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No. No we are not. Just because we haven't been responding and posting, doesn't mean we haven't been deleting a bunch of rule breaking shit.

Stuff slips through the cracks because of the amount of stuff posted, and how small the moderation team is.

We were never in hibernation, we've been reading your posts, just never replying.


I have literally asked before and have volunteered my time, I ocassionally see material when it pops up that is generally what someone would delete. I came to the conclusion that I could just help the overall site in other ways, however there was no lack of trying from people who wanted to be moderators, especially when the site came back up. (Mind you they would have to be vetted, yes).

I joined the steam chat and am listed under CenobiteGuro, to which you may add me so I can report things and have them removed quicker. I've been around quite some time and helped the site in a few ways, I'd be willing to help you out, probably not as a mod though.


I will say some things have been happening faster though.



i never thought of that, if all i commend you for trying to eradicate the 3dcg troller and all of his pedo bs


I'm happy to see active mods. But one big problem on this site is the lack of communication. There have been a bunch of problems. The CP spam and the troll in the 3D section are certainly the most persistent problems, and I can see you are fighting against that.

But issues have been brought up in the feedback thread for a while, and there is just no communication at all. Most of that probably doesn't concern the mods and more the admins, but my confidence in the future of this site would go up by a lot if occasionally somebody would answer in that thread. For example the recent flood detection issues, or the ongoing block of many Tor exit nodes - those things are annoying. We are all speculating that this was put into place to stop the spammer, but I don't think it worked, instead it's annoying other Tor users.


And then when I try to point out to someone they've gone offtopic, I get a ration of crap for "back seat moderation". Make your minds up.


And are you the moron who was throwing a tantrum in the futa penectomy thread saying "boohoo it doesn't show a dick getting cut off even if it disproves someone saying it's not a dick" ?

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