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Where would be the best place to kill/torture someone? Not as in where it'd be easy to get away with it, but where would be the ideal setting for an erotic murder?
Personally, somewhere in nature. In the woods perhaps, near the seashore.



I think this depends on the reason for the murder, since you have to justify it somehow, and method of torture/murder, since place should provide you tools for the job.

Probably garage or basement is most suitable for torture since you have limitless amount of tools there.

if you are just planing to hang up someone or stab to death then it does not matter where you do it.


Outer space, in a space station or large spacecraft. The blood will form a cloud of floating drops rather than pooling on the floor.


Damn, thats a tuff question sir. Well, i wouldn't mind killing a girl just after she finished studying in a college library. She would close her binder and look up at me with a sweet smile. She would know what was coming, and it wouldn't bother her. I'd kiss her then stick a gun between her lips. As the liquid of her veins sprays all over the bookshelf behind her I'd realize, she wouldn't need to worry about that bio exam she had the next day.


I'm a strange guy. I'd love to snuff a pretty girl out nice and slowly, all the while fucking her over and over. I'd be as brutal and sadistic as possible, but.. at least to ME, it'd be a very romantic act. Thus, I'd require a romantic setting, preferrably her bedroom, decorated with rose petals amd candles and what not.


Some kind of hall, with spectators.


In the deepest room of some medieval dungeon. I like my privacy.


I remember my AP Physics classroom in high school had some sort of grid-like metal frame suspended from the ceiling that had power outlets hanging from cables that we could pull down if we needed to plug something in during a lab.

As a 17 year-old with a definite neck fetish and a strangulation/hanging fetish, I wasted many a lecture period staring at one of two cute girls in class and letting my puberty-fueled magination run wild. I'm sure you can imagine what I was fantasizing about.

One of the girls, a short, fit girl (Russian heritage, I think she was, as if that even matters), and nerdy and very cute as well, often leaned forward over her desk and rested her left cheek on her left hand propped up on her elbow, and her face lifted up to look directly at the white board in front of class. Well, that basically meant she was rolling her body vaguely to the left and flashing her throat at me all class since I sat to her right (neck fetish here, remember). It was beautiful, getting to look at her throat like that, the shape of her windpipe bulging out, her Eve's apple (prominent but not overwhelmingly so) forming a sexy little peak in the upper part of her throat, and if I paid close enought attention, watch her carotid arteries tapping rhythmically against her stretched skin.

In case anyone is wondering, there are a few women from my past (though, being a nerdy youth I was never personally acquainted with the majority of them) whose throats I did get a good look at and which I most certainly do remember quite vividly, including the girl described above. Hell, I remember her even more vividly than I let on. Having a girlfriend hasn't changed that hehe

Anyway, long story slightly shorter, I still enjoy the notion of girls slowly hoisted up by a noose hanging from those very metal beams in my physics classroom, and that girl, Misha, is certainly not safe from my fantasizing.


sign me the fuck up

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