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My art isn't really good enough to post on here and I'm worried it'll get taken down if i post it on tumblr or deviantart. Is there anywhere I can share my art?


/art/ right here on gurochan. You can even post bad art.


Yeah I recommend coming right here to upload it.
Everyone should be happy to see anything on this website, although it might be quiet for some time before it gets loud.

That's just part of being on the internet though.


Consider pixiv. You don't need to understand japanese and you can tag your drawings by checking similar works and translating their tags.

Posting it here is also a good idea.

Deviantart and tumblr are flooded with crap and I don't think you could be banned or your work deleted no matter how "bad" you think it is. Maybe you're just afraid of criticism, but if you're not willing to take it constructively, you won't improve your art. Just sayin'...


Deviantart will ban you if your art is too deviant though. They ban all sorts of guro, lolicon, shotacon, rape, torture, etc. They're extremely tame for a website with that name.



Deviantart is not banning gore artwork, as some of guro artworks shared here were from Deviantart. It even have some gore/guro forums thriving in Deviantart. They ban loli/shota, bestiality and sexual acts though (Genital insert).


Yeah Gurochan is great, heck I put my stuff on tumblr and deviantart too. No one has said so much as boo.


>>5306 yes we have, your art is shit. your characters look like inflatable dolls, and you're a greedy fucker who doesn't know how to manage your site. Boo.

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