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Here's one of mine:

Edigirls: Cute treat, sweet to eat.
Basically they are girls processed using a special technique that renders their meat cooked but the girl still alive and conscious. Bones can be removed.
It'd be an interesting experience to talk to one before satisfying yourself eh?
They come in any size. So you can have a sandwich sized lunch as well as a quick snack.
Designing them, their physical features, personality, taste etc is considered an art form.
Art anyone?


Japanese comic bloody violence


These are my fetishes. I would love to see a girl subjected to any of the following:

Needles under fingernails or toenails.
Nail removal. Messing with the nail bed after removing nails.
Crushing the small bones in the hands and feet.
Hitting the shins with sufficient force to hurt, but not breaking them. Applying pressure to the shins.
Forced to stand on spikes, sharp enough to hurt but probably not enough to pierce.
Beheading by guillotine.
Tooth crushing or removal.
Squeezing skin under pliers.
Tickling. Not guro, but leads to humiliation. If the subject pees, even better.
Pulling out intestines.
Vomiting, especially if caused by distress.
Force feeding water. There's a torture method where the subject is force fed eater till their stomach is near bursting, and then punched until they throw up.
Fear. Anything that can bring out genuine terror. Forcing an arachnaphobe to sit with spiders, etc.
Crying, from distress.
Begging. Screaming. Moaning. Any indication of pain or discomfort.
Being hit by a car.
Being forced to take mild poison, with undesirable side effects.
Subjected to extreme heat or cold.


Oh, also anything with electricity. I'd love to see a girl get jumper cables from a car battery clamped on her tongue.


my fetish is simply to put knife a mature lady.. and then have sex..
or put her into high heels, that have nails inside.. or a bra that has nails on the inside so to torture boobs.. ;)

Or into a Iron Maiden..
oh yes.. so appealling..


i would also love it, if the girl or woman, woluld love it.. and begs to be knived.. or tortured and comes intensely and cums if she is tortured..

also instant healing, so i can do it over and over agian..


My fetish are fear expression with tears, like dxd Manga when rias about to kill raynare, dead tube oushima sanagi, do you guys have any other recommendations?


Uhm Deathnote.. Anonymous


Might as well contribute to the list:

- Amputees / amputations, preferably complete removal of both arms. Quadruple amputations are hot too, but as a foot-use fetishist I like the idea of an armless girl doing everything with her feet.

- Feet, to a limited degree. Unlike what appears to be the majority of foot fetishists, I don't like dirty feet, sweaty or smelly feet, wrinkles, or fat feet - I prefer them clean, slender, and oddly enough with long dextrous toes, especially if they get used as substitute hands.

- Eye guro. This may well be a coping mechanism for my fear of going blind in real life, but girls missing their eyes or having them removed turns me on. Not so much seeing guys put their dicks in the holes though; for some reason that ruins it.

- I'd love if I could change genders at will - not merely superficially, but like a superpower in which I just change into the opposite sex version of myself. In all likelihood I'd never tell anyone and end up living a double life as a man and as a woman.

- Exotic piercings, especially the corset piercing. I've also made up a couple fantasy piercings that should theoretically be doable, e.g. a piercing through both shoulders of an armless girl, through which a bar could be inserted to act as a restraint or harness, or as a fixture for carrying something. Picture an armless barmaid who carries drinks to your table on a tray bolted through her shoulders.

- Debreasting, although in an odd way. I get turned on thinking about women losing their boobs, temporarily (followed by regeneration) or, even more so, permanently a la "MS Topless." However, I also remain acutely aware that living or having a girlfriend with no boobs would get un-sexy really fast. :\

- Decapitations. Similar deal to debreasting - I can go for either temporary decapitations or permanent ones, fatal or otherwise... but actual death turns me off. Sometimes I find it okay if a character dies in a really sexual way a la "Fountains," but usually when a character dies, even in an image, I end up getting emotionally invested and disliking the idea. I couldn't possibly fap to someone dying in real life.

- Some forms of BDSM, particularly the idea of having a subservient partner who gets off on doing my bidding and being controlled. I imagine I'd be a gentle master, eschewing violent punishments in favor of psychological torment, but I have no experience to speak of in this department :C

- Tracheotomies. Tracheotomies as a result of smoking turn me off due to smoking being involved, but I like the idea of having a sub who only gets to talk when I close the hole.

- Oculolinctus. I mentioned eye stuff earlier, and this is a worthy substitute for the more intense stuff, and thus something I'd love to try in real life sometime.

- Split tongues. I've never met anyone with one, but I imagine they would be epic kissers.

- I can sometimes get turned on by brain guro or heart guro, but it depends on the specific image or story.

Whew. That's all I can think up at present. I seem to have picked up a lot of fetishes since I started frequenting this site. I'm such a perv... xD


-Any sort of trauma to the balls
-Intestines in general lol


° tit tortures (debresast, bisection, burning, nailing, ...everthing you can do with tits)
° the same with pussys.
This all doing with girls who lover it. No violence.


You've described very accurately how I feel about decaps and debreasting. The idea itself and the act is very arousing, but a woman w/o a head or breasts becomes unattractive very quickly :\

My own fetishes include:
-Killing a girl in any sudden way, while we're having sex. A favorite of mine being a sudden stab to the hearth after which I cum inside her while she spasms and withers away
-Using girls for perilous games. Like for firing practice (guns are usually kinda lame, unless I trying to shoot a specific body part while the girl is dancing / stripping - that's kinda hot) or test your strength by seeing how many heads you can chop from a single swing etc.
-Hunting young maidens who roam naked in the forest. In this scenario I fantasize about being an apex predator like Rengar or the predator from the movies
-I also kinda like the idea of girls trying to seduce me to gain influence over me, but then I execute them while they're at their weakest. (that decap scene from little tokyo is a perfect example)
-I also really enjoy the look of disbelief and horror on the face of begging victims, just before they die
-I suppose meat grinders are also pretty nice, when the victim goes in feet first and cries in unimaginable pain while dying
Argh, I could probably write a myriad more things that turn me on, but alas.. I am aroused by many of these, yet only death makes me cum. It's a shame death is

Writing these lines I kinda feel like I'm a psycho and that I should feel bad, but fuck that - they're only fantasies and I wouldn't enjoy that with real people. EVER.


Death (witnessing or inflicting,) blood (seeing, touching & consuming,) internal organs (seeing, touching & removing; evisceration,) cannibalism (raw or cooked, alive or dead,) pain, fear, despair (witnessing or inflicting,) control/helplessness (witnessing or inflicting,) torture (emotional, mental, physical,) knives (stabbing, slicing, slitting,) saws (amputation,) needles (injection, piquerism, torture,) tears, screaming, losing control of bladder, throat slitting, decapitation, asphyxiation (drowning, hanging, manual strangulation,) self harm (cutting, suicide,) fingers (crushing with pliers, de-nailing,) extreme thin-ness or physical delicacy, extremely pale skin, female teens or children, innocence (the violation thereof,) non-con/consensual, victim cuming, bondange (rope, screws/nails through hands and feet,) necrophilia (fresh corpses only,) skull/eye/brain-fucking, electrocution, burning (flame, acid or heated metal,) tentacles (all the way though,) neck snaps, beating to death, stomach punching, stomach expansion, vore (swallowing whole, digestion/acid, snakes, monsters, bite-sized girls,) bestiality, fucked to death, crushing, impaling, dissection, vivisection, yuri/yaoi/straight, I'm sure I'm forgetting something.


>Writing these lines I kinda feel like I'm a psycho and that I should feel
>bad, but fuck that - they're only fantasies and I wouldn't enjoy that with
>real people. EVER.
Also, I have trouble understanding people who have these fantasies but claim they wouldn't enjoy them irl. How could this turn you on in a drawing and not in real life? And how could anyone not be turned on by the sight of fresh blood irl...
For me I simply know that acting on these fantasies would mean the end of my life, I wouldn't ever get away with it and as much as I'd love to do everything irl, it's pretty much a lost cause.


I personally would not enjoy doing that IRL simply because I do less harm and risk to myself doing it in fantasy. You don't get away with grotesque murder in real life. There's no 'what if no consequence'. By the time the norm lax enough, you'd be dead anyway.

My fetish: Non-lethal, brainplay, viscera play, eaten alive, vore, spitting, dismemberment, girls taken apart, cyborgs... That's it, I think.


To myself:
Split tongue, I find it really attractive.
Cuts, I love the taste of blood and the acute pain it causes if in very specific places.
Bdsm, bound to the point of total restriction, I could be raped, whipped, burned, electrocuted, pour in me ice and hot wax...

To others:
Amputation, either they are already amputated or I'm the one doing it.
Tears and eyes, I love when someone cries, it makes me so happy I just want to lick the tears and the eyes.
Knife play, cutting, stabbing, or just caress it's arousing.
Bdsm, extreme torture, to the point of making them cry, and beg for more or even for me to stop...


I'm not sure if it can be considered a fetish, but I have a fantasy:

Like, having a girl on a boat, telling her that I'm going to toss her overboard and drag her behind me until she drowns. I'd relish the fear and realization in her eyes and words that there is nothing she can do but beg. Then i'd getting everything ready, as if I'm doing a 9 to 5 job, and just casually toss her off the side of the boat with 0 concern over her fear or her feelings. Then i'd just happily ride along in my boat, letting her drag behind me under the water, suffering a painful and agonizing death, struggling futily with her hands and feet bound, completely alone. Meanwhile I would be perfectly fine and content, looking back occasionally, though I wouldn't be able to see her, but just knowing that she was suffering and wondering how her entire life had led up to this fatal and tragic moment. Then after awhile, i might pull her in to have a last look at her face, then tie a weight to her or something and let her sink into the ocean. it would feel pretty satisfying, i think, but it's just a fantasy. drowning is a fetish of mine. i'm not really interested in torture or prolonged pain. just casual snuff.


-belly punching
-vomiting induced via pain, object in throat, or blunt force trauma to the abdomen (i.e. NOT illness, motion sickness, overeating, or drunkenness)
-mouth/throat torture with sharp objects (think King Crimson vs. Metallica from vento aureo -- basically my wet dream)
-teeth pulling
-force feeding
-live vivisection

basically if it involves pain and/or damage to the upper digestive system i'm into it


What they said.

My fantasies and fetishes are endless. It reakly moght be easier to note what I don't dig.

I love existential shit, realistic, absurd, pain, tentacles, just fucking everything. Math. Fucking math, okay.


Mine are pretty similar:

*Bestiality torture
*Diabolic sadists
*Female sadists
*Foot fetish
*Foot torture
*Hand (female )fetish
*Hand torture
*Innovative torture methods
*Rape, torture, snuff
*Toilet slavery
*Torture, snuff competitions
*Torture by fire and heat
*Unwilling victims


Field dressing women while they are alive and fully awake. Nothing like watching her expression as she watches her own digestive tract and intestines dumped out between her legs. The screaming and the begging and the crying. All the feels.


"Needles under fingernails or toenails.
Nail removal. Messing with the nail bed after removing nails."

Funny story, when I was a young man(10-13ish) I had horribly ingrown toenails. They got super infected, to the point where when the doctor tried to use anesthetic on them so he could cut out the ingrown part, it didn't work. I got to feel the pain of having someone shove a blade under my sensitive blood engorged toenails, then take some scissors and clip away the outside of both of my big toenails. Afterwards, I had to clean where they'd been ripped off repeatedly for over a week every day and the pain was excruciating even doing that.

It was some of the worst pain I've felt in my life and even now, more than 15 years later whenever people mention things like having something go under their nails, I shiver with the remembered pain.

On topic:

My preferred form of death is decapitation, specifically with a guillotine. I like scenes where a woman is getting fucked while they lay in a face up position, watching the blade and waiting for it to drop.

I'm not opposed to much else in the forms of killing. Hanging is fine, but I've never been much for 'erotic dancing' so some of it is lost on me.

I've also found that I'm very much attracted to sociopathic women. Women without a conscience, hurting other people for their own sexual stimulation is very exciting to me, as well as when women break social taboos for sexual pleasure. Things like incest, pedophilia, or rape are all exciting to me as long as it's the woman initiating. Even things like abortion can be hot if the woman is into it.

Consent is key, though. Not a fan of women being forced into things. Just doesn't do it for me.


Well then:

-Executions. Simply the suspense of imminent death drives me insane. It's like a drug to imagine pushing someone helpless up the stairs to the gallows. I like any setting, as long as the method is authentic

-Non-Con: Goes along with executions. Struggles are sexy, especially if the desperation is noticable.

-Mindbreaking: Goes along with non-con. I prefer a state where the victim is still fighting, but finally accepts the imminent. This also means that I like to play with hope, just to crush it in the end.

Medical detail: I'm not talking about dislocations between c3 and c4 (though that would be sexy too) but something like *looses the head and dies* is a huge turn off for me. It surely doesn't have to be realistic, but some details are always nice.

-Hangings: I tend to drops (usually standart or long drops). I dislike hoistings and hate short/no drops. Those kinds of hangings are used by poor studios that try themselves at those kind of things.

Decapitations: As long as they are quick and precise, I like them. Having to smash a neck multiple times or slice the head off is just boring as it'll be dead before it's removed.

Other commonly used execution methods: I always try to think of something I could realise myself or a state could realise. Aside of that, since I imgine myself as a executee too, I try not to think of something inhuman.


Hematolagnia. To put it simple, a blood fetish. The thought of seeing my partner covered in his own blood... It's just so arousing.


Ah, someone after my own heart.


- size differences: whether it's fairy v human or human v giant, a major size difference is very interesting to me. When just one digit is the size of a limb to the other being, it opens up a LOT of new possibilities.
One thing i would like to see more often is the smaller characters being the hostile ones, kind of like in the original stories of faeries.

- inhuman/human pairings: this ranges from the standard monstergirl trope all the way to things like horror creatures, actual animals, and robots.

- amputation: i like it in general, but i favor it when the amputations aren't symmetrical. There's something about destroying the symmetry of a healthy body that really adds to it.

- male rape: i find it slightly distasteful when it happens to a female, especially in a guro scene because it's pretty much expected at that point. But then again, rape is much more humiliating to a male because of this fact. A male isn't going to expect it the way a female would.


(Both guro and non guro)

Paraplegic/quadriplegic girls
Girls in casts
Broken bones, neck snap, backbreaking
Armless girls
Foot torture
Headless girls/decapitation
Stomach punching
Futa/traps being hit in the balls


aside from every thing I listed sbove, being a sea monster is one of my brightest fantasies. mmm oh to be a long serpent swaying in the oceans


Man, so many. I think the core of it though could best be described as a sort of casual disregard for the lives, suffering, desires, and health of women (or the occasional tgirl). So casual that the subjects even consider it normal and submit to it without force, if sometimes a little reluctantly. As long as that's there the details don't matter a whole lot, but here's some favorites:

*Decapitation, throat slitting, hanging, garroting, or just about any snuff method involving the neck

*Cooking women alive

*Using women as furniture, including as toilets

*Permanent female chastity, orgasm denial, and cuckqueaning

*Any of the above inflicted on innocent lolis


Angel lust/orgasm while hanging

Penectomy during orgasm

Ruined orgasm


My main one is disembowelment. More specifically, disembowelment that involves a male victim at the mercy of an attractive, sadistic female.

I have this fantasy of being gutted in combat by a superior female opponent. After a long, sweaty, erotic struggle, she would stab me in the navel and rip my belly wide open, spilling my intestines. As the last of my strength leaves my body, she would castrate me, claiming my dick and balls as a trophy. She would finish me by hanging me with my own intestines, displaying my mutilated body for everyone to see.

So, as you can tell, I''m a pretty big masochist. Some of my other fetishes are:

-belly torture (with me on the receiving end): punching/kicking/kneeing/etc.
-feet (female only): footjobs, smothering, ballbusting, trampling
-ruined orgasms/denial
-erotic wrestling


You can't be Yogi that I know irl, right? There's no way...


Anybody has stomchache fetish ?


Here are some of my more weird/hardcore ones. They're likely still a bit tame for gurochan.
- starvation/extreme thinness.
- unexpected pain/bleeding, and gory accidents.
- involuntary urination due to pain or pressure in the abdominal area.
- unusual methods of self harm.
- runny noses and nosebleeds.
- a lot of stuff involving teeth, most notably sharp teeth, braces, and tooth removal.
- extreme masochism, to the point of not feeling pain at all and instead only feeling pleasure.
- oddly placed and/or or oversensitive erogenous zones, and the discovery of such.
- scenarios in which a super kinky person gets a super vanilla person into their fetishes. bonus points if this previously vanilla person ends up even kinkier than them.
- "accidental" noncon, where somebody thinks the other person has consented due to grave miscommunication.
- necrophilia, but only with freshly dead corpses. bonus points if the necrophile treats the corpse with affection and adoration, just as one should.
- respawning/regeneration.
- people getting severely punished, whether they're deserving of it, completely innocent, or somewhere in between.


Necrophilia is a big one.
Murder in general turns me on.
Creampies, while tame, are extra sexy when combined with rape. Forced insemination basically.
Super ugly dudes domming hot chicks.
Medical experimentation.


Cute girls with nice asses, being killed swiftly like a shot to the head while they sleep or are using the restroom, for the soul purpose of freeing their bodies from the confines of their minds so their bodies may be treated properly


My kinks:

Diarrhea and messing (solid scat just turns me off)
(Particularly people messing in frilly/expensive clothing, kimonos etc, swimsuits, or athletic wear or military uniforms)
Diarrhea/messing and vomiting at the same time (surprisingly hard to find)
Severe stomach pain (not punching/ryona though)
Parasites (not the kind that's basically possession though)
Dickworms (think CoC)
Contagious illness
Mass illness
Spiking/contaminating foods/beverages/objects with pathogens, laxatives, etc
Piss/cum enemas
Being tied down and ridden by force/"reverse rape"
Forced orgasms
People with dicks cumming in their pants
(really any kind of uncontrollable orgasm, but it's more spectacular and messy with jizz)
People trying to behave normally in public (and failing) while super horny or desperate
Shibari (more aesthetic than anything else)
Fisting (other people--don't know if I could actually take anything that big myself)
Bonus points for male characters doing any of these things, since there's usually less of that

Basically any loss of body control as an orgasm metaphor, so long as it doesn't turn into straight-up bimboification (like, no vegetables, and no amputees-who-are-obviously-fetish-amputees). And mostly not in real life; except for the leather, shibari, sounding, fisting, and forced orgasm stuff (and maybe a little omo), I get really grossed out by even live action porn. (It's also usually in a language I don't know, so I don't know if the actors wanted to do it or are okay, which is something I care about when it's real people.) Which, since it would be kind of unsanitary and illegal in real life to do half the things I fantasize about doing, not to mention impossible with a lot of them, is probably for the best. Also, absolutely no eating or intentionally smearing shit. Can't stand that, even in fiction.


Rape, torture, snuff



We have several overlapping kinks. I'd be very curious if you have any story recommendations. I'm more interested in the std side of things than the scat. Thanks in advance!


>>7939 STD porn is often even harder to find than scat. I've thought of writing some stories, but haven't actually done much with it yet compared to other things. (Unsurprisingly, I have a LOT of guilt connected to most of these kinks. It's only the last year or so I've started to work through it. Only into most of it in fiction.) I don't really know if there's much of it on AO3, either; that's not usually what I'm looking for when I try there. There's one artist on Pixiv called Granony who's done some stuff with it, though. Just a few pictures (and the tagging is all in Japanese and I forget if they even tagged it as anything other than gore, thank you stupid 10 tag limit), but worth checking out.


Highly unlikely.



This is almost a good overview. Some stuff missing, but that's easy to fix, isn't it?


probably had anyone said it. anyway:
- Cardiophillia. Heart beating stuffs.
- ASMR. meticulous touch of sounds.
- ASMR compliant. Media that has meticulousy in term of visual, sounds, and feedbacks. yes, my XBOX ONE friend, and Nintedo Switch Joycon friend, as well as VR controller friend.
- Vatastora. being that female can adjust size of breast, belly, and buttocks. being that male can adjust size of penis. the size can range from 0f to around 10000000000f.
- just to name few.

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