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Just curious about it, I don't intend for anyone to find out I get off of guro, including my partner.

Anyone out?

Did you tell? Did they find out? How did it affect your relationship?


Yep I started by telling my best friend, then some other friends and they are pretty chill with it. Finally I told my vanilla girlfriend, and she is totally fine with it, thinks it's kind of cool. Which imo, it is.


I don't think you can reliably count on other's experience to predict how it will go for you.
Anyone you disclose this to has to be:
a)a really open minded person or
b)one of your closest friends that's ALSO at least a bit open minded
So far I haven't trusted anyone that much as to disclose my fetish, but at the same time it wasn't really necessary. I have watched a few 'normal' porn vids and know a few porn star names so that when I get in that kind of discussion I don't look weird for not knowing stuff.


I told my bf a while back, he was alright with it except that he didn't want to participate in any of it.


Rather than jump out of the proverbial closet all at once, I've tried letting hints trickle out here and there. So far my friends still accept me, but their reactions to what I've let out so far have made it clear that it'd be a bad idea to let them in on the rest.
I hope to one day find someone with whom I can feel safe revealing and talking about this side of me in person.


I blatantly use guro as a filter to find out who my real friends are.



My wife and a few people in my local kink scene know. I've done some cannibalism roleplay with her and a few of our close friends. I've also found a couple of other people who are more directly into it.

When I first joined the kink scene, I kept this side of me hidden, but I'm finding that people aren't put off by it at all. If I told them I was into scat, some of them would be put off, but getting turned on by fantasies of murdering, butchering, cooking, and eating people? Apparently, that's more acceptable.

...So only my wife knows that I have a minor scat fetish as well. I don't hide anything from her.


Based on the responses here and on reddit I'm kind of considering being a bit more open about it. Apparently there are more people that accept it than I thought.


Yup my fiance and a few select friends of mine know.
I told them by choice and it hasn't affected my relationships at all.



Holy shit, didn't think I'd find you again after your Tumblr and reddit accounts disappeared. I was bookworm12k on both, doubt you remember me though. I almost went through with getting eaten IRL, but backed out because the wait due to distance was driving me insane (I served him in a BDSM relationship online). I talked to my therapist about my fetish, and she thinks it stemmed from issues with abandonment. Looking back, it makes sense. I romanticized my service to the man that was going to eat me a lot, and I think I really wanted to be eaten by him to be close to him since a romantic relationship wasn't a possibility. Now that I've found a loving boyfriend (in person) that gives me enough love and appreciation that I don't fear him leaving me, and my fetish has lessened a lot. I'm definitely not knocking dolcett and vore, and I still occasionally think about it when I'm horny, but I changed my mind on whether it stemmed from nature or nurture.


I saw a similar question asked on fetlife once.

I'm out, but I only told my wife. It was very, very difficult to do so, but I felt it was important so I did it. I had so much adrenalin running through me my wife thought I was going to need a doctor.

As for our relationship, she took it extremely well. To prove to me that she was cool with it she found a heavy blade and submitted for a beheading the next night. She's way, WAY cooler with my snuff kink than any of my other fetishes and we've roleplayed many times since I told her.

Her thoughts are, from her point of view, no matter what I choose it's fine. If I don't snuff her we just go about our lives after enjoying our night. If I do kill her it's still fine because she won't be aware of being dead, or having ever existed, or anything. From her point of view it's consequence free either way, so why not enjoy a kink that matches up in many ways with her submissive kinks?

Neither of us has told anyone else though. There's not really a need for the most part, but we might also lose quite a few friends if we did.


My girlfriend found out when she snooped around in my skype. I was chatting with a girl that had a guro fetish aswell and that's when she confronted me with it.

Long story short. I didn't tell her what i was getting off to specificly, but she's cool with it. She once said "i can understand [why you do this]. This is very well drawn and the girls are perfect." She does have a thing for chocking during sex or me being rough (not harming rough though). We are still together although that happened a couple of months ago.


I strongly discourage getting out of the closet. I did it several times with different people: friends dismissed it as just yet another twist of my personality at no harm to our friendship, but other people changed their attitude and deemed me a dangerous freak to stay away from. All in all, zero benefit at best.


i love to talk about it with strangers for the shock value (hmu on omegle with guro as an interest) but i'm worried if i mentioned it to anyone who actually knew me it might ruin my reputation or get me fired from my job as a funeral embalmer. It's not like i actually do anything with the bodies but it would freak people out anyway.


So a distant acquaintance of mine is having relationship problems. He suddenly confides everything in me and I help him work out his shit. This is the only serious interaction I've ever had with him.

A week later, his girlfriend, who knows about me, accidentally let my tendencies slip to him. She is very dramatic and apparently indicated that I was a murderous psychopath. Didn't mean anything bad by this and apologized afterward xD

But he is this really clueless innocent guy. And he doesn't know me. So immediately after I had gained his total trust in ten minutes basically for entertainment, he suddenly found this out, and it's the only thing he knows about me

He flipped SHIT. Lost it
A few days pass—I decided to talk to him about it and make sure he keeps his mouth shut

He is now totally confused and vaguely in awe of me lmfao


I asked a very simple and low-risk question: "Do you know what guro is?" If the other person says yes, it's a greenlight for further sharing.


It's one of those things that my friends and anyone aware of my online presence knows about. My boyfriend has been aware since the beginning of our relationship, and while he doesn't share the kink he is totally accepting and mildly fascinated.

As far as anyone else goes... It's none of their business. I don't care if they find out, but it's not something I feel the need to admit to anyone outside of my circle. That's why a lot of people get ostracized by their friends or family. Your kinks aren't so important to your identity that you should have to let everybody you know into it. There's this thing called a private life.

I guess I'm lucky since I grew up with a lot of people who generally didn't give a fuck about whatever I was into, so I have a different opinion of spreading that kind of business.


Well said. This is basically the same situation I'm in, and it works well.


Very well said. I love it.

>>4030 Talking again:
I have a couple friends that would probably freak out if they knew what I was into, but they'd maybe freak out about some mild BDSM stuff. Point is, it doesn't matter. I don't talk sex with those friends and I don't need or want to.

My kinks aren't the same as my identity. Everyone has sexual desires, mild to extreme. Sex is hard-wired in to us all. Who we ARE doesn't need to be tied to that.


LOL you should tell your boss.


I was drunk yesterday and said that i'm visiting gurochan since my very childhood. Actually he turned out to be some kind of pervert too : ) so it was absolutely okay. But actually I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about my hidden part of life and he is the only person in the world that knows my dirty secret. That's makes me feel strange.


lol is guro really that big a part of your life that it's actually necessary to share?


I've told my friends and they don't mind at all. Hell, one of them was already into it.


I told a couple of friends, which ended up being kind of embarrassing only because they were into more hardcore real gore pictures which I didn't like at the time.



I lost the Tumblr because of an image on it of someone after a pirahna attack. I deleted the Reddit when I realized all my posts had become strangely invisible to other people. (No idea why. I think it's stupid that they don't tell people what's up when something's up.)

Sorry, I don't check /dis/ as often as the other boards, and didn't notice your reply until just now. I've still for DFN, but I think they became invite-only since or something.

The abandonment thing makes sense. You can't be abandoned by a person if your body's nutrients become a part of them. At that point, you're permanently a part of them.


*I'm still on DFN,


I wound up telling my sister and her girlfriend when we somehow were discussing sexual preferences anyway, because I couldn't help but one-up her worst/craziest thing she'd seen, their reaction basically amounted to 'good for you, but I'm not into that'. I also namedropped gurochan to another (very close) friend once, but I don't think she ever checked it.

I think a big part can also be in the delivery. Explaining guro as 'fetishized extreme violence and death' not unlike an extension of sadism/BDSM, is bound to go less poorly than 'I get off to pics of chicks pissing themselves as they hang to death'.

Personally, I intend to tell my partner when I have one, but few other people (siblings and a few close friends), and only if it somehow comes up.


I've shown my 'disgusted with my life post' to one of my close friends yesterday, so he found out about the guro too, but he was comforting nonetheless and didn't say anything about it. I suppose I didn't get any bad rep from this, but only time can tell.


I have, but onl y after discovering that a friend was into it themselves...


Only came out to someone who I already knew was into it. And I would strongly reccomend doing the same.



My wife would so cut off my dick mid-orgasm and then strap a dildo on me.


My friends that also draw these stuff know it, but other than that, no one know.

I live in the country that such things is very taboo, so we only talk about it rarely.


I came out first to my best friend that I was a necrophiliac. I was amazed how well he took it though he doesn't understand how it works to be one.
Then I told my, now, wife. Boy that was a doozie. After talking it over, some beers and drunk sex later, she slowly accepted it.
I will say, being a foot fetish necrophiliac fantasizer can be tough because you just see everyone as a potential victim, but then again, I'm happy to know there are plenty others out there.
I'm new but I think I like it here, don't mind if I tag along for the ride B)


I have a blood fetish (hematolagnia), and I am out


I am out to a couple of close friends. They took it fairly well, probably because they are open-minded. I find that if a person knows me well enough, they aren't surprised by my peculiar interests.

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