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Currently we are in talks with the development team of HideMe, and they are gathering information.

Your fun is almost over.


This also goes for the person spamming CP. Additionally, you will be sure to face legal consequences. Enjoy.


It's very helpful that you told us what VPN service you use.


File: 1581535503669.png (222.27 KB, 1500x1214, a1.png)

Hahahahaha! You are the one who will face the consequences for interfering with our great work! EVMC is the true king of gurochan! We shall not be stopped by your petty eforts! Hail EVMC!(You're a faggot)


Thank you for yet another IP with a unique identifier.


ok buddy, we're SO MUCH buying that you're a group ;)


yeah literally all of these ips are coming from one user.


You will never discover our gateway to the site! So you might as well give up now and bow to us!(Here's where you're wrong. Your VPN provider is giving us lots of very helpful information, and it verifies your "group" is literally just you. )



Really? You got the wrong VPN then! Hahaha ;) Gotcha sucker! Go home and lick your balls! Hail EVMC! EVMC>OP! :P(They (HideMe) have a legal obligation to help us, because of you. You've only fucked yourself harder by lying, buddy.)


backpeddling isn't going to help you, buddy.


you're so fucking desperate lmaooo


Isn't it lovely when you see these fuckers dig their graves deeper and deeper because they never learned to shut up? It makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside.


Holy shit, based fucking mods.
Thank you guys, this degenerate has been the scourge of gurochan for far too long.


The main problem here is not that he is a spammer, or a bad artist, or even a troll. Those things everyone here can deal with. The real problem, apart from the CP (obviously), is that he is hijacking the work of other guro artists, ruining their threads and trying to force bans on them. If we want this community to survive, that is a sin we must not forgive, because it discourages participation and will eventually end this place.


File: 1581545636952.jpg (190.85 KB, 1920x1536, 1.jpg)

You will suck balls so hard at that VPN! :P

Bow before the might of the Scourge!


There is a chance for you, join our Llama team and become one of the kings of Gurochan!

We so serios? We own gurochan now you prick! But I can't finish reading your comm, I'm too busy pushing the shit in ur mom's ass!

Sayonara! We are off to conquer the site now, in the name of EVMC!(Scribble your rants on your cave walls you knuckle-dragging troglodyte nigskin)


ok retard


update: we know that currently he's either at school or at work. His location has also been narrowed down a lot.


By the way, since you're too retarded to use a VPN properly, we know your exact region now. Thanks for making this so easy for us.

Your IPs are visible to moderators, I hope you realise that. And on top of our efforts, HideMe is now working with us.


Thank you. I hope I didn't bothered you!!! Most of us here trying to have a good time, but people like him are highly annoying!!!


The troller should be happy now he's going to see the shit he loves for real

Also a message to the mods please don't delete the EVMC thread, i'm sure that guy would've trolled anway even if EVMC didn't exist.


You made me laugh so much I feel like taking a crap on you! If you think there just one of us, you're in for a long and hard surprise! Can't really say more now, I'm too busy owning you and gurochan! Hail EVMC!(Hey what happened to the EVMC thread?)


Haha! You really did it! You are crazy like us! Because of this, now we'll offer you two choices! You can delete the entire Gurochan or you can bow to Us admit we are your superiors and join as a servant! Make your choice now for the dark times have just begun! Hail to us!(FBI Tipped)


Actually, here's your choice. I'm currently filing a report to the FBI for your possession of child pornography. Either you apologise to everyone, or I go ahead and forward all of the information I have on you to the FBI, which might I add, operates globally.


Nvm, submitted the tip anyways.


Hahahaha! You really suck balls! You can't touch us! Gurochan is ours! Go home looser! Can't talk anymore now, I'm too busy pushing the shit in your mother's dirty anus!(It's just you buddy. We know that.)


I've been sitting here contemplating what I should write. I initially thought this thread was someone just responding to the troll (which is why I initially asked for it to be deleted). After further inspection, I see you're actually quite real. :D I want to go ahead and drop a personal thank you for dealing with this. I would kinda get tired of seeing authors and fans getting harassed and having to follow this dude's post around.

Thank you brothern. :D
May I add, !MwMBAYiTb wins Flawless Victory!



i know a lot about him now, including his address and his ISP.


You can trick these noobs, but not us!(


Actually no we have actually narrowed down your location a lot, found pretty much every post you've ever made on the site, and found that you're european, with strong chances that you're Italian, Romanian, or Austrian.

Additionally, your ISP is likely to be BT.

If this information is incorrect, we will soon know.


File: 1581616635043.png (22.99 KB, 241x880, wZo97Ai.png)

Do you have downs syndrome or are you normally this dumb?


It's because you are so way off course but so sure of yourself and full of shit it's a pleasure to torment you! Good luck finding the country where the proxy server we use is! Btw, we rarely used so good luck with that too! Oh yeah and even if you ban our current server there are pleny of free proxies we can choose! Btw, have you heard of the boomerang effect? Probably not cause you are dumb! You are so dumb we even made you delete the V.2 thread! You are OWNED! Go home and suck your dick!(So now that you're scared you're backpeddling, huh?)


Jesus lol, what a fucking dipshit. I hope this dumbass gets slapped with a nice long prison conviction, or at least a court order to keep him off the internet.


Yo mods i am italian and used Opera VPN sometimes while posting, i hope you won't misfire and get FBI to my place too ahah


This is one of the posts i've made using opera VPN



Not really, I'm too busy taking a crap on you! Yeah and the spam will continue until I get bored of your stupidity!(I hope you realise we can swat you.)


The ips posted are his proxies right? Like not his actual location? Don't really want for you to deal with a can of worms because of that lol…



>dumb faggot spammer shits himself because he revealed his real IP location by telling the whole site what VPN service he uses
You love to see it.


File: 1581624998374.jpg (32.56 KB, 501x452, a.jpg)

After you realise what a sucker you've been you should KYS for being so lame, crazy faggot!
Next we'll make you erase the whole gurochan!(smelly nigger)


File: 1581626851431.jpg (24.48 KB, 522x522, the actual mother of the t….jpg)


First of all. Don't tell us to "(KYS) Kiss our Sisters" okay? I don't even have one, I get the misunderstanding since all of the staff is all day banging your family. And secondly and most important. You do NOT technically own the site, you're not even one of the mods.

BOOOOM!!! LOOK WHO'S OWNED NOW, BITCH! *drops mic with sarcastic badassery*

(Sorry for so many reposts, your actual father sucks so hard I keep having typos)


Bro that was even more cringe than the spammer



Sorry, just trying to mimic his level of trashtalk.


File: 1581627851036.png (155.38 KB, 465x465, eas.png)

my man he's the one posting like a 12 year old who just learned what chans are and gets his le epic memes from ifunny and 9gag, you're a gurochanner, be the edgy fuck we all are and tell him to grate his dick onto a pizza or some shit


still at least you're not as cringy as cenobite with the ">:)" lmao


Oooh whatever >:D




Cenobite don't you also firm your own posts with stay brutal :D


Tbh, I can't recall a single time I've done that.




I must've been imagining things then ahah


Hey admin dudes, did you just delete the whole thread? Why didn't you delete just the spam posts? His works were very good, it's just the spammer who spoiled the whole thread. I bet he isn't restricted to create another spam threads again and again.

There may be a lot of spammers and trolls, just like in 4chan, will you delete every thread they appear in?


Gurochan is an imageboard, not an archive. Its pretty clear EVMC has abandoned gurochan (probably due to freaks like the spammer), so there's really no reason to keep it around. Hell, I'd be in favor of having an even stricter bump limit, just so dipshits don't bump dead threads from 3 years ago.


Hold on chaps. Consider just a sec that it could be an anon-like group and they may be using a zombied machine or part of a botnet. Or at least one guy doing that as well… (the writing style for each post is remarkably similar). Hopefully the party van can determine that and trace back where it's being controlled from, but they may just retreat and take over a different machine before the investigators can figure out which proxy they're using to do that and retrace from there. Whilst some rando innocent gets their house raided, and, wahey, we now have GC on an FBI sites-of-interest list. In fact it probably will be even if they pick up loser-kun directly as they'll accuse us of all kinds of shit to try and deflect attention, and, well … there's a reason this site is hosted in Russia, isn't there.

The fact that you've localised them to somewhere in south-central Europe, but ID'd their ISP as "BT" (which unless it has a different meaning on the continent, suggests "British Telecom" to me) sows additional doubt re spoofing.


Also if the far-side IP is the same every time, can't HideMe block the twat at source so we don't have to tolerate their tweenage-grade attempts at cyberbullying a bunch of hardened internets degenerates?


GC hasn't been hosted in Russia in years.


He's gone. Additionally, we found his real address, so if he ever comes back, we'll be paying him a visit.


As much as I do appreciate fending the spammer off, I also want to make sure there is nothing that can be used against you or Gurochan. Certain rhetoric can be misinterpreted by the wrong sort of people and certain actions as well. I choose every word I use carefully because of this. My steam contact is on here in Guro feedback, add me and contact me there so I can tell you what I mean without discussing too much here.



the pedofag is back, please swat his home


So we're all clear with the feds and hosted in the US now, then? Or still somewhere offshore to avoid being swatted for some of the allowed content?



I highly doubt you can get swatted for loli guro or whatever, imagine being processed for possession of illegal… drawings

(Unless i am ignorant and loli guro is indeed illegal in US)

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