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So,have anyone had a thought of having someone(perhaps a best friend or a girlfriend/boyfriend) thatshare the same kink as you?

Idk, maybe you know them personally and you two had a normal relationship, but at least you have someone to talk about your kink

Its something like this community, but only with someone you know more rather than strangers?


I've chatted with many such friends with similar interests. But I'm unusually open and forward I suppose. Still, I think even shyer sorts in less populated areas can sometimes find some like minded frieds, generally.
Good luck!


i wish i had friends at all ahah


Yeah, I thought about that but I guess it is a dream, less realistic than me eventually becoming a billionaire.

even in case of this happening I see quite some possible problems. like, for example, your friend bragging about their success and you just being left to envy them.

Also, my situation is rather unusual because I do not really have any specific kinks just certain general preferences. so the requirement for my friend is just someone equally open-minded willing to try everything as well.


Aww dont give up, im sure you will find a friend(and more) one day!


Thx u! >~<


I guess it is not impossible
But unlikely

There were a guro group in amino that somehow accept my weird ass necrophilia fetish, but the amino group was shut down cuz….yknow
Guro and necrophilia


Well it is also not impossible for me to become billionaire LOL

But I am talking about meeting face to face with those people, as if we talk about online relationships, I met quite a few people already and it is not that big deal.

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