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Hey girls, lets have our own discussion on here. What turns you on in gurochan? What makes you tick? What grinds your gears? Lets get this rolling!!


Hey! )
I love heart, hanging, drowning and brain threads. It doesn't matter if a male or a female gets tortured as long as the image is not just torture but sexy too. Like guys coming when they get hanged or girls getting wet when their hearts get electrocuted or their brains fucked. Oh so many sweet fantasies they give me. I love gurochan because a single image I see here can give me a great theme to enjoy for some time.


Personally I love the thought of being decapitated, neck snapped, strangled anything that involves me being dead and someone male or female using my body as their own sex toy. Gets me moist just thinking about it lol


Mostly I'm deeply into bondage and amputee, potgirl, anything that implies powerlessness and being used in general puts me in a mood. For some reason beheadings too, like anonette above.

Also, surprisingly, I found out that I had a fetish for boys losing their manhood.


Destruction and Dying and Intertwining of Mind and Body.


Ooh, I like guro featuring girls, boys, or anything in between. A big part of the appeal for me is the feelings and reactions of the participants, both abuser and victim. So necrophilia doesn't hold much appeal to me. Neither does scat, but piss can be kinda hot. I like non-con where the victim is terrified and crying OR cons where the "victim" is enjoying it so much that they're a complete and utter mess, like a masochistic bitch in heat. I reaally like when the former turns into the latter. I'm a bit of a sadomasochist, and like to imagine myself both doling out and receiving punishment.

Anyone wanna be guro Kik buddies? We can share fantasies and guro art, or just talk about random shit. I'm always up for making friends with similar interests. >_> Username is LucyLovesGore, anyone can feel free to message me.


I love the stories here so far, and the drawings, mostly on vore themes or torture, cannibalism too. I like the fantasies around it :)



As you might have guessed from my username, I'm mostly into scat. And, a bit embarrassingly, I enjoy the thought of subbing for most scat things more erotic than domming for them. Though I get off on both.

I also enjoy gore and freakshow, but, on a more artistic and picky level than scat. With gore it's all about aesthetic.

Psychological stuff, such as noncon/dubcon, are also huge turn ons, especially combined with other elements such as degradation, blackmail, and scat.


Not much about guro actually turns me on unless it's consensual guro. The mix of consent and the absurdity of the situation is fun. If it's consensual, the method can be anything.

For non-con, definetly cannibalism.

I do like piss and some scat (no hyper). I also like some necro.

I like the freaky aesthetics and absurdity of guro overall. I like perl, horror, and slasher stuff. Because of that, I think my draw to guro is natural.

I think my favorite is seeing a handsome man prepare for battle and then go get killed. He was brave, and his beauty leaves this world due to giving it to a noble(?) cause. It's a weird fantasy. Seeing him preparing, and then fallen, and mourning his handsome form that will soon decay into the earth...


Hey all :)
I really enjoy the cannibalism artwork and stories. I always fantasize about being on a slaughtering line, watching all the women before me getting their throats cut, until its my turn. Being chopped up and made into select cuts of meat to go out to stores or restaurants like im just a meat animal gets me off every time.


Well it's great that you can give input.
Would you like to roleplay or ask for a certain story to imagine your life through?


Hi hi. I want to feel my guts hanging out of my belly. I want to be raped after my disembowelment so I can feel my carefully eviscerated tubing slapping against my thighs as I am fucked hard. I want to be field dressed like a pig while I am still alive. Beyond that you can have your way with me.


Personally i love snuff that renders a woman worthless. Either Snuff her and turn her into meat but then discount the meat cus it's not worth anything, snuff her for your own sexual pleasure. The thought of someone snuffing me for a single orgasm and maybe an evenning of sex ... just turns me on so much.

i mostly love women getting snuffed .. or feminie men.


Well for me, being cut in half and survive, watching my pussy get fucked, I would like to pick a pussy and see how it feels with no orgasm and play with my tit, also be able to see my pussy in a new way


bumpy dumpty sorry to intrude here but do you ladies had kik or discord?



I would love to see my pussy, detachable and just feel those tits,
Just imagine, looming at ot frim a new angle, touching it, seeing the lips fold, and licking it. Seeing the organ of ur life.


Should I be worried about my boyfriend?

A few weeks ago, my bf came up with a these weird questions, like, if the thought of having my legs, or even my tits cut off would possibly turn me on. Not for real, he keeps saying, but as a fantasy.

I found this site in his browser history ( In the unlikely case you happen to read this, I think it's super cute that you used my birthday as your password, but you really should use something more secure <3<3<3 )

Now since you all seem to be into these things. I want to know should I be worried? I really don't want to denounce anyones kink, I get that some weird things can turn someone on, but I'm really horrified about some of the things I saw here. I don't like pain, and the thought of someone would get off while killing someone.... I think that's just sick #(

Then again, I really try to understand my bf, and I got to give him credit, he never did anything without my consent.

I found some, a few images where the artist drew the victim enjoying these things, playing along and I think, if I pretend it wouldn't hurt and it wouldn't be permanent, like in some sort of computer game where you just respawn whole if you get killed. I think at least that fantasy I kinda get. Maybe I could even get myself to like it.

But, here's the thing, I am just not sure, would it stop there? Or is this like a drug where you can't get enough. I'm afraid that if I let my bf endulge these games, he'd eventually want more and hurt me. Or worse, he could hurt someone else, and get in trouble for it.

How difficult is it to "live" these fantasies as a couple? If you get off of hurting someone, how do you and your partner deal with it? Or if your partner does, how do you deal with that? Do you roleplay and pretend? Or do you just tell each other stories what wished or imagined to do or had done to you? Or do you actually let your partner hurt you?

What would you suggest I should do?



First off, I commend you for taking the time to browse the board rather than confronting him right away. I only have generic advice, though; I'd recommend having a discussion with him about whether he feels like his fetishes are harmless fantasies or if he feels like he could eventually hurt someone (or you) as a result. There's a variety of people here, from people who are totally harmless to those who are real sickos lol.

Also, don't force yourself to indulge him if his fetishes disgust you. There's no reason why you should be into the same things that he is.

Good luck! I wish I had more constructive advice to give, but I hope that everything works out for you two.


The first thing you should find out is what exactly are his tastes as if he is that kind of guy who wants to see the suffering of his victims of he is just treating it like a game where you respawn (in which case regardless of how horrible are his fantasies he has no desire to hurt you or see your suffering in principle neither in the reality or in the fantasy)

If he mentioned that his fantasy is to cut tits and limbs off, he is probably not the kind of person who gets off on killing or torturing someone.

this kind of stuff will be most likely limited to occasional flirting on that topic. Like he can mention how he would chop off your breasts while you can respond as of how that would feel and what you would do, maybe you can also tell that you will chop off his dick as well and see how he will react.

If on the other hand, he is the guy who is into torture and killing he will most likely be perfectionist/narcissist to some degree with very strong morals that prevent him from acting out or even admitting his desires to himself. There is no way that he will act them out as even thought of that will scare him.



Thank you so much for the thoughtful replies. <3

I had a long chat with my 'darling' yesterday, as you suggested, and I think I am more at ease now. To be honest I feel a bit silly and guilty for being worried in the first place. Deep down, he couldn't hurt a fly, and you'd think I should know him well enough by now, but I freaked out a bit when I saw all these bloody images.

When I brought the issue up he was really scared at first. I think he honestly thought I was going to break up with him over this. There was some crying and hugging when I told him that wasn't the case. He's such a sweetie. :)*

I really wanted to know what turns him on and why, so we spent all evening browsing through his 'secret porn stash' and also the galleries here. Some of the stuff squicks me and I told him that, but I also kinda understand better now what he likes and why he likes it.

Most importantly we found some common ground. There were some images in the "Freakshow" board here that he showed me, which imagining if that happened to me does get him hard. For example these girls you can take apart like mannequins. He really likes those. And that's something, as weird as it is, I get it. If that was possible, I'd totally let him pluck me apart and rearrange my arms and legs and feel myself up how weird it'd feel, and then let him put me back together. He described it so vividly, it really turned me on. Trying to imagine all these things...

For example, one thing he came up with was, after he'd pluck of my arm, how he'd sneak in his hand through the shoulder socket and trace the shape of my breasts from the inside, and then he'd stick his finger into my nipple and push it outwards, and then lick it... ="> Sorry if that's too much information. But long story short, I think I get now how these fantasies can be hot. ^.^

Afterwards, I was probably overthinking again, maybe I only found it hot because I knew he does. But then again, that can't be all, because no matter what, I still don't like some of that other stuff. Maybe everyone likes some really weird things and they just don't know it yet until they try?

So I'm glad we had that talk, because I feel closer to him now. It feels like we have no more secrets and know each other better.

And I thought its only fair if I share that with you. Thank you so much!!! <3<3<3





This is one of the sweetest threads I think I've ever seen here. It reminds me VERY MUCH of how my wife found out about my dark fetishes. I told her. There was a lot of freaking out and crying (honestly… all on my part) and fear that she'd leave me over all this.

She took the admission far better than I had expected and we've had a LOT of talks about our desires, fantasies, real-world views and expectations, etc. Now, 8 years later, we're still together and she's occasionally doing things like photoshopping pictures of herself sliced to pieces for me, or browsing gurochan with me. She's still not into any of this stuff herself, nor would I ever expect her to be, she just likes to look into it from time to time to make me happy.

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