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I'm planning on posting some writing of my own, but before that I'd like to get a bit of clarification on some things regarding how to tag my stuff (it's likely going to be a collection of shorter stories, so tagging will be on a case-by-case basis rather than at the top of the thread).

- What does the "snuff" tag actually stand for? I see it on a ton of stories, and I know what a snuff film is, but not how the word applies to writing, and consequently if I should use it.
- Are "Con(sensual)"/"Non-con" used only in regards to sexual intercourse, or also (or maybe especially) to denote willing/unwilling death/gore/etc?
- Is a short, half-sentence, mention of someone pissing themselves on death enough to warrant the "Scat" tag, or is that unnecessary for such a minor thing?
- Slightly related, how exhaustive should the tags be in general? Or what are some common tags I should be sure to include (if they apply)?

Thanks in advance for any helpful answers (as well as any other hints/advice for properly tagging stories).


"snuff" means that one of the characters in the story is killed or commits suicide, and that this act is more or less the main focus of the story. So for instance Game of Thrones is not snuff, despite all the death, whereas many stories in /lit/ are.

As far as I know (non)con is used for both sex and death.

The "scat" tag probably wouldn't be warranted. Think of it like this: tags are used so that fans of a certain genre can easily find stories that appeal to their interests. A fan of scat would probably be fairly disappointed after finding they've read a few thousand words to only get a half sentence about the topic they were expecting.

Most stories have about two to six tags, so that's probably a decent range to aim for. Make sure to include keywords that are the main focus of your story. So if, for example, half of your story deals with the process of somebody getting their limbs cut off, you'll want to include a tag like "amp" or "amputation". If something is a relatively small part of the story, there's probably no need to include the tag.

Generally useful tags are the genders of the participants, e.g. "f/f" to indicate a story with mostly lesbian content, the amount of consent (con / semi-con / non-con) and the "loli" or "shota" tag if you have underage girls or boys, respectively. The snuff tag is optional, since someone dying is more or less the default on here (which is a shame, if you ask me).

Aside from that, your best source of ideas for tags are probably to look at the tags that other stories use.


I think scat refers to feces, not urine.

Mentioning the method of killing would be nice; Some(like me) are rather selective about it.


Totally agree. When i see the scat tag I instantly expect a good chunk of the story to be about feces.

WS, watersports, piss, or urine would all be good tags for pee play, again, more than half a sentence please (piss is a big kink of mine).

The snuff tag does seem to be more or less pointless here, but a non-snuff tag is very useful.

As for cons, semi-cons, and non-cons I generally assume (and it seems to be) that this refers to the death, not the sex. A rape or non-rape tag might be clearer and I've seen these with the con tags before.


As I noticed there are 2 typed of tagging one is to protect weak hearted from extreme contend and another is to atract potential fans.

Since this site is not for weak minded there is no need to mention something what is not the focus of the story You will be misleading people. Think about tags as about advertisement which you use to atract your audience. and expect that people may be pissed if you fail to deliver what promised.

Con non-con is usually written as con/nc it applies to everything in the story. including sex and death. whether it is consensual or not, depends on the final everything else doe not matter if she was protesting up to the last minute when she finally liked that.

Rape can be consensual as well if woman wants to to be taken by force or pretends to disagree.

I am not sure what semi-con tag means but I guess it should be used when something like blackmailing is used without physical violence
so that victim obeys but doe snot enjoy it

Tagging characters is probably unnescesary, but you can use f/m/g/b for female/male/girl/boy submissive/passive and use capital letters for dominant/active characters

Also you can always make up your own tags.



Semi-consensual can mean a lot of things. Agreeing to die, but not wanting to. Wanting to die, but only as a result of some extreme, limiting situation. Wanting to die and then changing your mind. Freely agreeing to have a chance to die, and drawing the short straw...

Some use 'reluctant' as a consensuality tag, but it seems more specific.


If you change your mind in the last moment this is not consensual neither semiconsensual, but this rarely if ever happens.

I think there should also be "tsundere" tag, when someone actually wants to be forced into something, but pretends to resist.


I think in general the semi-cons tag is a bit vague and I never know what to expect when I see it. Cons/non-cons at least hints that the bulk of the story will be one or the other. When I see both tags I assume that one character is one, and a diff charecter is the other.

The capitalizing of male/female, etc. doesn't make any sense because it doesn't seem to be used consistantly. I've seen it mean that one character was dominant and the other a sub, but I've also seen it used to imply one character was adult and the other a child. The only thing that seem to be totally clear is the grouping of who will fuck who. f/f = two girl fuck, and mfm = two guy one girl threesome, etc. But M/f could mean mature man and underage girl, or Dominant man sub woman. I like seeing something like m/f D/s as two seperete tags for clarity.

The "snuff" tag isn't totally pointless. Far more often than not I've seen it implies death during sex specifically and is diff than a murder tag which could be death for any other reason. The clearest setup is probably a willing victim tag which I've seen before as "con snuff". There's no confusion that it's willing death during sex.

Whatever you choose, the point made about the tags being advertising is spot on. I am far far more likely to read a story if it's tagged than not, and of course more likely to read a story that has my fav tags.


>>The capitalizing of male/female, etc. doesn't make any sense because it doesn't seem to be used consistantly.

As far as I noticed it is used pretty consistently and works fine
Capitalization is not used to specify age Some people may be ignorant about proper tagging rules but most do it fine.

If you want to specify mature man and underage girl you use m/g tag you can use / to indicate relationship like m/gg (man with 2 girls) or mm/g (2 men with one girl) or Mm/g or (one dominant man with one friend dominate one underage girl) or M/mg one dominant man dominates another man and underage girl)

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