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Yes I got no idea what cosplay really is, but I guess it can be anything.

Lets say I want to cosplay as one of the people who worked at Unit 731.

hXXp:// thats the image that show their clothes, I am pretty sure there is no color images at all from what happend at unit 731 so we just have to guess what colors they really did have, we can proabably figure out that it was dark clothes tho?

The real question is what material it was made from. My friend sent me this about it:

plastic wasnt arround there
we must know what rainclothes where made off
that will be a step in the right direction
or find out what early american/german biohazard suits where made off
might be rubber/leatherish

We do know that America knew about Unit 731 but dident really care, I think it was because unit 731 did produce some decently good medical data and well.. russian prisoners was used so whatever.

Do you have any leads on how I can maky my very own Unit 731 outfit?


I think once found that kind of suit, it was fabric impregnated with rubber (very think and heavy material)
colors may vary, mine was orange same suits are often used by sailors.
if it was military clothing i think color may be brown/green like usual

so you probably can just buy that sailor coat and color it in proper dark color somehow.


It was probably just leather. Early equivelanfs of biohazard suits were made of it (trench coats in WWI were worn specifically to protect from blister agents), and most chemicals weren't understood enough for sophisticated protective suits to be worn (for example, plans for the invasion of mainland Japan had the US dropping a bunch of nukes and then marching in troops wearing gas masks and trench coats for "protection").


Leather is not very good choice as it can easily suck those agents inside and you will not be able to wash them out . It is not impenetrable as rubber and very expensive.
If leather was ever used it must be very very old times when rubber was not available.


look for "death by vaginal cockroach" in

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