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i know someone who knows someone who's into it but i'm moving away
>moving to 100k city
>university i will attend has 15k students
>not social at all
>connecting is hard
>want to exchange about this in person with someone else

so what are the chances? how many other students are approximately into this as well?
any hints? should i just bring it up in conversation?
how did you find people with similar interests?


Wear some item or accessory on yourself or your bag that only a fan of guro would recognize. It'll look inconspicuous to the normies and serve as a special signal to fellow gurofans, like a badge to a secret society.


I think not necessary other guro fan will share your preferences.
There are no accessories or signs that guro fans wear or know.

so according to my conclusion, only way to identify potential friend is to put it into situation where you can observe emotional response towards guro content. (as you can accidentaly make someone observe guro pictures or some movie) and look how facial expression changes and what is the reaction.

or if you want to find out that in discussion you can try to talks about something abstract but related to guro and see where it goes.

but the problem is that all that is pretty hard to do and it would be preferable to find some method to identify potential friends from huge number of people.


I doubt many people aside from gurochan users actually know the gurochan logo, you could just get a keychain with it or something. It's not necessarily going to reach out to all guro fans, but it would at least to gurochan users.


>>3797 I was thinking the same thing myself. Look for my GuroChan logo pin at the next convention I attend.


Why in the world would you want to let people IRL know that you're a sick freak?


Because I'm proud of it. The real "sick freak" is a pervert who's ashamed of their own identity. How pathetic is that...I have to struggle to keep my mouth shut about this stuff all the time because small-minded people are prevalent in society...Which brings me to another point. If the people you care about will never accept you for who you really are, you're probably with the wrong people.

I'm not a person who'd usually consider getting tattoos, but if I ever do, I'll probably put a GUROchan logo somewhere prominent.


>>3808 If they recognize the GuroChan logo, then they're in no position to judge me for wearing it ^^


So true. And not only will almost no one will notice it, but it's easy to make something up if someone gets curious and asks what it means.


I think not so many people will recognize gurochan logo, because I myself did not took any attention that untill i noticed this discussion and until i started learning japanese letters.

>If the people you care about will never accept you for who you really are, you're probably with the wrong people.
Sometimes it is not about acceptance but about pleasing other people you love. like if you are murder, your mother still will accept you, but she will be hurt to find that.
and ion other situations you probably do not care about what those people think but yiu care that they may reveal your secret to the public.


Man, I was gonna say, you probably don't want to meet Guro fans IRL, because chances are they're sick, damaged freaks. But if that's you, too, and you're fine with meeting others like yourself, then fuck it, knock yourself out.

My recommendation would be the Gurochan logo, too. Maybe a Jissou pin, if you want to reel in the oldschool freaks?


>>3838 I feel like a bad person but I was at a con this weekend and failed to adorn myself with a GuroChan pin or anything. I never found the time xD


Yeah given thought-out and vivid nature of some of the fantasies described by people here I would be very hesitant to meet them irl. Not hating, just doesn't seem terribly safe.



I might be crazy, but I don't feel like the people on this board would be much more dangerous than your average group of random strangers. I mean, fantasy is fantasy. I imagine most of still have our own set of morals or at the very least wouldn't want to risk time in prison for murder, rape or assault.


Yeah I agree. I'm in the camp of easily setting aside morality, but that doesn't mean I want to spend my life in prison. I met a diagnosed psychopath on this site, and she felt the same way. Even those of us who openly "want to kill" wouldn't be stupid enough to do so under any but incredibly specific (and practically impossible) circumstances.


It doesn't have to be the gurochan logo. You could always use something else (just not something popular) and make a post here or somewhere (like DFN or something).

"I'll be wearing (some thing). Ask me about (some specific whatever) when you see me so I know you saw this post." It sounds like a craigslist ad, but it could work, and might be a bit more flexible.


I have a kisirian tat on my arm.

It's a conversation starter for most people. Wondering why I have it. Mixed reactions but mostly positive or neutral. Barely any hate.


I had experimented my guro fetish, now I live in
A wheelchair and have no more lower part


What do you mean?


Please explain.


I layed down on a train tracks i lost all my lower body


I layed down on a train tracks i lost all my lower body i know what it feels like too touche your lower body with out feeling


Are you serious?


i feel inclined to doubt this


no it happened, i was there


lol xD



Unless you wrote these from afterlife. I highly doubt it you live to tell the tale. Losing half of your body will cause a lot of blood loss, you are most likely dead upon impact.


Actually it is not so uncommon to survive while being cut in half
there are plenty of videos of accidents and maybe failed suicides when people stay alive while their lover part is far away

like this one

But it woud be hard to believe that someone woud consider doing that deliberately because of guro fetish


I thought that she was obviously lying and everyone is a dumbass for taking her seriously but then I read your comment and thought back on all the crazy shit I've seen people do...

Holy fuck

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