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/lit should not be pruned at 10 pages... I mean, they're text, what's the big deal for the storage?


Alright. Later this week I'll increase the maximum page size for /lit/.



Thank you ~

Just to confirm, the action would increase the maximum number of stories available to read, right?


Yeah. The purpose of having 10 pages isn't usually storage size, so much as the ability to bump old threads. When a thread gets down to page 10 with no one bumping it, it's generally assumed to not be worth keeping (or so large that it'd be better to just make a new thread). With text boards like /lit/, it should be fine to increase it to 15.

We were planning on creating an archive so this wouldn't be an issue (like the old GUROchan had), but our PHP dev died. I'll work on it when I have time but PHP is not my specialty so I'll be slower at it.


So I see this issue has been discussed before...

Does this mean there's no such archive for /lit stories? :/

I went ahead and downloaded all /lit posts as of today and I expect I'll be doing so regularly in the future so as to not allow any more stuff to die from the internet... I'm surprised more people don't seem to care about the idea. I mean, I never thought I'd be pseudo-obligated to comment on a story I liked to keep it in existence.


The dev rose from the dead and is on it.


Is there an archive for old Lit anywhere?

Cause there's quite a few I've been looking for but couldn't find anywhere at all...


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Any news btw? Has this undead dev made any progress?

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