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Whether sexual fantasy, a political issue, or just some funny daydream…
I constantly wonder what it might be like.

For that girl getting spanked and her mother spanking her and everyone person who observed.
For a child im a drone strike.
To be rich and treated well in an enlightened family.
To be a ghost or see 1!
To be a planet made of meat.
What if angel spider webs could see everything and be undetected, in no way affecting matter or energy unless they so choose, usually passively observing everything, letting light and sound and particles pass through, but also able to trap it or to create any frequency of any energy and any material.

They could feel the feelings and observe other senses from everyone's eyes etc. but not suffer any pain even feeling it. Such a power from a 4th person view, perfect understanding of every particle and wave of energy. To be like a cloud the situation happens in. From every mortal mind and from the unaware earth given awareness.


I would love to understand more about the painting my dead uncle had at his kitchen wall, the emotions he felt every time he saw it, the occasion of him having it, the emotions and backstory of the artist, and some more details about this painting with a little girl with a shy look in an oversized sweater.


Curious to see this painting now


The little girl had a shy look, she wore an oversized sweater, she stood barefoot on wooden floor, her physiognomy emphasized some form of shame. The sweater was azure blue. I tried to find out more about the author of this painting but no search engine gave me the answers I wanted. I was too young to discuss such interesting things with my uncle, back when he was alive.
Clearly, this painting shined out some stimuli, otherwise his living wife wouldn't have taken it off the wall, when it was such a great image, of blooming emotions, of ecstasy. Maybe I should call her to buy it from her.


Please do!

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