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I would love to play a self-harm game.
Know any good one?
There was but it doesn't work anymore and it's just blood on a white background.
I could develop one myself, but I'm such a layabout.
I know for some it may be triggering, but for me it would be a way to unload.

Also, general self-harm thread, I guess.


Bump, I guess.


I Am also interested in self harm at some degree but not because i do it myself but because i find it sexy.

Considering self harm game, I wonder what it could even be?


sounds really hot, I'm not really familiar with any self harm games but the way I picture it a group of people in a private online cam site each with list of shared (reasonable) self harm tasks, maybe a few humiliation as well since I'm really into that, and on each turn we roll a dice and get to do which ever random task. the ones that fail to complete their task gets kicked out...and to make things more fun there are skip a turn or safe options as well, so that one or perhaps more lucky person get to witness other people self harming from afar :)


OP here.

I find it sexy too, on females of course.

Dude, I'm talking about a fictional videogame obviously.

>Considering self harm game, I wonder what it could even be?

I was thinking very basic actually, you just have an arm and you do cut/burning on it.
For self-harmers it could be an alternative to real life harm.
For guro-lovers it would be just fun.

I just wonder why no one did this. There's really a videogame/app for everything but this one.


I think this kind or "game" is not that interesting for most people because drawing cuts on the screen with static picture of the arm is not so much fun.
I have seen few games where you are torturing girls in similar way but they are also boring.

What you want to do probably could be easily done by using Photoshop with appropriate brush.
You can draw cuts burns on anything you want.
it all looks pretty similar to that game you mentioned earlier


Well, I had some ideas to make it more interesting, actually.
Healing wounds, suturing, "levelling up" so you can go deeper (lower fear), risk of infections, etc.
You can always add more features.


Yes, that could be interesting. Sounds like prety decent game but it is not that easy to make

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