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I saw on another board someone asking if there was a globalized fetish thread on Gurochan, and so after looking and not finding anything, I'm starting one right here.

Long story short: post whatever (now guro-friendly) fantasies you'd like to imagine happening on a worldwide scale. All women now = food for some reason, an alien army shows up to maim/convert the Eath's population, etc, whatever you can think of.


To be honest, I've got a fantasy where pedophilia /consentual type/, necrophilia and zoophilia become legal and socially acceptable. In this society, loli and shota brothels would open up BUT all sexual activities are consentual for both parties.

I also have a fantasy where dead women and children don't decompose and people keep their wives, girlfriends and children who've died as love dolls to cherish and love.

I even have a fantasy where women and children can be eaten while alive and regenerate without suffering any ill effects. They can also die and be eaten but come back to life fully healed.

Also, I've got yet another fantasy where inert clones of existing/deceased women and children can be created to be used as love dolls. Related to it, living clones of existing/deceased women and children are created to serve as love servants, siblings, playmates, etc.



Interesting ideas regarding changing how death works, at least for women.

Just imagine how women would react if they could be used for food and regenerate somehow, or if they die they their DNA becomes forfeit to be clones however men see fit, and/or their bodies just never decay and they can be used as playthings/decorations/etc forever.

You'd have most women asking for their bodies to be specifically destroyed after death so they can't be used in any messed up ways, though I guess there's nothing they could do about the cloning. (And I guess this means religion gets a kick in the ass, at least if it becomes possible for women to die and come back if they're used for food.)


I seen this mentioned in a thread on /d/, I posted saying I was gonna post this thread when gurochan came back up, but I'm happy to see someone else taking up the initiative.

I once started a story about a world where woman could survive decapitation, and how society would change. Let's imagine that in this universe, around the turn of the 20th century, it becomes clear that any woman who loses her head also loses control of her body, but is now functionally immortal, with even their aging halted. Would they lose or gain status in society? Perhaps a head would become a wise, revered figure, especially if they were beheaded long ago. It wouldn't be unusual for such individuals to "head" various institutions,or even states. Imagine the jokes.

Or maybe society would consider heads to be less than human, and thus relegated to being second-class citizens with little rights. At worst they would be considered objects-talking paperweights/alarm clocks, with obvious lewd uses for them. Their immortality would work against them here, with their now unneeded brains being scooped out so the heads can be used as a living bucket, or even a toilet. And that's not even getting into what society would do with the leftover bodies.

Those woman who have kept their heads attached to the necks face the risk of losing their rights every time they step outside. Decapitating woman without permission is still a crime, but not a capital offense anymore, so the risk would be there. Work places could put it into their contracts that female workers who fail to meet certain quotas will forfeit their bodies to the company, adding an extra layer of competition to the workplace. Sorry, Cindy, but we gotta make cuts to the workforce. Don't worry, we'll find a use for your head somewhere...

There's different variations on this you could use-what if they retained control over their bodies? What if they didn't, but the bodies were stilll able to walk around and function on their own? Would they be considered two different legal entities? Or have the same rights?



About my fantasies, the idea is that most women and children consent to having their bodies used as playthings after they die, that clones of them get made with their consent and that they consent to being used as food /though it usually would happen only on special occasions or there'd be special cafes where women and children are paid workers whose job it is to be eaten and regenerate afterwards/.

Basically, Human society's mindset changes and women and children regard it as an honour to have their bodies used in the ways I mentioned in my first post.


I see it turned into word setting fantasy from single event fantasy.

I do not have any specific setting fetish so anything is fine as long as it is fun.
But real fun is impossible without at least partial immortality so that you wont die from tripping and falling on the concrete.
So it must be same as >>3358
fantasy more or less.
except that I do not care about clones or dolls

if all that depravity is completely socially acceptable it kinda ruins some fun, so it should be slightly unacceptable but not too much. something on the elvel of jaywalking.


I've always like the idea of someone releasing a nanovirus that slowly turns all the world's reproductive-aged women into barnyard animal girls (cowgirls, piggirls, etc) while simultaneously wiping out the female half of all barnyard animal species, forcing men to seriously consider using women en masse to replace all of those missing female animals in farms (and in some cases, even in the wild) to keep those species from going extinct and to keep the meat, dairy, livestock and textile industries from being permanently destroyed.


My dream world is this world. In about 2 decades we'll have the technology to emulate believable virtual miniverses in which we'll be able to do whatever we please. Kind of like the "full-dive" helmets from SAO.

There are technical difficulties, but brain-machine interfaces are getting better and better and I believe we'll also have access to much easier learning in the future by downloading knowledge straight into quick-access memory banks (there's already a prototype for memory cards in clinical trial for Alzheimer patients). So....yea, unless we get annihilated by AI, I'd say that we'll all get the possibility of acquiring hardware that can run any realistic / unrealistic simulation of a small scale universe.

Personally, I'd feel fully comfortable knowing I can satisfy all my sexual fantasies in a way that feels as real as it gets without having to hurt real people.



Having virtual reality like that would be great! People could achieve their deepest fantasies without hurting anyone in the process. Problem is, people would have trouble breaking away from virtual reality.


i feel you ... thats the one of the main reason i became a game programmer . actually i am working on oculus sdk these days . sure my boss not support any project on that platform but after making some sample and prototype by myself (and finishing current project tasks) he will agree with me . if he is not i do it anyway . i am a sadist i cant be a slave :)))


All laws ceasing to exist, then i can cut off little boys dicks and eat them all i want lol


I'm not sure if it's guro enough, but something happening like in that Canned Peaches manga where women can be routinely harvested from the cities to be processed and sold like something even less than slaves could be pretty amazing.


They'd still be vigilantes


Edigirls: Cute treat, sweet to eat.
Basically they are girls processed using a special technique that renders their meat cooked but the girl still alive and conscious. Bones can be removed.
It'd be an interesting experience to talk to one before satisfying yourself eh?
They come in any size. So you can have a sandwich sized lunch as well as a quick snack.
Designing them, their physical features,personality, taste etc is considered an art form.
Art anyone?


For mysterious reason, the men become unable to transmit their Y chromosome, which mean that from a certain point, only baby girls are birthed. The number of male slowly decrease and despite the heroic effort of the last remaining potent men, the demographic start collapsing.
To survive, the humanity have to find a way to reproduce without male in short delays. Cloning is considered but there is a major problem. It's horribly expensive if you want good result. Reproducing only through cloning would ask way to much effort to the society to be sustainable.
Gladly, some scientist discover a new drug that change the way a woman ovum are working. Those altered eggs are able to fuse with an other ovum to become a baby. Yes! The human kind is saved.
But wait, ovum are still unable to move by themselves, are they? So even with this drug, you still need a complex and intrusive medical procedure to get a woman pregnant. We just don't have enough doctor to stabilize demography this way.

People imagine many solution to make the procedure more simple but fail one after the other and the number of human on the earth keep getting lower. This despite the frantic efforts of the few remaining males, disregarding their own safety and not counting hours to slow down the decline of the hommo sapiens.
But finally, someone come up with the Solution. In front of the congress, a young woman proudly explain to her audience how she managed to impregnate her girlfriend without needing any tool or external help except the ovum modifying drug. By her side, stand the living proof of what she is saying: a second young woman looking quite intimidated and heavily pregnant.
How was it done? Well quite simply. The two girl are into hardcore sex since a certain time and love stretching their pussy with unreasonably big object.
The atmosphere become more heavy with each of her world but the future “father” keep on her tale.
She have been a bit to greedy once or twice in her “games” and caused her reproductive system to fully prolapse out of her. And from this point, impregnating her love was straight-forward! She just inserted the end of her pink socks in the cervix of her loved one and milked her own inside-out reproductive system to get her ovums in her love.
Easy as pie with the adequate training.
Except the girl you just finished her speech, everyone in the room look mortified.

… Years latter …

Following the rule of natural selection, now remain on hearth only women that either enjoy or tolerate having their cunt destroyed by obscenely large toy or women that are rich enough to pay for an ART. The others didn't had any descendants.
As it's preferable to start the training early, passed a certain age, breaking it's own cunt is part of the PE activities (and it's graded so don't take it lightly). As maintaining one reproducing system in a “functional” shape require constant care, many thing that would have been seen as sexual nowadays are now mundane. Woman are given themselves a good fisting in public place as naturally as they would fix their hair.
But in this time there are women that want to leave their pussy alone and focus on some other holes. They enjoy more having their anus gaping than their pussy or prefer extract their colon out of their body instead of their uterus. And some can only come with their pee-hole stretched to the limit. Those kind of tastes are seen exactly like homosexuality today.

And the world keep going. But one day come to life a strange baby: instead of a slit, between “her” leg “she” have a strange appendage that now one living have seen anywhere...


One morning in the very near future, all women around the world wake up cured of any and all diseases, both physical and mental.

And it takes a while for women to realize it, but they've also been rendered largely indestructible - any parts of their bodies damaged after this global change will regenerate completely within 24 hours, as long as at least a single ounce of the woman's body is left intact.

The unfortunate cost of this sudden and explained healthiness and near-indestructibility is that every woman is now made of food. Women still appear perfectly normal - exactly the same they did before the change happened - but cut into any woman and you'll find that her insides have been replaced with strawberry preserves, or roast beef and gravy, or angel food cake, or cucumber flesh, or damned near any other semi-solid food product you can imagine.

How women still retain their shape and structural integrity without bones or muscles (or can speak or even think without lungs or a brain) is still a complete mystery, but, for the time being, every woman reacts in her own personal way to being turned into a walking buffet item.


For some reason, I've had a thing for all women suddenly starting to melt at the same time without warning.

Sometimes it happens fast, sometimes it happens slow, sometimes women survive their melting and retain their consciousness afterwards and sometimes they don't - all that matters is the panicked gurgling as they all begin to melt within their clothing without the ability to stop the horror....


you can stop your aging at whatever stage of your life you want, but no one's body ages past 21. everyone still lives a normal lifespan of 80-90 years or whatever but everyone looks 21 or younger on the outside. some people choose to stop aging at 17 or 14 or 8.


Hell on Earth, Utopias, Humanity reaches True Godhood.

The creation of infinite dimensions that each expand infinitely in all directions, and infinite more that are limited in size. Some have life everywhere, some are are lifeless. War, peace, everything in between.


Sticking with the globe, the worst 98% of humanity dies on the same day, some agonizingly over hours while others drop dead instantly. The last 1 in 50 all have technological super powers and clean up the planet, build flying city-fortresses. There are still natural disasters and some of the worst people survived, mutating into abominations.

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