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So she asked gay men to rape straight men and one did.

So he hates all women and wants to murder them all.

So they upped and murdered all those Iraqis.

So they slammed me against a wall and played with my ass.

So someone else did another thing to someone. Another shooting spree, another rape, some torture.

Now who is fair to kill who? Do you forgive and forget?
If a "good" genocide targeting only "bad" people regardless of blood or creed but borne in deeds, is possible to pull off, if you can kill every last "bad" person for what they do, how is left?

So I was told "We all do things!" to "just pick someone and do it already" but I think that's unfair to people who do better and put in effort to be better people.

So if everyone who isn't a monster is left alive, then can an alright guy raise his kids to not be monsters? Or will there just always be evil in the world?


>then can an alright guy raise his kids to not be monsters?
you are very likely to raise monster while being a good guy. probably even more likely than while being a bad guy.

read some psychology studies and maybe the bible too ;)
just because you do not do bad things it does not mean you are not a monster.


Tbh, morality is fickle nowadays. And if someone who is “bad” gets murdered, why should we care? People are replaceable. They’re like food. If one is gone, oh well. Not like they made an impact.



To me, a “good” genocide will clean out the “bad”. Even if the bad is apparently “innocent” as they claim, they must not forget the crimes they’ve committed are also the crimes others have as well. They should learn that the cleansing is to basically justify their existence being void, and their deeds to be rightfully punished. They need to know they must earn up to the consequences and live with the fact their lives mean nothing.

And there is more evil out in this world than good. However, the ones who are evil are just doing their job and the so called good ones are the criminals. They are not the victims, the evil ones are the victims because they were pushed to where they decided to lash out and hurt in retaliation. The hurt is understandable, because if you bottle it up long enough, you desire to take it out and show them no mercy.


If you'd pardon the necro, I believe good and evil are vague and subjective traits which are hard to properly quantify. The answer to this question depends heavily on your personal definition of them.
To give my own answer, I feel killing everyone deemed evil will not prevent future generations from performing evil acts, nor will it prevent them from being deemed as evil themselves. People deemed as good can perform evil, and vice versa.

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