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And so I saw them, an old couple, and their kiss, when I held the door open but then saw a precious sight, they were old and yet as lively as anyone.

And so I saw them, a different younger couple that I got to know. The dude is a PoS, the girl, well, I guess Idk enough to judge her but I like her, as another human, but she was not treated well by him.

And so I've been called soulmate, but who has called me theirs that has not been so abusive? Not to be self-centered, I must admit my own experience poisons my hope that this is real and possible. Rather, even if never can I have a soulmate, I do like the idea that such love is real. Also to burn a billion bitches, and to fuck forty four thousand, but if this world really has peeps who meet and eventually adore each other and such a level… well I guess it's just a funny idea I laughed at once…


Yes and no. I believe in reincarnation and I believe there are people who will always be drawn to one another and find each other but this can apply to friendship groups as much as lovers. I think it's a mistake to look for one soulmate when you probably have several :)


No! :P


Absolutely not. To fall in love with someone is letting yourself become weak, and weakness is disgusting. Loving someone is also a sign of weakness because it shows you care about them and cherish them. Real people avoid potential bonds with humans and also disavow affection from anyone. That includes walking cunts (women).


Soulmates? No, and yes, but not in the way people think of

True love means accepting both side yours and your partner, your insecurities, your flaws, you have to be able to support each other, and when the two of you do so, that is when you became soulmates

But even then, conflict is always unavoidable, u just need to be able to work with your significant other to go through the hardship you both had.


I'd be glad to believe in real love as an intimate feeling between two persons(natural or unnatural, between male and female or any other constellations) but every scientific evidence I found speaks against it. "Love" as an ancient theme brought into postmodern reality, can't suffice any synchronousness. Nature is all about power and at the most bright point of idealistic view one could talk of a complementary relationship but honestly it isn't based on the reality at all. "Soulmates" lacks the scientific link to reality such as any other inadequate words(God, chance). The more I think of similar terms as soulmates, such as basic human contacts, maybe even spiritual contacts, the more I come to the conclusion that there never has been mutual understanding; the only real soulmate I always looked for is no one else but my inner demon.


I wonder what is the definition of soulmate?
But in my opinion it is a kind of relationship where any kind of fear is completely absent so you can be yourself instead of pretending to be someone else.
I like to give All Bundy family from married with children as an example of a pretty much ideal family.
School Days VN also fits here as a good example of the choice between soulmate and girlfriend

Mutual abuse/fighting is not really that bad and may be even desirable to some extent as a feedback mechanism to regulate the relationship and establish your positions.
If you are so upset about abuse it means you are in fear or else you should just retaliate back and put the abuser in its place. but when you are with someone whom you do not trust enough you allow them to abuse you because you are scared that they will leave you.
In that aspect, I even consider light abuse as an indicator that this relationship may have some potential.

maybe women somehow intuitively know that on a genetic level, considering the fact that they like bad boys. (but it also works on men too)

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