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What is it about dead women and girls that attracts you to them whether it's ones in anime/manga or live action tv shows?

For me, it's both physical and spiritual. With dead women and girls, you have complete control over them and you can do whatever you want with their bodies /but only in fantasies/. In other words, having a sexual partner who can't reject you is appealing even if it's just a fantasy.

Also, dead girls and women in eternal slumber look pure and innocent and deserved to be loved and adored by all. It's like they've achieved a state of beauty and purity in death.


I'm not really a necrophilic, but i would like to feel the body and explore it troughoutly and do what ever i want with it.
Like open stomach, cut breasts, eyes and so forth. I would also like to feel the intestines... just thinking about this makes me feel good.


I'm not as interested in pure necrophilia, and I'm not as interested in pure torture, the thing for me is fantasies involving the moments of someones death.

I think it's the finality of it, after disrespecting or owning someone through rape, domination, and forced pleasure, the final act you can commit with them is death, and necro.

Even more, the difference between life and death, it's kind of like an orgasm. I think ideally for me is a situation where sex and orgasm somehow pushes them over the edge into their end, quickly. Like cumming forcing a girl to take a breath underwater, or a guy finishing in his partners mouth after she is long past too exhausted to swallow or reject him, so she chokes away.

Then the body starts to rot and I'm entirely uninterested in that.

Fantasy only, ofcourse, for all of this.


I do not like necrophilia at all maybe only as some curiosity.

Once person died it is just piece of trash and I have no interest in that thing at all.


I understand that, though I'm not the same. For me, I like Necrophilia, but only while the body is warm and can still react. Maybe it has to do with the idea that the person is still to some extent "in there," stuck in a body past the point of no return, losing consciousness and awareness, and is just completely and entirely subdued as they edge closer to death.


So you would fuck a bleeding girl close to dying while she tries to stay alive, but you just keep pounding even when she dies.
Aaah that gave me a boner, why can't i feel a fresh corpse and do things to it.


This is not necrophilia
necrophilia is specifically interest in cold corpses not in gorgeous dying girls.

if we talk about near death situations then I do not mind that as long as she is alive and can react it is fine.


Would you say that this might be necrophilia? >>3529


Not necessary.
It is not attraction to corpses after all


Technically, necrophilia is a broad category of fetishes covering all kinds of death related things, but I think the common vanilla world usually thinksit's just the fucking of dead bodies. Depending on where you want to stop when exploring the roots of the word i tself it could be as vague as "a like for causing harm", but that's stupi.d

I'm going to have to agree with N0n3 a lot on this one. I love the thought of having a woman submit without limit and die for me as part of that submission. In my fantasies I take whatever I want, alive or not, but it's more fun for me when she's alive because of how willing it is. Her dieing for me is so intense and erotic. It's such an extreme thing to do in order to demonstrate submissiveness and obedience.

I enjoy the idea of using the fresh corpse. Since I could already take whatever Iwant from her body it's something of a "I might as well while I still can" sort of thing I guess, but also a chance to do things I can't do with her alive.

Cold and rotting is gross. I don't like that kind of necro.


Don't know if I count in on this discussion, but tossing in my two cents from the flip side of the coin.

I like the idea of necrophilia also because of the lack of control and the inability to say no, but from a submissive stance. I like the idea of being used even when I'm gone (preferably tortured/gutted beforehand) and then being tossed when I go cold. I like the idea of total and complete submission to another person, the fact they can use my body and even if I want to say no/stop, I can't.

All in good fantasy of course.


I honestly can say that I don't know why I have an interest in the act (as if I've even done it to begin with. It's all fantasy for me). As of now, I can't bring myself to go to funerals or go visit graveyards because, for some reason or another, deep down inside, I get scared. Pretty lame, right?


This is not broad because necrophilia is about dead bodies. regardless if they are rotten or fresh.

I think main idea is that body has to be unresponsive so necrophilia probably can include dolls as well.
while if decapitated/mutilated body is still responding by some magic or even if we get to know what "corpse" thinks, it is not necrophilia


I don't give a fuck about women, if I find their corpse I'll leave it rot or burn. If it's male, I'll cut it up into pieces, rip out the bones and fuck the hole that's left and lastly eat the remains.


I just want to fuck a woman who won't move until I'm done.

She has no unfulfilled expectations and I have no guilt.


Well i'm into the "light" necrophilia. I don't like the rotting bodies but i realyl like the idea to fuck some still warmcolt but not rotten bodies.

After i killed it of course. :) I really like the idea to use the voman lifeless bodies as i like. :)


It's nice, dead things. Can't say no, can't judge me.


I do not like necrophilia.


Well bodies don't cry and wriggle around while you cut them up. That's about it for me...don't know if it classifies as necrophilia at all?


A friend had an uncle who was a mortician. He visited him for two weeks every Summer when he was a kid. A boy his age, 13, had been brought in one morning who had been kick to death by a horse. The uncle asked his nephew if he would like to help in the preparation. He said no, but asked if he could watch. When the boy was naked and the uncle began bending the limbs on the right side to loosen them from rigor mortis, it was then he asked if he could help. The answer was to copy what the uncle was doing to the limbs. He said that the first touch of the dead boy's skin was "elecrifyiing". He also was able to play with the private parts when the uncle left for a short time. (on purpose?) Two friends in college discussed playing with teenaged girls on first calls. It happens a lot. Another online friend from New York was fired as a night watchman at a hospital when he was caught playing with a woman's body in the basement morgue. If you are dead, you are vulnerable, period.


The objectification. Instead of being women treated as just sex objects, now they really are just sex objects.


I frequently fantasize about doing it to girls I know, friends, sister etc. Coupled with murder, I think it's just the ultimate form of control and betrayal.


I frequently fantasize about doing it to girls I know, friends, sister etc. Coupled with murder, I think it's just the ultimate form of control and betrayal.


i like necrophilia because of my feelings and sexual reliefs and i prefer such freshly killed bodies before they come and go


Because I have severe thantophobia, and things like guro and necro help to lessen the fear a bit.
I'm taking a concept that terrifies me on a fundamental level, and turning it into something that gives me sexual gratification. Its wasn't something that I set out to do, but its something I've come to gradually understand after stopping to think about it for a bit.

Other than that, I also have a domination fetish and do dom IRL, so its essentially an extreme version of that; complete and utter control over another, even in death.

That said, it's something I could never bring myself to do in real life though. A fantasy is a fantasy, but I could never to that to another real person, even if all that's left is technically dead cells and tissue. I just can't take the final summation of a person, and reduce it to literal fuck-meat. I'll fantasize or roleplay it, sure, but like rape, its not something I could ever do or wish upon another person.


I'm not really a hardcore necrophile, but I'm interested in the psychological aspect moreso than anything else. There's just something about the taboo of desecrating a fresh corpse, especially doing so in such a lewd and intimate (or rather, invasive) matter. If the person has been long dead, it's only gross and distasteful, but with a fresh corpse, there's an added layer of disrespect. A recently dead person can't consent, nor can they say no, but at the same time, they're not just an "object", especially not if you knew the person personally, which makes things even more interesting.


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The idea that the spirit is gone but the body remains is fascinating to me, especially if you believe the spirit will still be able to observe their remains. I come from a Catholic family and when someone dies or is near death, we come by to watch them pass and leave the body there for a couple hours or so to grieve and say goodbye (I never thought to time it). So I technically got to kiss a cold corpse and watch it be removed from the premises by paramedics. I find it as intimate to be by someone's remains even though they are "gone" rather than just be repulsed by it.

I wouldn't rape the body, just feel it and be close. It's the concept that they cannot get away from you, that they are there until you let them go that I like. I think sleeping with the body, not in a sexual way, is the most intimate thing you can do. Call me a sick sap, but I like to romance the corpse. No chance of rejection, just rotting away and being close through the whole thing. If you killed someone that you love, why leave when they are dead? You still love them. Who cares.

I wouldn't go killing people just to keep their corpses around my house for physical comfort or anything. So I keep it all as fantasy. In a sense I kind of agree with >>3525 that there is a purity in death (especially if it was young) that is attractive and worth loving.


neobiz and others: contact me at

to discuss this.

yes to what neobiz wrote in his opening comment. more, similar to that.

based on one event having to do with exploring the body of a 12 year old girl. if not your thing, don't bother writing. title your email, Necro.


I like necro as an extension of snuff and rape fantasy. The fresher the better but as a further way to psychologically torment the victim. Even after she dies I will continue to violate her body. Ideally I have more than one victim to use and the surviving one(s) can witness what I have done to the previous one(s).

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