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My dream world would be a world of anarchy where people realise the true value of human life, where we can kill, rape and eat eachother all we want.

Meat from little boys would be sold on the markets, same with little girls. It would be a world like today, but without the corrupt governments, taxation and other bullshit.

Organizations and businesses would still exist, and there would be a form of currency (blood, maybe?)

McDonald's would be made of ground up children <3 lol

what about you guys?


A really big fantasy of mine would be a world of madness. Trees eating people. Fishes gained legs and start killing. Gravity inverts once in a while. Rains blood. Deformed creatures at each corner, walls moving and crushing others, solidified clouds falling, Darkness in the day and light on the night monsters of obscene essence would walk the earth love craftian beeings. Fear installed in everyone. No one would be able to say they are sane. Death and screams blood and tears fire and destruction. And then after years of madness silence would come. The world would go mute. Only the ashes and the sound of the wind followed by the occasional screams of pain and anguish of the deformed beeings would remain along with only a few self entitled humans most of them with no sanity anymore.


Those worlds woud be prety dangerous and I doubt if anyone woud have a chance to enjoy them as you woud die within a day or entering them. or they woud be quite emty and boring since everyone is already dead.

I have similar fantasy except that everyone in this word is pretty much immortal and wea ll have acces to most advanced technology. this allows everyone to enjoy all that anarchy in full extent.
this woud be world of never ending chaos and freedom. nobody could hold their position for long everyone woud be temporarily taking over and goning down then going up again.

I think futurama is good example of that kind of world.


That's pretty cool but immortality is almost impossible, whereas mine is at least plausable :p


Yeah, your fantasy is currently reality in the middle east or afganistan LOL.
I am pretty sure you do not want to go there, even if there is no corrupt government , taxation, and you are free to buy little girls and boys in local market for whatever reason you want.
Only problem is that you will hardly survive journey to the market where you want to buy that girl.

Immortality is not impossible just not that easily achievable.
somewhat problematic is that those immortal beings will be just way too powerful to ever engage in some violent interaction as it will result armagedon


I'd want to live in the Culture (Iain M. Banks).
Or alternately, to live in the not too distant past, before DNA evidence and modern forensics existed.



Immortality might be implausible, but being able to regrow limbs and organs and so on seems like it might be possible, and that would be a fun world to be in for people of certain proclivities...personally I am looking forward to the day when we can clone clean human meat...though I'm also slightly afraid. What if people don't taste very good? I'd never be able to cum again!


>>3163 The biggest problem with cannibalism is that our body wasnt made for it... hell no animal was made for it. Look at the Mad Cow Disease, it showed up because people made cows eating cow meat. A huge amount of neurological damage can be acquired by eating your own species... Look at the Kuru disease people got it because they had eaten brains! We werent made to receive the amount of protein we already have in our body. But hell i would love to try it... Its not like i never did something that was an health hazard to my self xd.


You'd get the Kuru disease from people with the kuru disease. And eating human brain isn't advised anyways, due to the mercury content.

Our bodies are just meat, we're no different to other animals except we're smarter and can take more abuse. (And we're brainwashed).



Not "that guy", but that doesn't stop bears and hippos eating dead bear cubs and dead hippo calfs... or dimetrodons eating dimetrodon babies (some animals have better resiliencies against diseases concerning cannibalism, and to some animals: not eating dead meat is a waste of meat).


It has nothing to do with meat. This disease happens because of certain protein which accumulates in the brain of all mammals.
If one consumes brains over time this protein accumulates causing problems.



As others have pointed out, there's no danger of kuru if neurological tissue is avoided. Even then, it was a bit of a chance ailment. With human tissue grown in laboratories, you could of course screen for prions; it would generally be safer than eating meat from animals today! I do wonder whether, unless it is banned, such things might become a fad; you could clone the meat of any your favourite celebrity perhaps!


while meat cloning is already possible in small batches
i do not see any fun in using human meat for fetish purposes as it will be sold in square blocks that do not resemble any human or animal body parts
very likely this will be possible to do at home too.

maybe if we establish production of spare body parts for transplantations, we can donate or sell expired or rejected pieces for "special use"|.



I agree. But it would be more fun if you could have to full thing. Or like a slaughter house. And you could breed your humans (give them lots of hormones to grow faster). Because just buying a lump of meat it's not fun at all!


while all this will be definitely possible not in the very far future. but I am more concerned about how it all will feel then.
If you can grow humans like pumpkins eating or mutilating them will be just as sexy as eating smashing pumpkins.
also if you watch all growth process for a year to develop beautiful body, wont it be just too sad to destroy it.

I wonder how it could be possible to have some world where all this is possible but where it also retains fun value.


You are right... at some point it would become dull and boring. The thrill of doing something wrong and lustfull away from everybody sights, raping killing hiding. Doing everything and no one knows you are to blame... and it would be something you do not so often just to give you the raging feeling for blood!
In a world where u do that daily and everybody knows where is all the fun? I would get bored rapidly... but I guess that by that time I would arrange a way to (even in that perfect world) to step our of the ordinary and do what humans do best, using my imagination to make others squeal.


A world where the basic necessities of a peaceful life are a birthright
Where violent crime is nonexistent or extremely rare because problems are better dealt with on both the personal and systemic level.
A world where government truly cares about the long-term wellbeing of its people.
A world part of many worlds where humanity has been able to inhabit many planets, where we can afford a generous lifespan because we don't destroy the resources we have and our population has spread and become immense. All different kinds of people on different planets.

Oh, and where I can preform unnecessary medical procedures on willing participants to fulfill my heart fetish :3

...And MAAAAYBE one place somewhere that you can go to fight no-limits sexy death battles ifyawanta :3 (Although typically such would be banned due to anti-coercion laws.)


Robotics are widespread and cheap. We get robot maids, we get dismemberment without consequences, purrfect.


I'd like to live in a world where technology is extremely advanced in all parts of the world. In this world, everybody can enter their own synthesized pocket dimension (sorta??) where they can do whatever they want. In this pocket dimension, everything is computer synthesized, but it still seems extremely real. You can experience your guro fantasies first hand ;^)


my dream world is a world with 5 cougars who let me do whatever i want with them, torture them fist them fuck them.. anything.. that also have instant healing, so that after 1 day, everything is healed agian, and they are alive agian, so that i can do it over and over agian, until they 'Naturally die offcourse..


My dream world is one of only redheaded girls with freckles. And me. We are all immortal, and by magical means we do not need to worry about taking care of anything. Food appears because we want it. We can go wherever. There are no consequences for anything. We can all eat our hearts out, drink excessively, and chain smoke without ill health effects. But none of the girls smoke, only me. And it doesn't even leave a foul odor.

All of the girls are shy and soft spoken. They get nervous around me, and probably around eachother.

Whenever I like, I can torture any girl. They will are ways be terrified, but never bitter. I can do with them whatever I please... remove nails, crush their feet, and gouge their eyes. With no consequences... when our torture session is ended, the girl goes back to normal.

When I am not torturing anyone, I am conducting the girls in a choir. We are all atheists, but we perform old sacred music. When we need their voices, nondescript men with excellent voices appear to fill the tenor and bass. They disappear when we are not performing.

My favorite girl is pale and thin, with an abundance of freckles and green eyes. She is a solo soprano.


>>3191 I'm with you on this all the way!

A technologically advanced world also opens up a lot of new fetish possibilities. I'm thinking if we can get small wormholes to work, we could put them in people's bodies and redesign our physiologies however we want.
Wanna be an amputee, but have things you need to do with your limbs? Put a mini-wormhole at the base, with the limb going through it, and you can detach and reattach it with ease.
Or perhaps someone could get bio-engineered with a few extra synthetic organs and a subdermal membrane that allow her to survive in space naked. Perhaps she could be used as a human space probe, sent to orbit uncharted planets and see them as a human would...
Or, wormholes aside, we could employ sophisticated stem cell manipulation to gradually migrate someone's central nervous function out of the brain and into another part of the body, and then chop her head clean off and have her live on just fine with a totally sick body mod. Altering the skin's sensitivity to light and other phenomena might grant vision, hearing, etc. and perhaps an orifice not on the head could be used for breathing and eating (take your pick).
Lots of possibilities. I'm sad that contemporary science is still as limited as it is, even with all the wonderful advancements we have made. Hopefully things will continue to develop exponentially over the rest of my lifespan :\


yeah but afghanistan is a boring desert poo-hole with ugly mudskin people. something like that in the white-skinned modern world would be a lot more exciting. also, less military and more 'every man for himself'


I think if this happened in the west, within few months at most, it woud turn into same desert shithole as Afghanistan, where buying little girl as sex slave is last of your desires.

It is pretty hard to conduct business in anarchy environment where you don't know if customer will pay you or just shoot you.


I'd be an eternally young 6-7 year old version of myself, with a body that rapidly heals all wounds. I'd spend the years being gang-raped, abused, pissed on, pissed in, throat-fucked, tortured and masturbated over by countless paedophiles and deviants. My entire life would be passing from master to master and mistress to mistress, sexually pleasuring random strangers and paying customers.

Oh and futanari's would exist, they'd be especially rough with me.


An infinite number of infinitely small particles that are each omnipresent, omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniintelligent, and most infinitely happy.


My dream world is a world where people are inherently good natured, Bonus points if people like us are cured of our depravity.


That's my nightmare. My kink isn't an illness.


You wouldn't be happier without your head being constantly plagued with thoughts of harming other intelligent life forms?



>Constantly plagued

I'm not the 5464 anon, but I can say that if you are CONSTANTLY, daily plagued by these fantasies you probably have some sort of psychosis. For us it's just a fetish. I, personally, don't think of how I'd kill all the people around me. I'm not a psycho, lol. I just like my fantasies with a bit of snuff, probably because subconsciously I think that is the ultimate manifestation of power over somebody else, these fantasies compensating for my feeling of powerlessness that I felt when I was young and developed these fetishes.



Nigga, fuuuck yyouuu.

How dare you presume me atate of mind.


A world where every lovely lady has a fuse, a timer, a self-destruct button, anything to indicate that she's going, eventually, to detonate in a spectacular explosion~


Shrug. All I know is I'm scared of what's going on up there in my brain and in an ideal world such ailments wouldn't exist.
You're on a site where people jerk off to cartoon characters being brutally murdered and you're somehow offended by someone unintentionally projecting their mental illnesses onto you? Calm down man I'm not here to start shit. Not on purpose at least.



What if it was you? If someone religious liked music you like but asked loaded questions that presumed you feel disgusted with yourself for it on some level? If someone trashtalked something you both enjoy but they didn't like enjoying it?


I'm used to getting shit on over the internet so there's your answer I guess. Shrugging things off is pretty easy.
But you're right, Assuming your mind operates the same way mine does is wrong so take the victory I guess. I'm still convinced the world would be better off without violent fetishes and other forms of sexual degeneracy, But what do I know I'm just another degenerate that's still in their self loathing moralfaggotry phase.


>self hating moralfaggotry phase
I was there once. Then I just accepted that my fetishes are the result of a mix of factors from my environment as I grew up.

>I'm still convinced the world would be better off without violent fetishes and other forms of sexual degeneracy

Define 'better'.
If you mean society as a whole, would be more stable, then perhaps.


Well for starters it'd be one less thing for insecure faggots like me to beat themselves up over, Not to mention if people didn't get pleasure from hurting other people well shit, that's way less murder and rape and other atrocities which the majority of humans agree are bad things. Like, If I had to pick between a world where my fetishes are accepted and commonplace and a world where said fetishes don't even exist it wouldn't even be a contest. Other people don't deserve to suffer just so I can get my rocks off. [/endpointlesspreaching]


My dream world is one where romantic love for children and teens isn't a sin and is legal plus kids in this dream world are mentally able to handle being in a true romantic relationship. Also, in the dream world, feeling up kids with their consent anywhere on their bodies is regarded as a sign of affection.

My dream world also has necrophilia being legal and corpses don't decompose which is a boon for necrophiliacs. They can be used as love dolls plus people can be cloned and the inert clones can be sold as love dolls. There's special stores where these inert clones are purchased.

To add to all of this, there's loli/shota brothels (of kids who do it by choice and are paid) along with teen brothels (who also do it by choice and are paid) where people go and pay the child and teen workers to have sex with them in all sorts of settings and costumes. There'd be settings such as classrooms, bedrooms, hospital rooms, morgues, funeral homes, etc.

Not only that but people can carry out their snuff fantasies on willing participants and they come back to life afterwards since Humans can come back to life after they're killed.


In my dream world, there wouldn't be corrupt governments, taxation and other bullshit either. Loli/Shota/Teen meat would be sold too only they'd be from mindless clones of living people so no sentient Humans would die plus the market would require having hordes of mindless clones of actual people to sate people's needs plus they'd want to be able to eat a specific person more then once so making mindless clones would satisfy this need.

Of course, there'd be special eating clubs where sentient Humans work and are paid to be eaten by customers in different ways and then brought back to life in new bodies. There's Sailor Moon fics out there that explore this concept.


My dream world would be just like this one, except I would have god-like powers. I don't want society or other people to change. I just want to be powerful enough that other people can't actually stop me from doing what I want.


My dream world is one on the last generation of humans, where nature has caused everyone's reproductive organs to become sterile. And the chaos that comes with knowing that this is it, no reprive, humanity is done.


I have a few dream worlds :)

One of them is a world where it's technically possible to clone, mass produce and speed-grow human females. Only human females. For whatever obscure technical/magical reason the process doesn't work on men or animals.

And the process has been perfected to the point where it is cheap, clean, reliable and the raw resources so plentiful that literally millions of females can be mass-produced on demand every year -- and the supply is only increasing. Meaning the cost and 'value' of any individual woman decreases to the point where it's really of no concern if a thousand or a million women are killed / tortured / snuffed in every conceivable way.

And of course this process can be controlled so that females have the exact personality, desires, behaviour and physical attributes required for whatever purpose. Wild nymphomaniacs, devoted slaves, high or low intelligence, women with no pain receptors, or women whose pain receptors all manifest as pleasure...everything can be tailored to a man's (or corporations) tastes.

So it's a world of game shows where men compete to see how many women they can slaughter in 10 minutes with a knife, or bare hands, or clubs, or chainsaws, etc. Where women are cheaper to grow and produce as food for animals then vs versa. Where men can order any size, shape, or age of females and do with them whatever they please (with the females being genetically designed to assist in this).

All laws concerning violence or crimes 'against women' are stricken from the books. There's no point. If a female is injured or dies she's simply replaced with another on demand. All men of all social/economic levels are entitled to a weekly female 'stipend' of X number of women to do with as they please. No man goes without. Fast food restaurants often give a free female with every purchase of a 'happy meal', that sort of thing.

Surplus women are typically ground up for fertiliser, feed, or mass slaughtered in hilarious and novel ways for TV shows. No concern is given for the age of the female. Big market for loli's of course.

Females are cloned, incubated, grown and sold on store shelves. Ordered over the internet, delivered to your door (like milk by the milkman), etc.

Of course normal coupling is allowed, and in fact encouraged to provide genetic diversity and new 'templates' for future fashionable 'lines'. Although genetic science would be at a point where all features could be custom designed and made to order anyway. Big demand (and limitless supply) for girls who look and are proportioned exactly like certain anime characters.

So yes it would be an interesting world to inhabit, at least for guys...


My dream world? Hm... A utilitarian, transparent government which focuses research funding for what needs it most. And of course having countries repeal all their extrajurisdictional laws so people can legally go to another country and torture children to insanity or death while they're there with no legal reprocussions. I'd far prefer that to any world where people are "worthless", because it's not as fun to see fear in the face of someone that already knows that they are fucked. I find it much better to experience true and unexpected terror.


My dream world is where heroin is sold over the counter and doesn't produce withdrawals.




The real world is my dream world. What a lovely and terrible place it is, it would be a challenge to really come up with something worse. We are all born with so much intelligence and passion but it all means nothing because our brains will rot and there's literally nothing we can do about it. Every day is just another day of physical degeneration until our minds can no longer think and our bodies collapse. Our world is full of real life torture, rape, murder, genocide. You can do anything you want in this world as long as you kill the people who want to stop you before they kill you. There is no real authority and no real morality. We live in the anarchy of nature and it is beautiful.


Yes indeed. I wonder how religious people can worship God who created all that. It is very unlikely that it is possible to create place even worse than we already live.


That was so beautifully and frightfully put my friend.
I wish we could have a chance to be free of the confines society puts us in. To live free, like the other species on this planet. So many love to condemn the concept of "living like an animal". But we are animals. Is it really an insult? I would love to be free to travel as the birds do and hunt as the beasts do. And if I die young I lived free. But alas, I'm imprisoned by this invisible human construct... That grinding human machine. Despite my animosity towards it, it is beautiful in its own right.


The difference between human and animal is that humans are capable of creating their own worlds and live there or try to reconstruct reality to match their imagination while animals can only live in the real world and they do not have any desires to reconstruct it.

In the bible, this transition is described as eating the fruit of knowledge which made humans develop their own idea of what is good and what is bad instead of just following whatever God created.
and later religions are trying to revert that original sin and reduce humans back to the animals


I considered not answering this because typically they typed word lacks itonement which can often lead to negative let me set the tone....I'm presenting my argument for the sake of discussion. I realize most people do not believe as I do, and frankly if the world was full of people that thought the same about everything, it would be a sad state of affairs in my opinion. No, I quite like the versatility in though/belief that humans share.
So, I am presenting my argument for the sake of friendly discussion (and as food for thought).

Have you asked an animal if they have a desire to reconstruct their world?
Often our perceptions of animals are proven wrong as we study them. After all, we have discovered language in whales, porpoises, dolphins, and elephants. We have discovered that these animals have dialects, culture and politics. Many animals even seek out highs through drug use (reindeer eat amanita for the high, dolphins instigate certain species of puffer to inflate because the spines contain a toxin that makes them high, etc).
The religions of the Abrahamic god are absolutely not the oldest and many concepts in the bible are predated by other religions (I have copies of primary sources for these lining my bookshelf, religion is a long-time hobby of mine). Furthermore, many religions outside of those that follow YHWH preach that to "ascend" or be "redeemed" you must abstain from the physical/animalistic urges that we are born with. Most Hindu and Buddhist teachings follow this same train of thought as do many other eastern religions.

But while we certainly have gone and done works that animals have yet to achieve to our level (which I attribute to our invention of writing which allowed us to record information for future generations to perfect and compound upon), we are still animals. We function like them. We are made of cells, we reproduce, we consume, we die. We are all born with a genetic makeup that comes with basic instincts and desires which religion (not just Judaeo/Christian/Islamic) tries to teach us is "evil" or "impure".
Indeed, what makes humans "better" than animals? Our ingenuity? I have experienced more love, compassion, and understanding from animals than I have from fellow humans.
Animals do not appear to kill each other because their fellow does not follow the same doctrines they do. (I say appear to...but perhaps some social animals do have belief systems? Not sure anyone's asked the dolphins yet).
God that sounds weird...I promise I'm not making shit up about learning certain mammals have language etc. I realize it sounds far fetched, but I work in biology so I learn a lot through my line of work.

Anyhow. I doubt you'll really care much, but I thought perhaps you would at lease find some of that interesting. (Or not, whatever)

We should probably get back to the original topic though...:/


I would love existing in a perpetual state of snow day. Blankets, pajamas, hot chocolate, and completely open to do whatever I want. Really, anything. Anything at all.

I would also love to just live Minecraft. Forget this world, let me live Minecraft and Skyrim. I'd be a dark brotherhood member khajit thief. I'd steal all the cheese and ale in Skyrim and spend my days questing for ingredients for elsweyr fondue.


I think there should not be significant disagreement. as it is pretty obvious that animals do not have the same character as humans, no matter how smart and how intellectually capable they are there are no indications that any animals ever attempted to modify the world rules where it lives.

so intellect itself is not that really important here what really matters is that you are trying to do something with consequences beyond yourself

many animals like monkeys are not that far from humans in their intellectual capacity and can even talk and think like humans, but monkey or elephant will never say I want the world to be different than it is I want bananas to fall from the sky etc, Monkey can literally tell humans that he wants a banana but he cannot ever consider idea that it is wrong that bananas are not delivered when he wants and that fact itself has to be changed as monkey woud be confronting rules of the world he lives and not some specific problem.

So the idea that we can confront reality by declaring it wrong and invent better dream world with different laws and rules is what makes us human beings.


a world where me and people like me don't exist and never will


O.o Specify please before I take that too personally.


I will shamelessly put my two cents in here. LOL

This is similar to the idea of communism as something where you fight against your own identity trying to destroy it. Normally we have a division of labor, hierarchy, and roles assigned to each other where you obey them and even are proud of being who you are and being able to perform the best way possible.
We have those LGBT people black white and others who fight to death trying to prove and defend their identity at any cost without even any practical purpose.

Communism opposes that idea by declaring that everyone is equal and interchangeable. Thus identities no longer exist. It is not like everyone has to think same or lose individuality, however, nobody cares who you are in any way just what you do in the moment.


However that rarely ends up being what happens. While your identity shouldn't matter, there are communist countries where you can be imprisoned or put to death if you "don't fit". People who fall under the LGBTQ+ community or are of a disliked minority still suffer under communist rule for being what they are.

My request for elaboration from anonymous referred to what he/she is that they seem to hate themselves so badly. Am I like this person? I don't know. And if I am, I'd like to defend my right to live! Nature is unbiased and produces many cruelties of its own. We are all products of that unbiased force.
Besides, we are more than just our sins and vices. None of us is pure "evil". And who in this world is really "innocent" and "deserving" by societys standards?

I was essentially opening a philosophical door.


Well, you are mistaking communism as the ideology with states that supposedly claim to be communist.

But in general yes LGBT should be disliked under communism, not because of what they do but because they are trying to establish their identity different from everyone else. there cant by any minorities under communism simply because nobody shodu ever care who you are anyway. there could be a discussion if for example same-sex marriages are allowed, but not anything where you identify some people as gays or straight. You simply cannot attribute yourself to any closed group or community and if you do you get hated by everyone else.

I don't think there are things like good or evil in the universe, it is all subjective so there are only things what we like or dislike, and we can only cooperate to satisfy our desires.
those cruelties that we face are not our sins but the result of the evil nature in which we live.
I would suspect that desire not to exist is more like regret that you happen to live in the hostile environment which totally does not fit your image of the perfect world so it just feels like being in the wrong place


I could get into an argument about the first paragraph...but I won't. Suffice it to say Im glad I live in a country that so far (cross my fingers) allows me to transition. Honestly, I look forward to the day when I pass as male so well that no one sees a "transgender" person. No one WANTS to be trans... It's asking for a shitty life. But I'm sure my statements will open up their own can of worms.

I do agree fully with your second paragraph though. Particularly about good and evil being subjective. Hence why I chose to accept myself fully for who and what I am and the rest who disagree... Let them! I refuse to bend to anyone else's will when it comes down to who I am. Does it mean I will struggle? Sure. But that is life and struggle is what makes us stronger...makes us grow.


Well, my argument about that is not on LGBT rights, but about the fact why do you even care if you are male or female? If you want to dress in male clothes nobody objects, if you want to take masculine roles or behave like a stereotypical man who cares, but why do you need that identity to be acknowledged in society? who cares if your id says man woman or alien?

Sure I can understand that you may want to be treated by other people in a certain way or have the different body but this is different because some woman may want to have bigger boobs some man may want to have big muscles or horns on his head some woman may desire to have a penis black guy mat desire to be white but this has nothing to do with being man or woman. we all have some kind of desires on how we should look like or how we should be seen by other people and what abilities we want to have.
In fact, I am not entirely happy about how I look like but I don't complain that other people do not see me the way I want.
What is the point to divide them all into thousands of arbitrary minority groups?

Also, there are purely practical reasons as If you have Hulk's body you will have great success as a bouncer but you will have a hard time to become a ballerina even if that is your dream. So if you have a nice female body you should behave like a female because results will be much better and more satisfying.


Okay, I don`t mind answering so long as we stay civil.

It's not really a "want" wanting to be a doctor or a lawyer. Being trans feels like a deformity. You look in the mirror and what you see just feels wrong on a visceral level. And we are aware that transitioning doesn't solve all of the problems. There are plenty of trans-women who know they will never fully pass and it haunts them to the end of their days. If it were up to us, we would snap our fingers, have the "right" body and wave a magical wand so that no one knows the transition ever happened. We would just... Be who we feel we need to be. The problem is, that isn't how it works. Transition is a second puberty and your friends, family, and coworkers do notice. People eventually have to know and that's where things get bad. We lose friends. We lose family. We lose jobs. We all face a choice of losing all of that or trying to fit into our roles as the wrong gender. The choice is hard and terrifying which is why there is such a staggeringly high rate of suicide among trans-folk. We don't really want to die, but the loss we suffer with either choice is that heavy.

The attention we are receiving as of late is an attempt to inform the general public that 1. We exist and 2. We aren't doing this out of some sort of sick sexual deviance.

Every trans person has a different experience with their... Journey... So I can only speak for myself. I desperately did not want to be transgender. I hated myself for what I felt, and I tried not to think about it. When I was a kid I would have nightmares about it, about losing my parents. I went to therapy hoping I could work out she other issues in my head and I avoided that topic like it was the plague because I hoped it would just "go away". It didn't.

Well, my spouse and I started transition together and our doctor specializes in trans people. It turn out that in most cases there is evidence that in the womb the fetus is flooded with the wrong hormones at the wrong times... Or just the wrong hormones. This error can result in the development of a "male" brain in a "female" body or vice versa. The answers are still unclear as not a lot of research has been done.

I've approached my transition to people cautiously. I try to let them know that I'm not demanding anything yet, but a day will come where I'm not going to look female at all (trans-men like me almost always pass perfectly by the end of transition when it comes to casual day to day interactions with the bedroom though... That depends on your luck and your surgeon).

I finally just accepted that I'm trans and started transition. Honestly, I feel much MUCH better. My depression (which was a mystery in origin to me) has disappeared. I'm only on testosterone right now (no surgeries yet) but I can't begin to explain the difference I feel not being dominated by estrogen. There is definitely a noticeable difference in my mentality.
Anyway, I'm rambling.



Well, you miss my point because I totally understand that you don't like what you see in the mirror, I don't like that either (even if I think about myself as someone above average in terms of looks) and I am sure at least 99% of all population will tell you that they are unhappy about something too.

But there is nothing I can do about that no matter how much I want to look like a supermodel or cute teenager boy playing with cute girls and imagine myself being one I am the just ordinary guy

So I just wake up in the morning use clothes and hairbrush to make best what I can of my body and do my stuff. I also know that eventually I will get older and I will then I will look like some wrinkled grotesque abomination while people around will start seeing be like an old man Only thing what young women will feel about me considering sex will be disgust and I will feel same about myself.

So tell me how your situation is worse than mine? You have no real problems if you supposedly have wrong sex you still can choose partner who will like you and whom you will like what else do you need? you are not really disgusting or crippled your body looks adequate for other people so what is the meaning of that transition?

Also if you are a woman by nature you are actually in the better situation because as a woman you have the freedom to be dominant like a man submissive or slutty winner or loser you can take any job you like and enjoy various perks and help from everyone, you can manipulate people to do your bidding you can either just wait passively or aproach other people for sex but when you are the man you have no choices at all nobody wants you or cares about you other men see you as the competitor and only try to ruin what you do and women will never aproach you.

I would very much prefer to be a woman (only body) just because of that.

So tell me how your desire to have different gender is different from the desire to be a horse, fire-breathing dragon or Apache attack helicopter?

The attention you are receiving comes from fascist conservatives who believe that everyone has to do their assigned roles, but I also don't like those people who demanding exclusive treatment. I do not see you any different from myself I have an exact same problem but I do not belong to any minority and I do not complain about being oppressed. LGBT will not achieve anything because we can divide people indefinitely inventing new minority groups spreading that identity politic which only makes people more hostile towards each other.


Valid questions...okay.
The feeling is stronger than "not liking what you see in the mirror". Funny, I have the body of a fucking super model. I have nothing to complain about in terms of that. I can rock this sexy body if I felt like it (and I get LOADS of attention from the people at the clothing optional parties I attend). I've learned to be female, but it feels wrong.

You mentioned seeing things in the mirror you don't like either. I've had that. I always wanted to have black hair and blue eyes. I can dye my hair, sure, but my vision is so bad that I can't afford colored contact lenses. I don't like it, but I can live with brown eyes. I hate seeing my brown eyes in the mirror, but ce la vie.
I've also been severely underweight most of my life. Not from any eating disorder (believe me, my mother made me go through that and the center I went to ran all these tests, put me through a therapist, and concluded I did not have an eating disorder), but I've been insulted for my weight my several people including my auto insurance agent who compared me to an auschwitz survivor (I do not look like an aushwitz survivor, I'm just lanky). I can't gain weight to save my life. It's just how my body is and doctors have confirmed it. At 5'6" the most I can expect to ever weight is 107 because that seems to be where my body likes to sit, and I hate that. I wish I could be 120 lbs like I should be, but it just hasn't happened yet and I've tried EVERYTHING. Metabolism is what it is I guess.

But my gender dysphoria?

That is a different animal altogether. Even after all the shit I had to go through for being "underweight" and trying to conform my body to what society thinks I should, the gender dysphoria is still so, so much worse.

That's why I illustrated the difficulty of "the choice".

Since trying to sort myself out I have met enough trans people to fill an elementary school classroom.
half have been fired from their jobs and had to settle with lower-paying jobs.
Half have been violently assaulted at least once in their lives (often times more than once).
At least a third have been raped.
At least two of them have killed themselves. (I have a friend in Canada I haven't heard from that I'm 99% certain has killed herself, but I can't confirm it so...I still hold hope).
One was killed.
One is currently homeless because she lost her job and her entire family ditched her.
Two just pulled themselves out of homelessness because they had lost their jobs and their entire families ditched them.

Despite knowing this, and despite the staggering odds against us, we still pursue being the gender we feel we are. Too many of us kill ourselves because we can't stand what we are. That is how powerful gender dysphoria can be. It is very very far beyond "not liking what you see in the mirror".

The ones that get raped and violated are the ones that cannot pass. They generally cannot pass because they cannot afford the medication and procedures to help them pass.
We want desperately to pass.
I don't want someone to look at me and see a "Trans guy". And one day, because I'm one of the lucky ones who can afford transition, I will. But between point A and B I could lose so much. I'm also lucky to live in a state where I have legal protections, so I don't have to worry as much as a lot of others do in other states/countries.

Also, I feel like the media makes us out like we're prancing around "Look at me I'm trans, accept me!!!!!!!" That is so very very wrong. We don't want to be a label, but the public seems to need labels. the public loooooves labels. Right now, we just don't want to be hurt and thrown to the streets.

Though admittedly, I do get very fed up with the stupid amounts of political correctness and the vast, impossible numbers of "labels" that have sprung up lately.
I had one woman say, "No! I'm not gender fluid, I'm femme-butch-queer" or something like that.
It is NOT helping and I HATE IT.

So how is it different from wanting to be a horse or a helicopter?

Like I stated earlier, there does seem to be a strong medical correlation between the development of the fetus and being transgender. As you develop in the womb you are flooded with estrogen and testosterone at key points in your development. All fetuses begin development with a base, female form. Even men. Then hormones dictate how the body develops and how the brain develops. If the hormones misfire and flood at the wrong stage, the brain will develop as the wrong gender. It is impossible to tell however if all transgender people go through this, though my wife most certainly did (there are physical signs that the hormones misfired and she carries the tell-tale signs of it on her body).

There is no mix of estrogen or testosterone to make you feel like a horse or a helicopter. I know there are people out there that may feel they are a horse or a helicopter, but the reasons for them feeling that way have a different origin. It is a different problem altogether. I wish them well and hope they find inner peace.

There have been many therapists that have attempted to help trans people by offering them therapy to help them accept their born body. Many of these attempts have ended poorly or resulted in the patient's suicide.

So, the trans community has been dealing with violence and prejudice since before we came out into the open. Now, we just want to be protected from that violence and prejudice.


I hope that answered the questions, if not I apologize :/


Well, you did not answer my main question what exactly do you want?
All that fetus development stuff is pure bullshit because the body is just a tool it does not matter there is nothing in our genes or brains what could encode your body identity.
the real thing that exists in our head is our character, and our body is more like a representative of that character which tells other people how we should be treated and what to expect from you.

the reason why we feel bad is not that there is something wrong with the body but because other people see you not as you want to be seen and this is same for a transgender woman and attack helicopter.
if I imagine myself as helicopter I do that because i want other people to fear me and thing that can will launch rockets to them anytime.
If I imagine myself a little girl I want people to do want to hug me and cuddle even if I may be totally evil and all I do when they come is kick them
If I imagine myself as some hulk them I want other people to fear and respect me.

If you were born where gender roles were reversed in the different body you would be now demanding to change your gender to the opposite because that body would not represent your character.

So, in essence, we all have the same problem.
Hormones will not do any more help to change your gender as they could change you into the attack helicopter. All that you can achieve is mostly ruin what you have and make it worse.

Imagine if, for example, I am a big guy with scary muscles. I dress in the cute skirt put nice bows on my hair, come to you make the innocent cute face and say in the supposedly cute voice which sounds more like thunder. "mommy, lest go play in the sandbox"

I am sure that this view would make you shiver from fear or disgust. Most likely you would start screaming instead of going to play together.

This is what people feel about transgender persons.

Sure I can put on leather jacket sit on the motorcycle drive to some woman and say "Hey babe, wanna take a ride?" and she will gladly follow me, but I know that she is in love with the fake person while I know that she will hate my real self she loves that thing which I hate myself. I don't want her to see me that way.
(by the way, this is just an example, not my real experience which is slightly different)


If you want to disbelieve the science behind hormones, you can. But hormones do affect the brain. I'm on hormones right now. I've only been on the 2.5 months and my brain is different. The way I handle my day to day is different, and my body is already changing. I feel loads better than I did 2.5 months ago. My suicidal tendencies have ground to a halt and I'm actually enjoying life.

What do we want? Not to be treated like shit. Not to be harassed, raped, killed, or fired. Once transition has gotten far enough underway, we can pass. You'd never know we were born a different gender...if we're lucky enough to afford transition and if we're lucky enough to start early. Lucky. That's the key word.

You might not get the dysphoria, and I can understand that. If you did, you would be trans.

Okay...this might be a shitty example but, it might work. This is on a far lower scale, but it might put things in perspective. Would you fire someone for piercing their ears and bleaching their hair blonde? Let's say you don't like blondes. Would you go out of your way to make a stranger's life miserable because they decided to express themselves with pierced ears and bleached hair? Typically, no, even if for some reason you don't agree. And if you did most people would think you're a dick.

People might not agree or understand. Fine. We just don't want them to be dicks about it and go out of their way to ruin our lives because they think it's weird.

But people are dicks to us, which is why we want representation and legal protection, because we don't like being hurt for no good reason.




>>"Imagine if, for example, I am a big guy with scary muscles. I dress in the cute skirt put nice bows on my hair, come to you make the innocent cute face and say in the supposedly cute voice which sounds more like thunder. "mommy, lest go play in the sandbox"

Onix I can only get so hard.


Only, a trans-female doesn't want to be what you just described. She wouldn't have scary muscles. She would try to change her body as much as she could to look female, not grotesquely masculine.


But admittedly, that was really funny. XD My wife and I cracked up.


I see that you decided to refuse to give a proper comment to that example does that mean it somehow refutes your claims? :)

Obviously, It was very exaggerated and intent was to show that you cant change your body. It is great if you manage to look what you want but most often you will end somewhere in the middle where you look like a freak from any perspective and that is the main problem. let's say in that example I manage to make my voice sound really cute or I manage to tone down my natural muscles somehow but this will hardly make the situation better because now I will look not like some crazy idiot in kids clothes but like a freak of nature.
If making the decent transition was possible nobody would complain about that ever but unfortunately, with current technology, there is practically no way to do it well. I assume that if we managed to develop some cloning and brain transplant technology that could solve it
but now there is no way to do that.
Unless you can change ALL aspects of your body into the type which you want there is no point to do it because you will just make it worse.
sometimes people are born naturally with just one aspect of their body wrong and that causes them terrible suffering already while you end with many of those issues. and naturally, you suffer even more.

this is why you will always end in the bad situation. if you do that you will change yourself from something that you don't like into freak of nature or cripple and you will be treated accordingly.

It is not that I disbelieve science but I already explained there is no way to encode that kind of thing in the genes they do not have a digital image stored in your brain which would somehow tell you how many fingers and in what places you must have and whether you dick has to be in the crotch or on your forehead.
Gender and body image is absolutely artificial construct which you learn the same way as you learn as you learn other symbols

I am totally against doing something bad to anyone, but here we are not talking about such obvious things.
my question was what you want to achieve with changing your body like what in your life will change if that would happen by some miracle

Your example is a bit too tame because I would not fire you for some discrete piercing but if you price your nose and hand ship anchor there I will fire you because you will freak out my customers and your colleagues.

same about transgender people If you look adequate It will be fine because who cares what genitalia you have under your clothes but if you are some hulk walking on the high heels sorry you will have to go because that's is plain freaky it has nothing to do with your beliefs but you cannot look like that in public.


My ideal world... is paradise, except people I hate are in infinite pain, yet don't exist but do, and so much else.

My dream world is many worlds. Heaven, Hell, everything in between, mortal realms with stone age technology, natural paradises, urban paradises, fusions of the 2, dark and gross cities.... putrid swamps in post apocalypse hive-cities with alligators swimming to the 5th floor of a skyscraper.

Angels in love and naughty little girls in Hell.

...And a holy pantheon of:

-An infinite number of tortured girls and other souls who, each in Hell forever, facing infinitely the worst unimaginable punishment, and has an infinite number of minds all enduring it simultaneously.

-An infinity of omnipotent gods locked in an eternal cold war

-An infinite number of pleasured-souls.

-The last infinity is of souls who have far more... economic mobility.

Eternal wars and paradise and secret torture planets. mmmm. And endless orgies that are knee-deep in blood and lightyears wide.


Ummm... There are genes like that....have you studied genetics or biology? Yes, genetics do that. Furthermore, there are plenty of transgender people that do pass. In fact, you may have met a few but simply didn't know. Because you wouldn't, because they look no different from anyone else you perceive as "normal".

I'm lucky in that I am female-to-male, meaning that I will undoubtedly pass. Furthermore I am Fortunate that my breasts are not very large, they have already shrunk. Without trying I'm already being called "sir" in public after 2.5 months on hormones. I don't even need to bind my breasts anymore.

But I am lucky. Privileged if you will. If you met me on the street you would never know. But I know dysphoria and I understand the unfairness to a better degree than those who don't know what it is like to be "trans". So I will fight the good fight for all it is worth. At least for my Canadian friend whom I am certain has undoubtedly ended herself.

Honestly, I'm not the best representative. Because in a year no one will see anything female about me. If I manage to save the money, I'll have all the equipment too.

Did you know that this year scientists in Europe made it possible to transplant a functioning uterus in a human? A "male" human too. It's already been successful and the procedure has been done to a trans woman. Furthermore, the transplanted uterus is able to carry a child to term. It is only a matter of time my friend.

But I see you have made up your mind, and I am growing my beard. Is it worth the argument? Or can we agree to disagree and go back to bonding over our appreciation for the grotesque?

I still appreciate you for who you are. Yes, I even still admire you. I'd be willing to befriend you even if you can get past my... "transgenderness". Can you find some common ground in me and share in some macabre fantasy of death and gore? After all, that's what we are all here for after all.

Lord forbid your employers find out :)

Or are you the more fortunate of us that they would not bat an eye?

Let us all stop giving a damn about what other people think and accept that we are for who and what we are. Fuck them. Fuck pre-conceived notions of supposed "normalness". Here we fap at organs and murdered women displayed as works of art to be loved in their loss of humanity. We degrade life for our sexual pleasure.

But I don't care. Do you?

So, what is your pleasure? What embodiment of death or degradation to you love most? :)

I'll write about it for you if you want. Or draw it if you prefer. But I think we can both agree, we aren't budging in our opinion, so let us make some peace on common ground. Shall we?


You made me shudder. Can I be part of this?

I love infinity. :)


I think you simply fail to answer my question properly, as whast is the point of that. What difference it makes for you in people on the street call you "sir" or "tentacle monster"?

With everything else, I just explained that being transgender is not any different from being normal human being so you do not deserve any special treatment or more respect than anyone else
If you do not acknowledge Rambo dressed in the skirt as a little girl and until you do not acknowledge old wrinkled guy as a hot supermodel, nobody has to acknowledge you as a man until you look absolutely like a man.

This is not so much about biology but about plain logic as there is just no way to encode that stuff genetically. It should be obvious to anyone with basic biology knowledge. You have to treat human like a machine and every time when you evaluate about some function you have to think on how it can be implemented, as how would you make that work if you were creating human body.

If for example, you assume that some gene will regulate intelligence you have to think how it does that: like reordering some brain connections increasing size do specific structure changing the balance of emotional sensitivity, but you cant just take the statistic of thousand people draw the line of correlation between some gene and some trait and declare that this is genetically encoded. very likely it may be an indirect result of something else.
If you just use correlation you can just with same confidence declare that "The Lack of Pirates Is Causing Global Warming"

If you speak about my personal feelings toward transgender people, I just don't know what to say If I met you and you look like a hot babe I would just use whatever facilities you have down there without any care if you are identifying yourself as man woman or tentacle monster only thing I care is how you look like. But in reality, most transgender women look ugly like hell, especially when they age.

If I had to chose if I spend a night with hot looking cute "shemale" or heavily masculine real woman I would choose to do it with "her" and I probably will even enjoy her dick as well.

I am not into degrading or murdering that much. I am more into rejecting nature and subverting those ideas of rape murder and torture and turning them into fun or adventure.
It is the completely same situation as before. The main question is what you are trying to achieve with all that. What is the point to kill or torture someone?


I was just trying to say let's let bygones be bygones, then tried to give you a peace offering of porn.

Personally I'm excited to see if anything new is to be added to the "internal organs showing" thread. Especially since my inspiration for writing is running dry.

Besides, I'm rather embarrassed how we hijacked this thread. Sorry OP and everyone else here.

If you want, maybe you can start a new discuss with your questions and someone else can try to answer since it seems I have utterly failed. But I won't write anymore of it on this thread.

Today I'm dreaming of a world where pumpkin spice coffee is available all year so I can treat my wife to it on our anniversary. In this world we can celebrate Halloween all year.

Oh, and cheap anime. I`m in the mood for new material. *looks in wallet and a spider crawls out* Yup. That's about what I expected.


Subversion? That’s it? Oh Onix that is disappointing. When you mercilessly told that girl to shove skewers through her bosom, Raven and I thought we found some sort of kindred spirit in our midst. But subversion... is just social trolling.

I pleasure the ones I love because I want to.

I hurt the people because I enjoy it.

I dress and act female because it’s who I am.

I haunt the halls of this site because I get off on all of it unabashedly.

I need no reason, no fantasy, no excuse, no apologies. I am, that I am. And that is all.


Pumpkin Spice and porn sound like a date to me love!


Let's throw in a noose and knife and call it a plan!


>.Subversion? That’s it? Oh Onix that is disappointing. When you mercilessly told that girl to shove skewers through her bosom, Raven and I thought we found some sort of kindred spirit in our midst. But subversion... is just social trolling.

I think you got it totally wrong. I said is only because she wants to do that. She herself is the subversion of normal reality. I am enjoying not her suffering but her enjoyment.
Yes, indeed I agree that is kind of trolling but not entirely, because I do not target individual people I target the system itself.

>>I need no reason, no fantasy, no excuse, no apologies. I am, that I am. And that is all.
Yes, this is what makes us different because I do not have any identity. There is nothing specific what I like or what I want to be as long as I get to enjoy some action.




*spits out the energy drink I was sipping on*


Onix Onix Onix...

Your identity is Onix, or you would be posting anonymously. You don't NEED a name on this forum but you chose to have one.

I can identify you.

You have an identity.


Okay Onix, I will offer one last attempt. I will offer an analogy that might help:

There are two women in a department store. Both are white. Both have adopted sons. The first woman has an adopted son that is black. The second has an adopted son that is white.

Both children start throwing massive tantrums.

A duchebag goes up to the woman with the little black boy and says, "Ma`am, could you please silence your dependant. "

The woman looks at him funny, "You mean my son?"

The man says, "No ma'am, he is clearly not your son. You are white, he is black. Genetically and biologically you are absolutely not his mother. You are his guardian, and the sooner you come to terms with that the happier you will both be. Now silence him or get out."

He then turns to the other woman and makes the same request, "Ma'am, could you please silence your son?"

Duchebag does not realize her son is adopted. He has assumed all adopted children would look nothing like their mothers and so has not bothered to use the term "dependant".

The women may not be genetically or biologically their mothers, but they know how they love and care for their sons. They have taken on the role and the label of "mother" because that is how they feel. They love those boys as though they were truly their birth mother. They can't do anything to fix the fact that genetically they are not related to the boys. But it doesn't matter and it shouldn't.

In this day and age, that scenario may seem strange. But in the not so distant past, that dialogue may have played out as there were plenty of racist individuals who would have frowned upon or looked down at the mother who adopted the black boy.

But times have changed. Mothers are mothers regardless of whether they gave birth or adopted and regardless of the race of the child they call their own. And in society, that is respected.

We want the same respect. We don't want "special" treatment. We want equal treatment.

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