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What is one of your greatest personal dreams and fantasies?
Whether it be a perfect guro scenario or just something you hope to achieve. Whether it be realistic or completely impossible...


Does necrophilia count? I'm not actually much into gore or torture, but just the thought of fucking a pretty corpse (partly rotten, too) makes my dick tickle.


sure idk
necrophilia would interest me if the body was fresh, like right after you had killed them...


Well my greatest dream would be to become god. LOL
Not like I would like to be worshiped but I would like absolute independence and power without any responsibility. It cant be completely achieved but you can move towards that goal.

Considering guro scenario there is no single perfect one. I like big variety guro and non guro stuff, but in general I prefer happy extreme unrealistic stuff which is more like extension of what I wrote above.

for example one scenario a relationship with tomboy girl who is immortal like Mai-chan, we get into some fighting like brother and sister and play games of torture.


Can totally see where ur coming from. The people I'd most enjoy torturing and murdering...well I'd probably miss them if they were dead. I enjoy almost everything with a few specific exceptions, and I have a big thing for the happy to die/masochist scenario too.

Though it doesn't show in real life, I also do have a bit of a power-obsession in my fantasies, which seems to stem from my insecurities.


well it's not guro but i would really enjoy being fucked by a giant squid or octopus and also slime girls


to be the next dahmer. to kill, eat and fuck little boys.


Id want to cut someones stomach open and feel their entrails/guts , while fucking her in pussy and the wound i just did.
Also kinda necrophilia if the corpse is fresh, i could also see what's inside of a human while relieving my lust.
Not sure why i want to cut someone and hear their screams and see the blood flowing out.


The greatest scene is that I am inside a classroom where the most top and excellent female students come in for exams. Then during the examination, I start to fuck, torture, and gore all of them. I will get their feet, pussy and brain for memory.


I would absolutely love to have a hunk strapped to the ceiling and use a machete to open him up and feel his guts and organs and Blood falling on me and his muffed screams.


That's so hot.
I need that. Not to a hunk, but to a girl.




I'm going reply to the second part of the prompt and say I just hope I can find a lover who's both sexy and into all my favorite kinks. I'd want to try every non-lethal form of BDSM and guro play that strikes our fancy over the years.
If she really wanted - I'd in no way coax her into this, but be willing to support her - it'd be sweet to have her become an armless amputee (unless I find someone who's already armless). While I can also get into eye stuff, quads, and debreasting, I'd eventually end up missing those parts and wanting her to have them again, so in real life I'd never go through with any of it unless medical technology guarantees it can be undone.


To be a heart surgeon or a cardiac researcher who gets to play with donor hearts.


Aah i want to cut someone and see the blood flowing out. I want to put my finger into the wound, i want to feel the knife penetrating the flesh.
I want to hear her screams or sounds of pain and cum on or in her. I want to hit her smooth skin and bite it.
Opening up stomach and seeing her insides. Just imagining this feels so good.


We share the same dream mate.
I would love to bite the flesh out of other. Tie them up and cut them open and feel the warm blood on top of me. To cum inside the belly or eye whith the blood all over me JESUS it makes me hard just to think out it...


We share the same dream mate.
I would love to bite the flesh out of other. Tie them up and cut them open and feel the warm blood on top of me. To cum inside the belly or eye whith the blood all over me JESUS it makes me hard just to think out it...


That sounds so nice.
I can't stop thinking about it.




that sounds fucking wonderful on the receiving end, minus the cum. replace the guy with another girl and you've got yourself a deal.


It's too bad all the girls on fetish sites are lesbian, but what can you expect when almost all the content is of women victims...not that I have anything against lesbians, of course. If I ever become a serial killer I definitely want a lesbian sadist as my partner in crime, (since I'm a straight male,) and we could torture women together.


I suppose that would be my greatest fantasy; to have a female partner in crime who shares my interests. An artistic peer, if you will. Otherwise, killing people would leave me fundamentally alone, isolated from society on a basic level, with a secret I could never share.


Dream (hopefully realistic):

Have enough money to have a nice house built and retire early in it with my wife. The house would have a rotatable fireplace that reveals a large enough dungeon behind it for us to occasionally host parties for our local BDSM scene.


Fantasy (completely impossible):

Romantically snuffing a willing partner during sex, preferably by asphyxiation, preserving the head to hang on the wall, donating or selling their organs for medical reuse, and cooking/eating their meat, all without any remote chance of legal repercussions. There would be a new volunteer whenever the previous person's meat gets low. These partners would be healthy adults of both genders without body hair. Each person would see the heads of all the previous people on plaques on the wall, with their names, dates of birth, and dates of snuffing.


that sounds like it could be pretty fun~


I have many but my favorite has to be abusing a woman (I have the perfect little bitch too) in every way possible and when I'm done with her take a nice slice out of her ass and of course a bite or 2 before I hack her to pieces while she alive nice and slow so I can see her struggling to breath, fear in her eyes and hear the death rattle and slowly watch her take her last breath eyes glass over. Than I finish chopping leaving the head for last and here's the best part. I put the head in a box and mail it to a random address. Can you imagine opening a box with a human head in it? Keep an eye on your mail YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!


I have many but my favorite has to be abusing a woman (I have the perfect little bitch too) in every way possible and when I'm done with her take a nice slice out of her ass and of course a bite or 2 before I hack her to pieces while she alive nice and slow so I can see her struggling to breath, fear in her eyes and hear the death rattle and slowly watch her take her last breath eyes glass over. Than I finish chopping leaving the head for last and here's the best part. I put the head in a box and mail it to a random address. Can you imagine opening a box with a human head in it? Keep an eye on your mail YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!


quite possibly~
though probably not so much for our victims ;) Unless you prefer a consenting victim. Either way works for me.


i really just want to find a girl in the streets at night, take her to my place, and legitimately fuck her to death. just constant raping of her nonstop, without feeding her or anything, over several days or weeks, until she finally dies


Become a heart surgeon and have a woman let me play with her heart while she's still awake (Sedated ofc so she feels no pain)

Preferably when you can grow organs that won't be rejected by the body so I can replace it, since I know how easily a heart can be damaged and I'd not want to reduce her lifespan dramatically by, like, wearing out her valves or killing the muscle. lol

that would be so freaking awesome. A cute quad amputee to take care of and lick all over <3


years before I have had 2 girls which loved to be tortured at her breasts. They had no fear about blood.

My dream is to find a girl who loved that I cut deep n their tits. My dream is to half their breasts.. to quartering their breasts...
I know, its not possible.
And... I never would do any violence!!!
I hate violence!
I also dream of extreme torture of my cock and nuts.
Dreams... nothing else.


Have this one imaginary scenario that boils my blood every time i think about it. I'd casually meet up with a group of girls, maybe five or six of them. Cute, intelligent you know, real people. We’d spend a night out, go to a bar and get to know each other. I’d laugh at their jokes, maybe flirt with one. Than head back to a safe place and get them to fuck me. During the orgy I'd pull out a revolver and off them one by one. They would be into that sort of thing so there wouldn't be any commotion, just fucking and then death. I'd save the girl I was flirting with for last, she'd have orange curly hair and glasses, real nerdy type, but she'd also have a naughty streak as well. I would raise the gun to her forehead and blow her brains out. Her eyes would roll and she would fall backwards, her lips leaving red lipstick stains on my cock, as it slid from her lifeless mouth.


I want handcuff pretty boys and handfeed them strawberries


Me is to be cut in half and survive to see my body apart and touche my pussy, and way not have a boy with me


Cock cut off mid-orgasm


My personal dream scenario would be a medieval world where I am the monarch of many lands. My rule would be lenient and hopefully I would prosper with great diplomacy, but my toll would be beautiful young ladies for my darker side.

I could torture them in endless ways in my dungeons, but that's kinda vanilla and boring. I most probably would have some hunting grounds disguised as some kind of royal park full of distractions for the tribute women to roam freely(they wouldn't know their fate, they'd only know they've been sent to serve me). In these parks I would either ambush and brutally kill them or seduce them only to kill them while having sex. I'd also probably use enemy spies or women of my enemies in dangerous games and side shows. Using ladies for target practice is a favorite fantasy of mine, but there are other things like the arena: a fully armed man (me or a servant) would fight multiple scantily clad women. I'd probably also have some kind of tournament once a year where warriors from across the land would try feats of strength (and get rewards in gold or slaves) like lopping the heads of as many ladies as possible from one blow, hitting specific body parts with bow and arrow from big distances, smashing heads by throwing war hammers and whatever I could devise that would imperil women. I'd probably participate in those tournaments disguised, not to attract too much attention.

I'd also probably have a beautiful, too beautiful to hurt wife that I'd love in all the "normal" senses of the word. Entertaining her with parties, giving her gifts and ofc. pleasuring her and myself with the wildest sexual orgies.

Now... if I were to go full fantasy(which it already is) I'd also like to imagine that this world had mythical creatures (trolls, dragons, wyverns etc) which I could control with the help of my court's council of sorceresses (which I wouldn't ever harm since I have a weak spot for them). Perhaps through the practice of theriantrophy I could take control of such creatures and prey upon damsels. It'd be pretty neat to posses a dragon or even a bear or tiger and maul a bare maiden to death.

I'd probably also have my own private deluxe brothel with the best looking whores from all across the world, which only I and my closest friends could use, and perhaps some of the people I'd like to stay in good relationship with so that I may reign. These women would be treated highly, almost like royal ladies, but without any of the other political privileges or power. They'd be like my own personal reserve of fun after great accomplishments. Of course, from time to time I'd take one of them to my castle's quarters and delight in her forms and beauty before ceasing her existence when she expects not.

One last thing....I'd probably ban religion and execute practitioners, for in my kingdom I shan't tolerate such nonsense.

Alas, I could elaborate on this fantasy a lot more, but another perfect setting would be in the far future where humanity would already be integrated in the galactic society (if there is such a thing). There, in the vastness of space I could probably get into galactic slavery and exploit other alien species that resemble our own. ( I blame playing too much Mass Effect for making me believe there are beautiful alien babes out there, one of my favorite franchises doe, along with the Witcher series which inspired some of my medieval themed fantasies).


Although much of what I've said is at fantasy level right now, I believe that in just a couple of decades we'll be able to achieve realistic simulations and fulfill most of our desires. (and that's why I plan on working in AI development(so I can make believable restricted AGI's to play with in my fantasy worlds) and virtual reality gaming as a side hobby)


To live peaceful in a world without other animals (including humans), maybe. It would be a forest inhabited only by plants, and my single companion would be an A.I. I would be a little kid, I wouldn't get ill, I wouldn't age, and i would live forever. The A.I. would take care of me.

I think that one is my favorite one.
It's just a silly little fantasy. I know it's not very guro...


Don't worry. For me personally it's nice to see a little diversity and know that this community isn'l all about blood and guts or whatever sexual fantesy one may have.


That sounds almost like the kind of thing from a mindfuck movie. Or an old impactful dream. I like it.


Sometimes I fantasise hard about being a man's quad toy to do with as he pleases, although with enough control to still be able to use my abs and hips to wiggle around like a good pet and no more stumps than needed for that.


For some reason kaonor's old stories used to get me really wet at the thought of being one of his headless girls and just being a being of pure physical pleasure, esp. since I tend to focus so much on touch in bed well beyond any other sense.



I think I'd like to be a god as well. My greatest fantasy would probably be mass murder, like running a concentration camp and snuffing and executing millions of people. Coming up with creative ways to dispose of people in horrifying and inhumane ways. I'm not really into torture, just ending life.

Has anyone ever read the graphic novels about Thanos? I think they are really interesting. I'd like to be like Thanos. He is not truly evil or sadistic, but has no real value for life. He has one sort of Tulpa, who is the embodiment of death, and that's all I'd really need as well for companionship. I just want to be immortal, kill who I want, when I want, and be peaceful when I want as well. Ending a life is something I'd like to do for curiosities sake as well, not just for excitment and pleasure, though I would take pleasure in it as well. Just having thousands of people at my disposal, particularly women, just to snuff one after the other. Just a fantasy.


I have a somewhat weird fantasy.

I would like to be a teacher at an all girls school. I'll be looking for potential targets during my teaching career, whether they are other teachers or students.

Then I would kidnap my target, have my way with her then snuff her in a method that's appropriate based on role at the school.

For example: An unfortunate chemistry teacher-intern may find herself tied up in a basement, with her mouth jammed open and someone pouring hydrochloric acid down her throat.

Alternatively, a cute janitor girl might get a mop shoved up her ass, and having it coming out of her mouth, or bathed thoroughly in a strong cleaning solution...

I like to be creative when it comes to guro fantasies, right now I still have no idea what to do with a music teacher, librarian, swimming coach and dance (salsa/ballet) instructor.


Penectomy at orgasm


orgasm during hanging


One of my favorite to invite three japanese cutie in my house.

Girl 1

A older but still cute woman.

Girl 2

A cute twintail girl

Girl 3

And her friend.

I make friends with them them during the previous weeks and now call them to a little celebrate because they go back to japan.

Of course i try to meet them by "sudden" and "suprise" on the street so they don't tell to anyonw where they going.

After some chatting, and gaming i pour some light dugs to their drinks to dissolve the inhibitions.

When the mood already dissolved i call the first older girl for some fun while the other two girls is gaming or drinking.

Beacause we like each oter and the drugs we make a hot paasonate sex while the others are on the upstairs.

After the sex while she is star to dressing i suddenly warp a thin cord around her neck and strangling her to death.

After that i posed he body on the bed.

Then i go to the upstairs. Girl 2 is still gaming. We have little chat and iwill know that Girl 3 is in downstairs at the bathroom.

In the bathroom Girl 3 is just finsihed her pee when i enter the room. She is suprised but i suddenly grab her neck and lift offf from the ground. After 2-3 minutes os strangling is grab her head and suddenly snap her neck. After that i carry her body the room where is the dead Girl 1 in. I undress her too.

Then go back some chatting with Girl 2. I tell her to i found someone interesting and lead her in the room where is her dead friends on the bed.

She is suprised first and think this is some joke but i grab her neck and lifting her off the ground. With all two hand in her neck I strangling her to death within 4-5 minutes. Crush her throat at the end.

Then i undress her too and toss to the bed.

Then i make sax all the two girl in several times during the next two days. I keep them in cold place but when i saw the first signs of the decompsition i carry them in the basement.

In the basmeent i chopping the three girl in pieces (disembering, gutting etc,)

Then i dissolving thr body parts (and of course the clothes and otther accesories) in acid and the girls never found.

The End

And of course after a few month is star to find another "friends" fo the next fun. :)


If you've read my "Berty's Watch" story then that is basically a variant of my "go to" personal fantasy. The ability to basically do what you want and not have anyone think that it's at all out of place. Free-use guro, basically.

Sometimes the exact mechanics differ. Sometimes like in my story, I can cut off someone's head and make them think they've always been like that.

Sometimes people aren't aware of my presence at all as I remove clothes, fuck people, cut things off and so on. They just go about their lives, and deal with it. "Oh damn, I've no legs. Sarah, give me a lift up."

Sometimes they are aware, but I'm simply able to persuade anyone I talk to that what I say is true. I imagine just finding a family somewhere, some single mum and her daughters, and walking into their house, explaining that they are now my playthings. Imagining them accepting this and their new role in life. Maybe what I say is true even if it's impossible. If I tell someone that they can remove their ribcage and gut themselves and still live, then sure, it's true.

Sometimes I can't.

In either scenario I imagine myself flying to hollywood (free of charge obviously) and hunting down celebs. Suggesting hot new movie ideas-surely the new Avengers film should have Black Widow losing her head halfway through. Or maybe have Littlefinger give a long, dramatic monologue while Sansa Stark deepthroats a horse in the foreground. A tough gig for the actors, but the best ones want to challenge themselves.

Sometimes it's a mixture. Sometimes I am barely more than a ghost whispering suggestions in an ear, unseen but able to influence unsuspecting targets of my whims. Getting them to perform whatever lewd act I thought off, and them acting like it was their idea. Imagine some college professor suddenly announcing that she was off to become a human toilet, and that students would be able to find her limbless body in the downstairs bathroom, happy to serve.


A world not too different from our own, maybe a near future, maybe an alternate history. The law is a bit different: Adulthood starts at 16, and an adult has a basic right to die.

And somehow, it became acceptable to die for art and entertainment. Though used by a tiny portion of the overall creative industry, nothing else has such impact on the audience.

An actress might end her career on a high note by playing a doomed woman, taking a movie to its climax with both her character's death and her own. Some are not so dedicated, and may use a body double for their death scene, which is still far more realistic than any special effects. A callous producer might spice up his movie by killing several extras on set.

Even stage plays have seen the heads of actresses roll for the audience's pleasure; Usually a one-time thing, but some productions start out with a series of actresses for the same role, drawing lots each time to decide who goes next.

The tricky part is figuring out why anyone, let alone a lot healthy, happy girls, would agree to do this.


I really did like Berty's Watch a lot. Are you willing to write more stories about that world?



Thanks! Maybe not a direct sequel, but maybe something in that style, and along the lines of what I've posted above.


That sounds awesome! Great to hear!


I've run into a similar wall while writing consensual scenes. It's easier in a fantasy world, where resurrection is a possibility (even if it's not probable). But for a modern-ish setting, I went in the direction of "heaven" being revealed as a real, tangible thing for all people of all religions.

Your mileage may vary depending on preference and writing style.


I dream of being a young fucktoy, aged around 6 or 7. I want to be abused, raped and tortured by both men and women for only their sexual gratification and not mine.

My fantasies always come back to me being kept as a sex slave by my own parents and used on a whim to suck cock, perform cunnilingus and drink down their piss. Random strangers would be invited to rape me while they watch on and masturbate, they would whip me and burn the soles of my feet while I'm throat fucked or hold my head under the bathwater while I'm pounded from behind.

I have no idea why my mind works like this, I have a perfectly normal relationship with both of my parents and they never so much as slapped me as a child. I'm not interested in children or seeing others suffer.... but the thought of being used as a defenseless little fucktoy and being treated as less than human gets me harder than anything.

Aside from that I always like to imagine myself in the victims position. Whenever you guys are all fantasizing about skullfucking or asphyxiating someone, I'm fapping to the thought of it being done to me.



Other fantasies include being literally transformed into sentient inanimate objects, being used up and discarded.

For example being somehow magically transformed into a condom, being painfully stretched over an erect cock and feeling as if I'm about to to tear apart, before finally being flooded with cum, unceremoniously peeled off and flushed down the toilet.


My greatest sexual fantasy is to use dead bodies of women and children as love dolls that never decompose and where it's legal and socially acceptable.

Another one is where pedophilia is legal and socially acceptable and where children can understand and process sexual activities without being traumatized by it. It would still be a consentual thing though.


Mine would be to simply watch females fight each other to the death with bladed weapons. Guns are too quick and easy, Fists and limbs just leave bruises and fractures, and blunt weapons like bats and hammers are brutal, but they are pretty much the same as fists but harder.
Bladed weapons cut, slice and open people up. They can easily remove parts too, leave scars and spill blood. Plus, someone pulling a knife out on you I think would be far more intimidating than any other weapon.

Im a simple person to be honest. I just want to watch two hot females engage a knife/sword fight of some sorts. Sure this has been done before in films and media, but it usually just ends with one stab or slash after a few minutes of dodges and weaves, which is boring as fuckkkk, and annoyingly the most brutal, drawn out and bloddy bladed fights I have seen (The Raid 2 and The Hunted) have featured men.

Give the females some reason for wanting to kill the other to make it more meaningful and have greater impact, and put them somewhere with little room so they can't avoid each other. BAM, you just got some serious attention of mine.

However if I could LITERALLY create an ideal scenario, they would both be rival assassins or soldiers, highly trained and buffed up or enhanced somehow (Captain America super solider serum style maybe?) so they can take a lot more punishment before succumbing to their wounds or death.
Seriously. I want the two of them to GO HARD, and the victor isn't walking away from this without at least losing some smaller body parts, serious damage to the tits and getting her belly sliced open and fighting with her guts slowly spilling. Then having to journey on with her mission, or return back to base all fucked up.

Or just observing a massive battle with two tribes of sexy amazonian women. That would be a bloodbath and no doubt would have a lot of content.


I really have one big insane goal that is my fantasy and it's to help create a computer-machine-god of sorts, but it depends on time-travel and true-immortality being possible.


And being a Ghost. With Time-travel and every power every ghost has been imagined to have. Fixing the past and ensuring a good future. Also, a fuckton of twisted shit. Besides this one goal to make the past right, I have way too many to describe right now.


Any good sites about women being put to death by the electric chair?


I've got a fantasy of facefucking a cute red haired, green eyed, pale skinned preteen to death. I'd start out nice and slow, only pushing the head in. Then eventually i would start pushing deeper and deeper, despite her protests. Then without warning i would force myself balls-deep inside her, plugging her nose with my hips and feeling her try to scream and squirm. I'd push her against a wall and keep my cock buried in her tiny, pulsing little throat until she suffocates around me.


I think it would be hot to slit a girls throat and fuck her throat through the slit while she's still alive.

Perhaps also tying a little boy face up with his mouth held open by a gag and making his face smell like a bitch in heat. Then invite a Great Dane in and watch.

Drowning can be fun. Holding a virgin girl underwater while you rape her unused pussy sounds like an amazing time.

There's always the possibility of holding a boys face down in a bucket of cum while you rape his ass, forcing him to drown in the cum of countless men who will all take turns with him well after he's dead.




I've had a long reoccurring fantasy of being stalked/obsessed over. I love the thought of someone being so in love with me they risk everything to have me. They'd know my routine and when I am alone, they'd pluck me right off the street after finding the right things to say and then threaten me when we're in the car that they'll kill my friends/family if I don't comply. I like to imagine they're really into DDLG and want to dress me up as a little girl and, being scared for me life, I'd play the part to a T. They'd call me their little princess and get off on molesting me, as I play too innocent to full understand what's going on. They'd love taking care of me, obsessively brushing my hair and fawning over every little thing I did. They'd love to watch me color in picture books or watch tv shows and masturbate to it.

On the more unrealistic side, id like to forever be a loli-esque type girl with the power of persuasion and could make anyone do anything I wanted. I'd love to be pampered and taken care of with free reign to do whatever I want. I'd have the ability to snuff people and then bring them back to life so the fear of death would never be real but I could have all the play time in the world.


Being a human toilet for many various girls to use. They would shit, piss and occasionally spit and vomit into my mouth. Would also love if they force their sweaty feet or smelly high heels on my face and into my mouth. Old, young, white, black, with hard solid shit, with diarrhea, everything.

An extension of the realistic one - perhaps I'd be a toilet 24/7, won't eat anything but shit and vomit, my legs and arms would be cut off and my belly would be very swollen from all the shit. Shit would come out of my nose and some of the girls would occasionally beat and kick the shit out of the trash that's left of me.


I wanna have both arms removed in a bilateral shoulder disarticulation procedure.


/\ That's my realistic fantasy.


To be a very cute preteen boy who was born without arms (bilateral upper limb amelia), without one leg (right lower limb amelia) and without penis (penile agenesis) and than will not grow up.


my fantasy: i want to force a girl to be my sex slave. torture and break her. rip out her fingernails. impregnate her and force feed her only horse cum until her limbs are withering away. amputate her arms and legs. allow her to carry her baby to term while being constantly raped and humiliated, and when she givers birth, for her to skin her baby alive and eat its flesh in desperate hunger.

i want to cut off her mother's head and tie it face-t-face with her, so anytime she opens her eyes she has to watch her mothers head slowly rot away as i fuck its neck hole

my reality: i just want to help people. i don't want to ever hurt anyone and am completely ashamed of my fantasies. they're extreme even for the internet, and i have trouble finding any sort of content for it. john kirk and soemele were the most extreme i've ever found, everything else seems so mild to me


I can't even begin to describe all my fantasies under one banner, aside from Godhood. There is so much I might elaborate on in a new thread I'm about to create, and it's the basis for my Grossgod Universe.

Also I'm into realism. I like the idea of medical guro and wearing people's skin as clothes.


I love to fantasize about crucifixion, especially very young girls. They are usually little girls I've been around, daughters of friends or co-workers, and less often celebrities like Brooke Shields, during my very long life. I think of one or the other being tortured and crucified, writhing in agony, almost every day. Been fascinated with crucifixion most of my life.

Burning at the stake, too. Naturally, I love with hunting and execution stories.


It's the not too distant future and everyone has eye implants which allow video recording. Kidnap a young woman and take her to a soundproof room. Bind her to a scaffold in front of a mirror and make her watch as she's slowly disemboweled alive. Listen to her screaming and begging and crying as she watches he belly worked over carefully with a blade. Record it all from her point of view so that her perspective of watching her intestines pulled out can be watched over and over again, staring down over her breasts at the mess of tubes and coils left hanging between her soft thighs. Sew her back up carefully and heal her wounds (using future medical tech) after some time, and then make her re-watch the video day after day. Finally, after a few weeks of this, do it again, but this time cut her bowels out completely and dump them between her feet and leave her in front of a mirror to bleed out while she screams and cries. Of course if this future had perfect VR / neuro-simulation that would be the way to go since I have no desire to actually hurt anyone in real life.


I want a pretty young victim, realizing there's no way to convince me to let her go, to beg me to pleasure her sexually before she dies. Then either ignore her pleas and blow her brains out, or shoot her genitals as a means of rejection. If not that, then I start fucking her but blow her brains out before she gets to orgasm.


Get cut in half and survive long enough to play with my pussy
And tits, way not have a boy with me and lets play around


Personally I would want to be an executioner at a female only prison, and only the cutest girls would be sent to die.
Or some type of deathmatch scenario where girls are kidnapped, punped full of aggression enhancing drugs, and outfit them with explsoive collars. I'd demonstrate the explosive collars on one girl chosen at random, as an example of what would happen if they were to disobey me, and then tell them that they would be set free if they managed to kill their opponents.


i dream of being kidnapped by a teenage boy, probably 16 or 17, with freckles, very cute and innocent looking. he keeps me in his basement and i'm forced to wear a ring gag at all times, and am fed from food and water dishes like a dog. every day he fucks my mouth through the ring gag and almost every day he beats me, punching and kicking me. every now and again he wants to see my flesh burn and decides to brand me. eventually he starts getting more violent, ripping my teeth out with pliers, burning out my eyes, tearing off my fingernails and then cutting off my fingers and toes. finally he gets tired of me and kills me by choking me to death on his dick. he disposes of my body by cutting me up, blending me, and pouring me down the drain.


Find a really cute trap, preferably young. Force him to dress up in something sexy and get him on him knees. Then shove my thumbs into both his eyes as i force him to suck me off. Depending on how he does, i'll either force him to suffocate on my cock or slowly sink a long knife into his heart.



I know I already have a lot of stories to write but I'm going to get at this one sooner, where she sees her limbs being blended and poured down a drain, after she's told that's how he'll dispose of her when he kills her.


Fantasy /completely impossible/: Turn a dead woman, teen girl or child into my own personal love doll to use, play with and have sex with.

Play around with and have sex with dead women, teen girls and children at a morgue or funeral home. An alternate idea is that I dig their caskets up right after they've been buried, take out their bodies and take them away for use as love dolls.

Feel up and even have sex with a living child with their consent.

Be a vampire and hypnotize and seduce women, teen girls and children to come to me and I make love to them before I drink them dry and turn them into vampires to create a harem that I'd love and cherish forever.

Feel up and possibly have sex with a lovely female animal like a deer, antelope, kangaroo or Zebra.


I'm not sexually attracted to females so I cannot relate to the most of you here. I'm also not into hearing screams and other aggressiveness, I just want a fresh dead body of a cute boy or an uncontious one.. I will remove his eyes, tongue and teeth. Then his arms and legs, cutting into smaller pieces. I wil stab him with love, fucking the wounds and also the hole where his eyes use to be. I will drink his blood, warm or cold it doesn't matter. I will bury my face in his organs and choke on it. I will eat his soft thighs and hand. Soon the boy will be nothing but a chunk of meat. I will fuck those remains as well and cook whatevers left for dinner. The bones will be used as a decoration.


Seconded severely.


So imagine this. A qt pasty skinned white girl preferably with dark black hair and maybe some blue highlights, around the age of 14. Shes tied by the hands and feet to a chain link fence. This fence doesnt serve any real purpose and is just sat in the middle of a concrete room underground in some so sort of "hideout" in the middle of nowhere. No one can be seen or heard for miles around so I could torture the shit our her allday long and just listen to her screams of pain. The first thing I would do is get a huge tank of water and add salt and sand to it, make it nice and gritty and burning. Then I would attach an industrial grade pressure washer and spray the shit out of her with it. Every so often I would turn up the pressure and it would slowly sand away all of her pretty skin. The lack of blood would make it really easy for me to see the damage done too. Next I untie her and strap her down to a table, Using wire ties to hold her limbs down the wood board. I would slowly drive nails through each one of her hands, purposely missing with the hammer sometimes just to inflict as much pain on her as possible. You know, sort of make a game out of it. I wouldn't stop there though. I would then pull out all the nails and slowly replace them with larger nails, until I reach ones the size or railroad stakes. After that I would flip the table and set it against the wall. Heres the best part, she could then sit there for 1 or 2 days and think about how this is the end and she can't ever go home or see her family again. After the time is up I come back and rev up a chainsaw and just ram it into her already tornup stomach. Her innards would begin to fail out and she would finally die. Then after shes dead I would saw her up and fuck her severed head and her lifeless corpse.


I want to make a waifu out of the parts of other girls. She prowls for girls she thinks I'll find attractive and kills them on my behalf, bringing me back pieces to add to her, because she really wants to be my perfect girl.


I love my tits torture to the extreme..


I usually fantasize and have had a couple dreams about 2 of my female cousins. 22yo twins and Ilove the thought of using a torch lighter on their nipples, then using a scalpel and cutting the nipples off, then slowly taking tits off. I'd make them eat them, id have a sledgehammer and smash elbows, knees, ankles. I would love it, I hope theyd cry, beg, plead, so I could get off even more destroying the sluts. Kim hates my guts because she wanted to be super fucking cocktease to me and only me and I took a few pics without her knowing and she didnt mind if I jerked under a towel or blanket but she saw what I was jerking to. Pic of her sitting at my feet with her tits showing and lil bit pink from nipples. I would love to cut them to bits.

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