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Why? I'm not judging but seriously, why do you find shit hot? I really want to know how this is attractive.


I'm not into scat, but here's my attempt at explaining.

As with most fetishes, I think it's the result of mostly the environment one grew in or the phenotype, but that doesn't always explain it. I think it's a subconscious process, that of settling what sexually turns you on, and it may not be obvious. I don't think people get to choose their fetishes.

Take my example, I was very socially awkward as a child and didn't interact much with girls, but then again so are many and not many end up liking guro. My parents were over-protective and I wasn't really mistreated in any way, but that made me into an introvert. (now I'm kinda in between, as I've realized that social contact is critical to a successful life). I really can't tell why I get off to the thought of slicing damsels throats while fucking them. Another weird thing that differentiates people even more is that there are plenty of people who are into guro/snuff but also feel empathy and wouldn't do anything to harm our partners irl (me included). Haven't really done any research on the matter, but perhaps genotype also plays a role and who knows, maybe through mindfulness and repeated introspection one can get to the bottom of why they like something and willingly change what they like and not.



Basically, I don't find shit "hot"... I find the woman whose taking a dump... pissing, farting, grunting and straining... brows furrowing, while her anus domes lewdly (not al the time), sweat drips down her ass, and her pussy opens a bit WHILE defecating (body appreciation) "Hot".

tl;dr It's not the product I find hot... it's the act, and the body (person) at work (relieving).


Its not that we find shit hot, its the naugthiness of doing something that society teaches us is fundementally wrong that we get off on.



Generally, they're correct.


i love shit, but only when it has come out of a younger girl. any girl older than her mid-teens, and the stuff isnt erotic to me anymore. i find it to be as gross as everyone else finds it. its strange to say but, its just not 'fresh' enough when the girl is too old... things like the undigested food, mucus, and bile and even the dead blood cells and stuff, is appealing when the girl is young and her digestive system is, i dunno, cleaner? ive never articulated this before and its weird to put it into words, but thats how it is for me.



Mmmmmph <3


I confirm this:
It is sexy because it is nasty and wrong.

In fact this was main reason why got into loli and bdsm - simply because it is socially wrong.


i'm into necro so i can't really answer but like >>3543 explained it's mostly the environment you're born and some factors that are hard to quantify, for example i loved passed out girls since forever and then i passed to necrophilia because of me being introverted but i don't really neglect vanilla sex and i'm sure scat lovers don't neglect some good pornhub video sometime ;)


I don't know. I will never know. I've been trying to find this out for years and I just love watching girls take a nice hot steamy wet shit. I still do not know as I'm 24 and I've liked it since I was at least 17. Since then, I've been into it.

I don't think there's anything wrong with me, I don't think that I'm fucked up beyond help, but I think for the most part, no one really knows why they are into it, they just are OP



Uhhmm... yeah... don't speak for all of us.

I knew what got me turned on to seeing a girl take a dump (and before that, piss) by the time I turned 18.


>>3593 This explaination is a nice start but I'd like to read it from a larger perspective.

Why scat can be arousing? I think it's something on the side of the relation between master and servant.

So, at first, what does it make the master-servant relation biologically acceptable? Given the existence of some kind of social structure (which is pretty the case) the least gifted individuals are more likely to survive if they live under a mighty master, rather than by their own. In a few words, it's better to be ruled than preyed.
Then, a lot of animals are used to mark their territories with excretions and body fluids. You surely know how dogs tend to pee and poo in the same spots. And here is the second ingredient of this strange recipe! An individual who shits nonchalantly everywhere could give the impression of being a worthwile master.
The subject can also be looked at from the point of view of the master because those who shit looks harmless and helpless, the perfect pray! Quite simple this time, huh?
Now, nobody is born master or servant but we all have these circuitry, ready to be switched on and linked here and there. And since we're talking about relations among individuals, this can surely affect the sexual sphere. How? The hell I know! However the very first question was "why", wasn't it? :P
Whether this may be considered socially right or wrong is a matter of... contingency.

Beside, I am not a scat lover... usually... XD


Poop and pee is yucky but a little girl in pain from pooping and a girl doing potty is cute.Poop and pee is yucky but a little girl in pain from pooping and a girl doing potty is cute.

I can hardly find how normie porn is attractive. Big tits and ass just seem ridiculous on a woman. Most normie porn on pornhub looks forced too.


Personally i like who it came from. If a girl is in shape and hot I'll go for it.

And also like
I had protective parents that treated me very well and was also shy in addition to lung disease.

Im only speaking for myself here i like scat because i find where and how it comes out sexually attractive including certain color and consistency.


I just like penises being severed. No more logic to this than anything else.

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