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I always wondered,
If some of us,
while for example browsing porn/instagram,
watching youtube/twitch/movies/etc,
fantasize about 'the Kink' applied to the
'vanilla' situation at display.

Maybe it's a specific persona/actress/e-girl/thot,
or just that situation/pose/gesture that would
spawn your dark lust.

A) Who does experience this?
B) And what is your favorite 'subject'/persona?

Let's discuss.


Talking about violent fantasies concerning actual people is creepy as fuck, dude. You know there's a reason this site explicitly does not allow threads on live action movies, right?



Ok, I didn't know that this
was a no go.

forget about it.


This is Gurochan. For hentai, of people being tortured, not of live action.
Idk mate, I just kind of don't find celebrities attractive.


I favor dicussion, fuck wat he says.
I mean how would I feel if people wanted to torture me? Well people like isis intend to torture pretty much everyone.

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