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What are you doing for living?


I'm on welfare. Disability.


No job yet, but I'm studying cellular neuroscience and will continue with that field. Someone once mentioned to me that sadism is unusually common among neuroscientists. I don't know why, but perhaps it's true.


I'm a baker. I make boring things like muffins and bread and donuts.


I'm an overnight shift manager at a pharmacy. It sucks having social anxiety and having to be the boss of people :c


Nothing else lately, but I do work in a haunted house every year. The idea of an abundance of socially acceptable prosthetic gore is not beyond appealing, but it's not the same, either. :P


I work as a datacenter and networking engineer.


Security researcher and contractor. I fix up mandatory access control policies to make them compliant with a company's internal policies.


Currently? GameStop

Going to Uni to become an Actuary and plan on joining the Navy SEALS in the future


Oh yeah? Well were you the top of your class and have 300 confirmed kills?

Ya, didn't think so kiddo.


UI/UX Web Developer. Also Web Application architect.


Hey man, baking's cool.

I stack shelves and clean offices while studying genetics so I can get a PhD in genetic engineering and hopefully do some human experimentation.


History major in college, my job will be unrelated to my degree, maybe a policeman, or a train conductor, whatever


Graphic designer/musician. I'm only into necro stuff mostly because of that intriguing feeling I had as a kid when I watched a female character getting murdered in a movie. Only an internet fetish so far.


Im a high school student but i hope to be a game developer or animator. i want to continue my art career and make some really unique & sometimes grotesque stuff


Be an animator. Game dev is way overrated, and the market is oversaturated.


Rich people pay me to fix their clothing which is great for me since I have a being sewn together fetish




I'm a freelance writer and love what I do because I get to write about all kinds of awesome things. A few weeks ago I had to go to the seaside and write an article about why the little town I was staying in is such an amazing place to vist in Autimn and Winter! It was all expenses paid in a hotel overlooking the sea and I just made a whole load of stuff up that sounded good and everyone seemed happy, especially me :)


Freelance writing sounds great—I love writing—but who knows what I'll really end up doing.


Coffee shop. Small business stuff.


I scoop poop. Do you want my social security number as well OP?



Take my advice and ignore comments like this. They mean well, but there's a certain and unwarranted cynicism about game development which is ridiculous.

There's enough data out there to find out what you want to do by learning the requirements of the task, field, and job. Rather than anonymous words.


It's actually true that the industry is over saturated in terms of qualified individuals to large gaming industry jobs (ea, big name devs), but it's not impossible to make it as an independent game developer provided you have money and an uncanny know-how for game development.


Surgeon, specifically specializing in cardiovascular surgery... which means I dissect living people and stitch them back up for a living...


That must be interesting. How does is relate to your Guro interests? I'm thinking it's not a coincidence...


I have spent the past 5 years doing absolutely nothing but performing half-ass at a couple of local colleges. I still live with my mom. I spend the bulk of my day playing age-old video games like Borderlands and Mass Effect, and going on sites like this and g.e-hentai scavenging for pictures of girls getting their tits cut off. I live with my mom. I should hate my life, but fuck it.



Computer games are bad for anyone. No good effects, only bad. Especially for boys. As a father I can show tips for your mom on kids' video game addiction. 99% it's too late, but...


I'm a 3rd year political science major, I don't want to be a politician, and I don't want to be a lawyer just yet. I'm trying to get into officer candidate school for the Marines, and pursue a career as an aviator, and perhaps find my calling through my experiences.


Designer. We have weird imagination, lol


Systems administrator.


Looks like you are running out of ideas how to troll kid, this attempt was really weak.


Being my kawaii self of course :3


Chemistry major in uni, cashier on weekends


I have been working in digital forensics full-time for the last 8 months; before then I was a cyber-security engineer at a large multi-national corporation. It is actually how I got into guro, as well. A structural engineer came in with a few HDDs and asked me to clean them and install Win7 for some lab computers. I was suspicious of why he would have a tech in the cyber-security department do the cleaning, instead of the regular IT dept.

It was my lunch break and I was bored, so I practiced recovering some of the data and found TrueCrypt containers in a Documents directory on an Ubuntu install, as well as a text file of passwords on the other HDD. Put two and two together, unlocked it, and spent the next hour going through hundreds of guro photos. At first they shook me up, and I ended up dban-ing the drives, and I considered reporting it. Never did, kept getting drawn back into it.


Nothing yet. I'm still pretty much a kid lol

not sure if i can call gurochan a job but sometimes it fuckin feels like one

I plan to be a surgeon or a voice actor, right now im just living with mom lol



holy shit dude that's awesome


I work part time retail while going to college


Grade school teacher in north Norway. super small community but some people know of my fetish, feels like its gonne bite me in the ass some day. But being a female not many take it seriously:)


I'm a behavioural neuroscientist. Basically I do behavioural tests on rats and mice to assess cognition. Mostly with genetically modified mice.


Retail, unfortunately. Which basically just means I have to put up with creepy guys hitting on me all day, and resisting the urge to rip their throats out with my teeth.


To respond to the person that wants to develop video games:

The video game industry has a flux to it. If you get its rhythm, you can keep up just fine. Remember that timelines all revolve around Christmas. Game devs are among Santa's elves. Hiring season is usually Feb - May, depending on how quickly they prototype. Often, a company's size will grow & shrink with the dev schedule. Each time a company shrinks, there's a chance of another company being creating from its excess, so always keep in touch with ex-coworkers.

Avoid the big companies known for giving huge amounts of unpaid overtime, like EA, and avoid the companies that those companies contract to. There's an over saturated job market, certainly, but a lot of that market isn't very good at creating fun, so a company might get a thousand resumes, but only 2-3 decent candidates. The large company solution to this is to take on more people, give them too much work, and when they're drained of their ability, replace them. Smaller dev studios can't afford to do that (and tend to know that it would be wrong.)

Outsourcing in the game industry happens because companies have trouble finding enough qualified people. Usually I find that when a game company outsources, they dislike what they get back. It will be exactly what they asked for, generally, but lack the fun that comes from a certain level of trial & error & design tweaks during development.

As for entry... just release a small game on your own. That puts you well over most new candidates. Unity is free. Apple & Android dev licences total $124 together. (If outside the US, Google it to find out your local rates.) Learn C#, figure out Unity, make something small & fun, and expect to get 0 sales. Selling it isn't the point. Once released, it's your portfolio. Having a released title means that your resume isn't immediately thrown out, and that's something.

Good luck!

Oh, and if it matters to you... The video game industry pays, on average, roughly half of what other programming fields pay, so don't expect to ever reach a six figure salary with it. Making fun things is fun though, right?


i pay my bills by game programming.. and i only turn on when women are in pain. sure it makes me a sadist.


I'm a surgical nurse


Spent a few years working in an abattoir to get through college, now I work part time at a vet.


Psych student currently; wants to be a counselor. I currently work retail and spend most of my day hating my life and imagining the wonderful ways I could kill the dumb ass customers who come in.

Sounds like a silly dream, but if I ever get a client in the future who harbors a guilt for a sexual fetish, I sort of look forward to it? I'm not going to take advantage of course!! Not at all!! But I just want them to know that they're not totally alone and it's nothing to be ashamed of as long as no one is getting hurt without consent.



Thats the best kind of work, around 750dollar a month with 91% of my rent paid.


Computational genetics. I do biology with computers.


Retirement Benefits Counselor for State/Local gov. employees. I 3d model/animate on the side.


I work at a slaughterhouse. No joke.


Never had a job, still leeching off parents at age 29.


I'm a programmer.
funny how many ppl from medicine are here


I'm a senior in high school.


Waitress at a Pub/Restaurant by day, macabre writer by... any time I'm not working.


Where I work, they build airplanes parts.


I'm studying to become an AI programmer. I think it makes sense though, to be into guro and go study medicine and human innards.


i'm a support specialst for a game publisher.


I am a case manager for a group home for the developmentally disabled. I live there four nights a week.

I hate having people realize how fucked my private life is. So I am still a closeted gore fetishist.

It's almost gotten to the point where I just watch/read gore for a hobby. Not necessarily sexual for me.

Is that fucked?


I m a doctor


I'm a picker at an Amazon fulfillment center



How did you get into digital forensics? That's one of the majors Amazon helps to pay for after you put a year in, and one of the few with job prospects having a higher annual wage than what I already make in the warehouse :P

Was the training/education especially rigorous? What was the turnaround time between graduating and finding a job? What's the quality of your work life?



I wouldn't say it's fucked. I started browsing just because it was visually interesting and aesthetically appealing. Cannibalism was the main sexual draw for me, but I appreciated the other genres gurochan has to offer. I got into masochism and humiliation for a while, but I think it was more related to self esteem issues. Since I've gotten a pretty vanilla boyfriend, I've been sexually satisfied enough and feel loved enough that I don't crave the more perverse kinks much anymore. I also just ran out of time to look at porn, working 50 hours a week and spending all my other free time with him, haha


Wow! What a way to find out a secret and discover something about yourself.

I'm an ex graphics designer and currently a college student. The company I worked for went under and now i'm a studying engineering and software.

I've been wanting to draw guro for a long time, maybe even make a small guro game or something, but I can't draw people. Of all the art I know, I never practiced people, so it's frustratingly slow and looks bad in the end.


Sales arborist. Meet with people to set up tree pruning and removal mostly. I earn about 100k/yr USD, sometimes a little more.


I'm a pharmacist.

Not fucked. Some of this stuff I like looking at because it's aesthetically pleasing, not for sexual reasons. I was always a fan of the "artistic gore" type threads.




Currently I'm still at university, but when I'm done I'm gonna do something in the field of computer sciences/IT; if I somehow could get there, being a game developer/programmer would be a dream too.


A senior researcher.


Freelance illustrator checking in.
It's can be pretty tough financially, creativity killing-wise and not to mention the endless frustrations when dealing with clients flip-flopping between ideas and concepts.
The satisfaction of delivering finished work to a satisfied client, however, makes the caffeine fueled nights all worth it.

Downside; less time for drawing personal projects :(


I'm a prostitute. I work at a brothel in Sydney.


Only one executioner? (Slaughterhouse). I yam dismayed.






Looking to be a teacher someday, doing nothing for now.



2 years and 3 days later, I'm really no closer to this professed goal. I must be lying to myself.


or you're simply realizing it's not so simple.


Hey, can I ask you what made you choose research over clinical for grad school? That was a real Universe 01/Universe A decision for me. I think about it a LOT. Like, to the point that I'm thinking of going back. I mean, you're micro and I'm macro, but I can write a HELL of a proposal and I think it would still be neat to hear what caused you to make that decision, because truthfully, I think about it a LOT. Like that is a Bob Frostian level decision.


I'm looking for real hackers. There's a con man who cheats on people. There is a lot of his data and information that he has more than 300 thousand dollars. He must be punished.

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