
It is animal abuse. because people who enjoy children being tortured or murdered will be often pretty upset if it is not human child but some cute kitten or puppy


Does anyone know if there's a method to slightly damage a man's urethra in a way that makes ejaculation extremely painful until it heals, but doesn't cause actual permanent damage?

Also, I've read that in order to rupture the average testicle through squeezing, about 50kg / 110 pounds of force is needed. Anyone know what the average threshold for causing permanent damage is, assuming medical help is unavailable? Or are they fine as long as a rupture doesn't occur? I know the durability of the testicles can vary widely between individuals, so for context, the victim in question is young and healthy, but would most likely not have much (if any) past experience with groin trauma.


What's the average size of a girl/woman's uterus and ovaries? And is it possible to cut it out of her body without damaging the vaginal canal?


Any idea if the Lazarus reflex* can happen to freshly-decapitated bodies? Or maybe to dead bodies that recently experienced other head trauma?

I think it would make sense. Having no head looks similar to brain-death or brain-stem-failure; there was a report that the condition of a decapitated body seems remarkably undisturbed, which sounds similar to the condition of an otherwise-living body being taken off the respirator. And this reflex is coming from the spine anyway.

This is a sort-of postmortem reflex in which the arms flex at the elbow, rise, then come to rest on the chest. I just like the idea of a dead, naked woman covering her breasts as if she's embarrassed, or maybe embracing someone as he's doing her.


I'm trying to write a character who drowns herself in a river/lake, exactly how would she go about that? Afaik, the body has some sort of reflex against drowning (duh), and normally floats to the surface too. Is there any 'trick' to it, or really just making sure you've got enough weights to drag you down (also how much extra weight would it take to overcome the buoyancy of a ~1.70m/65kg late-teen)?

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