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Which fantasy setting do you prefer for your necrophilia fantasies?

A. A crime scene where the body is found.

B. The morgue where the body is kept to determine how the person died.

C. The funeral home where the body is prepared for the funeral and burial.

D. The graveyard where the body is laid to rest.

For me, I like the first three options equally for my fantasies while option D would only be good for the evening of the day of the burial or else the corpse would be too decomposed to be of use for me.


Crime scene, still warm.



Yeah, the crime scene IS appealing, isn't it? If you find the corpse early enough after they die, he or she /depending on your sexual preference/ will be fresh and will give off the impression that they're still alive and merely sleeping.......


Either a crime scene where I have complete control over the method of death and how the body decomposes, or a graveyard where the body has had time to decompose. I don't like fresh corpses or ones that have been recently preserved so the morgue or funeral home are nowhere near as appealing.


This. Fresh dead body all the way, preferably strangled.


This. Fresh dead body all the way, preferably strangled.


I'd like to find her while still just alive but clearly about to die any second, start fucking her to feel with my cock her life draining away, and cum once she is dead.


The prison morgue, getting freshly-guillotined bodies to work on. Work on how, I'm not sure, since the cause of death is rather obvious... Might be just stripping and cleaning. Might be preservation. Might be chopping it up to dispose of it more easily. An autopsy might be used to detect evidence of an assault of some kind, or it might be dissected for medical students.


A: Keep it fresh >:)

Although I wouldn't want a crime scene specifically since to me that implies other people around. More of, where the victim has just been killed. Warm and twitchy.


Either A or D it depends on how long the person died. Like fruit it's better fresh but you can still enjoy it a couple days later if you leave it alone.


I've always thought of it like fruit as far as the freshness factor goes...


no way best necro fantasy is neck snapping and fucking victim while still twitching


I'm leaning more towards A and B, still warm, still fresh, but I'd rather be the dead body than the person who finds it lol


I Like the thought of A the most, They're still warm and lovely and even dressed so it's like unwrapping a sweet treat.

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